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everybody in cinnamon Cooney or Archer and today we are gonna be showing you how to paint these really easy one who super beginner fireworks in a curly paint on your canvas you're gonna follow along with me step-by-step my husband John hi guys he's gonna be tracking me with all bunch Grima cameras you can see every step of the action that way you can actually paint this for yourself at home and this is amazing you see enough step you're gonna be like all I gotta do is follow that lady and I'm gonna have these fireworks and that is exactly how this works now this is a live stream right now but we're just gonna leave it up or replay because we you know like I don't know you guys have lives and schedules and things and you know me not make every live stream which is totally okay I also want to say hey check the description below where I hide all the information about the materials but basically yes if you check the description below and you open it up it's bigger because they show you like three lines but there's 50,000 characters down there it tells you all the materials I'm gonna give you a couple notes on materials so you can use what you have and not feel worried about it let's just come on in for that all right I have an 11 by 14 canvas stiff surface of it's not really a board as much as it's kind of a canvas board I think but what these are these economy boards you're buying packs and it has a texture and it's pretty just sewed and it's ready to paint on and it can be very nice for storage and they're easy to frame I have some wishes on here and the first wish and will be saying like everyday because it's a little bit early is happy Independence Day for the US and of course happy Canada Day which is also my birthday so I've heard I'm an honorary Canadian we have a bunch of wishes or a healthy baby but there is definitely a wish for a healthy baby for the level family our own Moana wishes for a little bit of extra strength and love during a hard time in her life if you know Moni you know what's going on and just she's trying to be super tough for us but we just want to wish her light and love and support Darlene wishes for her little brush landing health and strength during a run a female we all know what that's like as we support st. Jude Children's Research Hospital here our own Colleen has her little new Graham Russia's gonna have a little bit of a minor surgery but it's really tough on the parents and the gland parents so we're wishing strength to everybody and then last but definitely not least is a cure for Parkinson's I'm just like over illnesses that mess with people's lives so let's cure those so that we can just get to our painting and enjoying our lives in health checking out the palette so black paint I have Mars black I have titanium white paint I have primary magenta I have a primary yellow and primary Cayenne here's the deal guys you could use quinacridone magenta you could use CAD yellow medium and you could use stale blue just use your magenta a bright yellow and a good blue that you like that's really all you have to do don't be too worried it out on the materials on this particular painting because it's not as crucial video because we're not really mixing that much alright I have a big brush I say you should get also your biggest brush now this is my number 30 art Sherpa brush it's all monster it's huge I'm gonna dip it in water I'm going to get off the extras and I'm gonna load it up you know I pull out from my black paint flip over pull out we've covered this a bit in our technique tune ups on Tuesdays over in Facebook about how to load a brush so the brush goes further and I'm going to just paint this whole bad boy black because you know you can mm-hmm back and forth just give it up give it a rough brushing black paint just like canvas what's work sorry we were a little behind honestly today was not YouTube it was that we lost my microphone puffs behind my husband's desk and then we had to figure out how to get my hair to fit on the screen because I made it a little bit big today a little bit of an 80s throwback moment did you yes I did I'm just painting all this black things are all good things are all happy in the universe of things super fun stuff sometimes if you're painting an economy paint you may find that you need to do two three even four coats of black to get an nice finished black surface I'm painting like an epic epic bro paint so not as big a deal in any way this is whole barring and whole mine is like it has all the pigments in it I'm gonna sit my coffee you got the big hair today I do I do it really created a lot of technical grief for John I'm gonna rinse out this brush so it doesn't the paint doesn't dry on it not not his favorite day for fitting me I don't think but I just had to ask myself how hock and my hair go apparently really high that was good news for me I don't know what it's like for you but I'm enjoying it okay sipping the coffee as we like to and we're gonna go ahead and dry this John just gonna say how do you real quick lied right I want this to be dry so I can do all my next effects really easily okay oh no maybe not there may be a technical failure there okay so I guess I'm gonna come over here and slow the cable no I maybe I did okay so so girls how Amy I think that like if you look right there oh you'll see the cable to it I guess it was we were in IG TV mode earlier today thank you guys for I know it's caused a little bit of panic and worry John I'll talk to you about how we have not stopped teaching her paintings on YouTube he's gonna tell you about what's going on okay on all the new stuff that we're doing well