Easy Fix for White Balance in Photoshop and Color Correction

Hello! Today I will talk again with
you about the white balance What to do when you come across
such a picture with a spoiled balance of white How to fix this situation? There are several ways
The first one is Auto Color this tool often copes with the task very badly But we have several other, more effective tools. The second method is the correction layer of the curves and the “gray” pipette I’m trying to find a point in the photo with a neutral color. I poke myself in different parts of the photo and see how the white balance changes This method is better than the previous one We can say that this tool works well The third way is Blur ->Average Averaging all the colors in the photo with the subsequent application of a correction curve with a “gray” pipette I delete the auxiliary layer Duplicating a layer of correction curves before visual restoration of the white balance Not a bad result! Another tool – Camera RAW
Pay attention to the histogram you see Color hills – scatter in
different sides The task is to bring these knolls into one with the help of the two upper runners. The picture became perfect in white balance In this photo – this method works best You can restore the white balance in this way directly in the RAW converter But all these methods work not always the same in different photos Let’s open the search engine and enter the query white balance
and take a picture from the Internet That’s pretty difficult for
of this task picture let’s work on it the first method is Auto Color as expected, it did not work very well
go to the second method Curves with a gray pipette again I try to find neutral sites and apply the “gray” pipette Skin is often such a neutral element I found a neutral flare on the skin And the result is quite adequate Although there was a blue color in light tones of the photo The method works well – move on to the next tool Blur ->Average and curves with a gray pipette I again copy the layer of curves until the white balance does not suit me 3 layers were obtained, and one of them with an understated transparency The picture was not bad – left to correct a few color nuances I’ll remove some red and yellow Green – I will make more expressive Remove the blue shades from the shirt This method coped with the task very well. Let’s move on to the method – Camera Raw Look at the Histogram it has no pronounced peaks It is not very clear what peaks need to be reduced I’m trying to reduce peaks – which are in the middle of the histogram but the picture does not get better will have to reduce the “mounds” in the extreme right side – in the highlands The result is poor, although purely formal – white balance is corrected But the resulting colors – look bad you can correct the situation with the Camera Calibration settings But it does not help much So – for this picture this method fits poorly. Compare the results The best method for this photo was – Blur Average Here’s a couple of useful tools in your arsenal. Thank you for attention
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