I'm drawing this little sucker hopefully yay okay guys so uh yeah first things I'll say is um use your hairdryer on the lowest heat setting just to move some air because you know that's best practices for when you're doing this yeah we have been doing watercolors on IG TV and a little bit on Facebook and we're gonna be putting those other platforms no we are not stopping our acrylic lessons it's just gonna continue on we do lots of different mediums cinnamon likes lots of different mediums so you can expect to see more than just watercolor and acrylics and you know things like that she's a she likes to play with different things so as we as we have the time and ability to do more things we like to and there was just some interesting new formatop that came up and so we thought hey we just give it a try and it's been it's been artistically fun wouldn't you say yes that's probably been the big thing for us it's been artistically fun but there's actually more acrylic lessons not less because we added Friday we found ourselves in this situation we were like man we uh we gotta like have these things locked in and harden up and fast otherwise you know these slots like fill up so we're like Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday we've got those up check the banner and yeah then we hit the Facebook technique Tuesdays and the Facebook watercolor Wednesdays and then to a G TVs yes so they were asking what is a G TV hi Gigi oh it's just came out two seconds ago so there's absolutely no reason you would know about Instagram said we think there's a hole in the video platform world and we'd like to take part in it as you know Facebook's been really trying to get on that so they created IG TV and they said let's have a format that's different than everybody else so it's set up or how you paint from your phone and so the whole thing is like vertical it doesn't rotate it doesn't zoom or anything that have to like you know rotate the screen vertically to your receiver which is kind of a challenge you know unless you have sort of a live broadcast show that you could we okay wait we're gonna we're gonna make people stop all right even get people somewhere to go they're on big screen okay I have my fissile hair so that's what happened it's just more about 30 of these and you'll be very confident in your watercolors and I think we're gonna do at least that on our first season where we're just got boom boom boom boom boom they're really fun they're really simple here's my deal there's not a painting party saltwater color out there so we decided to do that all right you guys ready yes we are here's the big trick I've got my handy-dandy I have totally blues close this sucker up a handy dandy little t-square and I'm going to make a you gave my picture and picture sweetheart I think the printer was broken today just one yes okay yeah my brain embrace I've got a count ups broken under the halfway point right around the third I'm gonna take a little bit of a chalk pencil here you can use kids chalk and chalk and I'm going to just make sure that my horizon line is very level and the reason for that is is that's gonna really help my water feel real so if you're helping a little brush or you're in a big group the big thing you guys need to do is make sure that your water line is level use like chalkboards chalk to sketch that in if you don't have a t-square cuz you're like why would I go out my one of those like nobody needs those like after draft in school economical but if you don't have one guess what your paper towels are super square and so you can use them to line up a square line just by folding them along appropriations because those the suckers are really well engineered now let's begin let's begin I got to see my picture pictures wait again no print out all right so some of this like for some of the background stuff we're going to have to like go in with our white first so I'm going to take this is a number eight I grabbed a gram free instead of D Cambridge this is a number at Cambridge and a number eight Grand Prix besides the awesome copper ferrule the difference is this is all best dressed interlocked hog bristles and this is a mix of bristles and synthetics and that's what we need for a curly painting I'm going to go ahead and get this in my water and drag off the extra I'm gonna grab a little of my titanium white I'm gonna leave this up there for you oh thank you so much that'll help our printer a bunch of weird technical stuff we got a gremlins the gnomes and gremlins are in a fight yeah we got some gremlins and the gremlins are doing some stuff to us so you can see how I'm just loading up a little of my titanium white and I'm using my golden glazing liquid right here gloss glazing liquid to transparent it up a little bit and then I'm going to come over here and I'm going to make sure that I'm making some fireworks shapes in the distance and see how I'm doing this I'm taking my brush planting it flat and just sort of bringing this out these are the glows that you kind of see and the trick is going to be making sure that they are in this sort of rounded little space see how we're doing and sometimes I like to make them a little bit longer like this because fireworks in and it come down can't they we've done this before with spray paint but you know you guys are like oh wow bunch of spray paint budgeted oh and then you're like did you know there's a bunch of spray-paint videos on YouTube and I'm like yes I did all right so we're gonna make a bunch of these and they're gonna be like different sizes like I'm gonna I'm gonna make a few that are like a little bit smaller right and I'm just using the corner my brush to get control I could go to a smaller brush but I'm feeling punchy so I won't I'm gonna make this brush do all the work down there yeah it worked it and I'm just when I need to make these long bits I just come down on the edge and just bring them down your dry brushing there I am all dry brushing okay and dry brushing and that's gonna keep it from getting a little bit out of hand I've got to do the distant ones first and then we're gonna pull some forward ones so there's a couple there's a little layering the funnest thing is gonna be the water I think and I may also simplify some of I'm gonna bring something up here alright say I'm going like this oh yeah I can little fiery work to the fountains yeah this is one of the reasons why I wasn't too worried about you guys getting muddy colors because we're gonna do the white blazing effect that's how we're gonna get our water color I'm not our water colors are acrylics in all bright and firework and guess what about these these are this painting is legal in any city so even if fireworks are not allowed where you live you don't got worried about that I'm gonna go ahead and do this fountain at him he's gonna come like that it's sort of fun cuz you can always be like hey and then this look I like that you know how they do yeah we fireworks are super legal in Texas so yeah that happens all the time all right good good good the trick is just making sure that you are layering these up making some bigger use your reference our finished piece will look a little different than the reference just because the reference photo is informative but it's also a little bit busy so sometimes I'm going to rinse out my brush because as you're dry brushing paint will dry on the brush and you got to rinse it out dry it off with a little towel come back in real oh look at us um yes sometimes as an artist she'll be like I like the idea this and I love the light and the way that they're all placed around each other but I really really really really want to change a couple things you should always feel like oh that's looking so good isn't it alright you do do I think we need one right here be a more glowy one like it's a little friend you can see these are almost like a flower by the way whose technique work really well for flower you want it starting to have a little moment there we'll have some layered in front as well maybe I'm gonna come over here and do another big focal what ain't coming over here big focal way you just do as many as you want and what I would suggest is definitely just learn this technique great learn the way we're doing it and then just firework all the things I work them all all the things right I are working come firework them all the things I kind of like the Uncle Milton's fireworks toy yeah yeah what is that it's a cool little it's like a it's a toy you get at in the Discovery section of the toy section and it makes fireworks appear on the wall oh okay well that's that's uh that's not a fire hazard no no I got one for Spyder and we played with it no likes it and we take it out during the fourth of July and Canada Day in Canada Day which is on the first my birthday yes I am an honorary Canadian and my wild character actually collects fireworks yes that's true you play if you're on wow you see a panda see a panda who's got epic fishing skills lots of fireworks going off all the time that's me that's all generally have a balloon enhance little thing all right so we're starting to get like this little layering right a little sky we wouldn't see any stars on the sky which is why we didn't splatter that's true now we get to make some super fun decisions if we feel like we want to what colors we want to do these in how we want to make them I am gonna go ahead and get a smaller little brush I think I'll get my number for Cambridge I'm gonna dip in water and I'm like huh at first just to get a little of my yellow now in these fireworks they're a little bit warm or orange so I can just add some of my magenta to my yellow and I'm gonna come here and at first I'm gonna just glaze over this little this little sucker right here as they are glazing yeah lays in and glazing oh I see not fun oh yeah just doable for everyone it makes it all dimensional Oh dimensional but we have one extra layer dimension cuz you know Sherpa you've done an aerial grisaille I've done an aerial grisaille that's so cool oh art that's how I feel about it and you can just get make these any colors you want when you get that first little layer in you can come in and add a little white to your yellow like you might do I ain't making a sort of brighter your white yellow and now it goes poppity pop up up that's right now look at that so fun to paint fireworks this is literally the technique but we don't fast-forward here now my two cents is to come in the center it's super important I think to come in the center oh yeah and add the weight eat Kapow you guys sent me a bunch of firework photos like a bit back and that was super cool and you can even add some of these Kapow fireworks the things that you can really really paint you're like what yep super cool stuff it's not like you're gonna be sorry you did and they layer over each other really really well so there we go they do they look really cool I will do and you can get all colorful and stuff with them so don't feel like yeah I'm gonna get a little of my white onto my magenta here I like to do and I'm gonna come in no this little others should be but right you all right so bread oh right yeah so don't feel like oh hey I've got a I've got to use these exact dollars though I really like these these are my very favorite primaries they make my very favorite primary so that's just something that I like let's come right on in here my white and that yes there we go you yeah but I'm gonna rinse out real fast because I'm playful you playful I'm gonna get a little of my blue just brighten it with a bit of my white and kind of mix that up like that now I got the multicolored fireworks don't we so cool I'm gonna come like right here and I think I'll do another little like little one get a little my base color and I'll be like maybe I'll layer that you you can see layering definitely impacts it and you can just play with thee you that's what we're doing we're just laying do you feel playful could be brighter and then I can just go right into the blue which may have even a little purple in it if I do that but it's going to look really good now you can be like oh hey there's something pop in there and you can even go oh hey there's something pop in there how the pops happen yeah now you're painting just with these primaries here today yeah I'm just using the primaries I just rinsed out really well and get my yellow to make sure that this one here this little fountain ring here at the water's edge layers over the one behind it not fun yeah you can just layer these as you see fit and then I can come right back and get the white where can i buy your fireworks my fireworks yeah I want one of those quinacridone purple and teal blue ones well pretty I mean nominally awesome hey don't suck they're not terrible let's get a bright orange one going we're gonna just take you know our yellow and red I might need a little white into it to reveal the orange miss of it make a nice bright orange one and we can't even come here where we haven't free it in the white so it can be a little more transparent yeah we do oh yeah but it's over this so it'll work that's how it goes that's how it's going to look right over the black because we're making this very full sky we're going to need to make sure that we're layering these little fellas carrying come right there the brighter and then we'll just and then swing that around – it's just so crazy how these layer out and that could have a white heart center you you you and that's how that's going like that not fun you're just having fun you're enjoying what you've got going on here now I'm gonna take a little of my red and yellow I'm gonna do an interesting thing I'm gonna just go ahead and kind of make a little glaze here I like little smoke that is no Becky's little brush was asking hi Becky's little brush could uh could he use fire could he use q-tips to try to do this yes you absolutely could however if your mom's with you and you can find my toilet paper Magnolia tutorial and I'll try to put it in the comments here but it's a tutorial where I made all these little may know marigold flowers marigold flowers what they were that actually comes from a project to do with kids where you make fireworks using the same technique super fun so you just instead of making little flowers you just do what I'm doing here with those toilet paper rolls making a little firework so you can do it q-tips you can do it with those toilet paper rolls it's all pretty fun alright so we made this little little gaseous area and so now I'm going to come behind that and I'm gonna throw up some mortars yeah I've done mortars that's pretty good alright now I'm going to grab I think you could use a number for bright from any line I'm going to grab my number four cat's tongue I'm gonna get a little of my yellow and white together cuz we're gonna do kind of a little crazy thing it's okay if a little the an acronym gets in it so there's some orange aspect we're going to come here and I'm gonna make these sort of refine lines see them oh yeah because we're going to try to get a really cool technique where we make it seem like it's a raining raining yeah all right you know how they do off sometimes off the spires so if it works yeah yeah I'm gonna make sure this is dry and I'm gonna just pull some of these down and have to go back because I need more paint Zack I'm here and just make sure that that maybe that one are well thought out and then you can go like that see how I made it rain like and the ones that are drippy if you have the drippy kind how would you get that drip effect be hounds kind of a to brush deal let's see how it does it I love here get a little more white no more yellow we're gonna make a nice big arm and we're gonna let it drip with our ergo it is a little drip that's how you get that kind that kind of really fun firework I think we need a green one at this point a gagry all we need a green one just make them whatever colors that you want I'm gonna go ahead and get a little my yellow out and some of my blue if you want your greener to be brighter it'll be more yellow and if you want it to be darker it'll be more but you probably want to mix them both then I come here and I'm gonna go ahead and Chris I right there we go just a big giant puff around you I love painting fireworks I love it this pretty good no there's a there's spending a lot of questions about varnish which I know is a big Copic yes and if you're gonna be using varnish as a glazing medium it just dries really fast it just dries really fast hmm hmm you could use a gloss gel to look a gloss varnish you can use a soft gel you could use a glass gel you can use a varnish but not all of our dishes but most the varnishes you were running any of the brush on varnishes and it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer because the gold and one that you use is also a retarder yeah so what this is is this slows the drying paint down and it glazes any extent all right so I've added a little white and a little yellow to my green to make it quite bright because this firework needs to be bright and that's the only way I'm going to get to do that in my bright green look at how that works you who loves that so we've had a drip drips are not maybe my favorites to do but like again it's not like you can't do it I think sometimes people get like a little overwhelmed I'm gonna get a little yellow and a little white hair for the center but I'm not gonna rinse my brush out layer this over CR done area they're nice green one sure do blue here nope yeah yeah now the reason why you chose primaries is that you could use any blue any red any green or any yellow well any you could use any bright yellow right yeah yeah this is a bright yellow and this is a nice little bright blue so you could use Sun you could proud like ultramarine might be a little bit dimmer than you want but if you've got a magenta it will still make a good purple for you it just won't make a great green yeah oh but don't because of the way we're doing negress I look yeah you can get away with a lot here away with a lot and you love how like when you go over the black it grates like this just like just ink glow I think it's like so crazy cool I can even get a little little white a lot of glaze into it you could just pick any old color you wanted here just picking you won't color you want these are your fireworks yeah unless somebody be bossy to you about what your fireworks can be they must be quinacridone pink yeah sure this is your celebration of something this should be your celebration piece how we're just taking this over okay look how bright that is we're gonna make this brave brave brave brave brave bright bright bright bright bright and we're gonna fix our printer all right I'm gonna get a little more of my just straight blue am i coming to hearing I like to work these values layering that up but it feels really really blue you can see can cross in front of other things and then they kind of mix like the light would mix and and they make me be like a slightly green value and then I can come and get some of my white into this in my blue and then come right back in the center adding that and then when this is all dry come back with a little straight white look really good so we have some pretty dimensional little fireworks no way yeah just fun stuff I think I'm gonna come here and I'm gonna make kind of that orange e1 again that's more yellow I'm hearin up these there we go that's everyone one next to it but I might go way more yellow with this one and get a little weight into it look at that just letting him out and he can always hey hey this went this way or maybe there are some a narc it over if you've never done that it's super fun to 8ir work I'm gonna do this one blue let's I rinsed out you what color should my last to be hmm let me see here I think that we need a bright reddish one wherein I mean like I would be like a screaming screaming red is gonna be a little challenging because we haven't got it there okay with it yeah that does it you know we just need some that needed some more red on the right-hand side to balance like that he puffs on the left oh that's true and I like this I think it does balance it and it'll make a nice water reflectance oh yes we haven't even gotten to the funnest part I love doing carnivals at night I love doing fireworks at night because they're just an enjoyable thing to paint I'm gonna take this out pretty far cuz I'm with this glow to be like and this to be a big mortar handsome big but it goes over the black and then that kind of makes it almost disappear doesn't which is pretty cool we'll make another multi-coloured one right here Oh that'd be cool all right so if I've got this and I come in with my yellow in a smidge of white mostly yeah though I can keep it looking pretty red even the lime paradigm oh yeah it does it looks cool Jen's Jen's telling me they got glow paint over in the ceramics world there she's like I think that we're gonna be glowing up some fireworks oh if you do this with your view V reactive paints it's just another experience I consider that to be our therapy to be real honest to me that's like super our therapy you know I'm gonna get a little of this right here and these and let's take some of these little sparks here oh that's clever all right take them out I'm out does it happen right you just taking a little bit there we go and then we were gonna do the multi colors over here so maybe this time we should reverse this and go blue with pink on top oh yeah let's get her just blue next our little friend here I like that like that and see we can cross over and where we cross over we get those nice little Mix's is the light actually color mixes just like our paint just simple fun happy painting that we can do okay if fireworks have a little bit of the cousin it I mind do your skin it's all good now I'm gonna go ahead and rinse out and I'm going to grab some of my red and white well I magenta and white and I'm gonna come here and I'm gonna go ahead in right over the top look at that little multicolored firework is and it just popped almost looks neon itself doesn't it so excited mm babe yeah I am so just wicks of you can hear I can I hear quick to celebrate and I think this could be multicolored she comes around I think I'm gonna go ahead and get a little of my yellow and blue in the smidge of white and I'm gonna go ahead and make this have a little bit of the Green yeah you just a little bit I think simple is better so I'm not gonna get too crazy I might put little puffs here and I might put little puffs here yes this is my life really I'll have two puppies running around we do I'm gonna sip my hang and then we're gonna do our water way or you guys already view waterways I think so mmm I was looking just festive right it is the trick is when you go to do your waterways whatever you've got going on with your firework you're gonna really really really want to make sure that the colors that are up here reflect in some way down there don't do like like if you have no pink over here don't make pink in your water you want to make sure that you're it's got to be in this column so you're gonna this is your column this is your column this is your column and you're gonna keep those sort of now that my hair is like these fireworks can you see where is go with this is try to be like what I'm painting be effusive you got some okay moe moe moe sorry don't down tell me over that it happens things happen in my brain now first I'm gonna start with my little cat's tongue and I get my little riff inside I love my little reference and I'm looking here I can get away with a lot of pink and a little bit of blue so if I'm gonna start out I'm gonna load up some pink it can have a little white even have a little glow of yellow to it and we're going to come on the edge of our brush and just sort of gonna be wiggling these little things that's pretty cool a little happy wiggle I'm hearing just be like wait wait uh right these are just little happy little Wiggles but next we have a kind of blue and green yellow thing happening so I'm gonna grab a little weight and we're going to go ahead and just yeah wigglin giggles whales have fun yeah and if you're feeling like oh hey I need to have some more blue you just come in with the blue look it's like the light is on the water I could've done my fan brush and I thought about it really hard because it would have done it really great on the end that I didn't want you guys to have to run out by because I know how many kids are going to be painting this you're going to use the brush that you have I am going to grab white and yellow and look you know it's okay for these things to blend here at the end isn't it yeah I'm just going back and forth I'm just waiting those are so pretty it's just fine some blue and some blue here right Lu but we know that we've got this nice pink and blue out here so I just rinsed out again so I get some ink and I'll get it smidge of blue this is almost like a double loaded brush and you can do that reflection out here more pink hair done little big comeback know which brush are using there this is just like for cat saying I could also use my bright here but you're using you know what I'm just using my number four cats time okay they were wondering which one that is yeah this is the number four just just number four just a number I'm just making little dashi Wiggles I'm not you know I'm just trying to be like playful and have fun and you know this is not about overwhelming myself at this stage with leg he's a little worried art technique you know and it's okay if like maybe like a little color might and a wiggle out here look at that just a happy little watercolor painting just chilling out this little fellow going yay I'm watercolor I wanna call it um I know I have it on the brain lately sorry guys no no you really a grilling it's okay I'm like no I'm fine I'm just saying like the color of the water this is gonna have this nice little blue it isn't that pretty and they just blend together don't they I could come and get a little yellow on just add it go oh hey if you a little friend they're hot the water that'd be fun just making little I work over water so we got all these fun colors but pretty much you can go cray-cray over here right with your art may I'm gonna definitely add some of these little white and yellow I'd have some as they do then I'm gonna grab some pink this is their right Thanks and over here it'll be cool if a little blue gets into it because I see a little blue Hey bluh and then I'm gonna get a grip of yellow just yellow and a little white a lot of yellow light and then we come here and let this be the last button happy little and I've got going let's see how we did that yeah now I could sign it that's all there is to this painting oh wow yes it's just a lovely project you can do today with friends with family with all the levels of painter in your life i'ma grab whatever's over here on the white and because it's so busy over here I think I'm gonna sign on this side today now if you didn't have that cat's tongue you could use any filbert or filbert or flat it's really about the idea that you're whaling it out just making making some marks on the canvas that you're enjoying you're making mark that's all any of your tools do is they let you make marks and the whole point of this is to have a simple and satisfying project that you can do today you can keep layering you can keep developing it that will be fine but you know sometimes you need to sit down and just have satisfying paint right absolutely now tomorrow we have our prima ballerina and then on Sunday which is counted a day on my birthday we are gonna paint cocoa sniffing a little flower she's gonna be like a 300 hum bye though cuz you're gonna learn a lot and the ballerina is a – yeah they're one hoot or I cannot wait to see these all over the Internet be good yourself be good to each other we want to see what these will really say you

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  9. I tried doing this and it came out very poorly, not because of you but just my skills. Very unfortunate for me. I ended up painting over it.

  10. I just got a new set of paints, and loved doing this and trying them all out! My fireworks diden't turn out as well as I hoped, but I had fun regardless.

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