Ellen Meets Employee at Center of Melissa McCarthy’s Hidden Camera Prank

Earlier this week, I sent
my friend, Melissa McCarthy, to a nearby dry cleaners. I was in her ear the whole time,
telling her what to say and do. Before it was over,
somebody called 911. Take a look. I had a headache this morning. I had a headache this morning. So I take two Tylenol. So I pop two Tylenol. Two Tylenol. But they’re Tylenol PMs. [LAUGHTER] But they’re Tylenol PM. Yeah. Not just regular Tylenol. Oh, no. Yeah. Yeah. So you’re like, super
tired right now? Yeah. OK. Yeah. So then, I drink green
tea to try to wake up. So then, I drink green
tea to try to wake up. Guess what? It’s not. It’s sleepy time tea. Did it help? No, it’s sleepy time tea. I’m struggling. I’m struggling. I’m [BLEEP] up. [LAUGHTER] I’m seriously [BLEEP] up. I’m uh– I’m [BLEEP] up. I’m [BLEEP] up. [LAUGHTER] Start to fall asleep. Is– um. [LAUGHTER] Fall down. Go down. Go down on the ground. On the ground. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] Are you OK? [APPLAUSE] Wake up. Are you OK? Wake up, and yell,
Emilio Estevez! Are you OK yet? Just yell, Emilio Estevez. Why don’t you sit down? Yell Emilio Estevez. Emilio Estevez! [LAUGHTER] There’s cameras everywhere. And three. There’s cameras everywhere. Are you serious? Yeah. [LAUGHTER] No way! I’m sorry I scared you! [APPLAUSE] It’s Ellen’s fault! It’s Ellen’s fault. Say shame. [APPLAUSE] So, I felt so terrible
about the poor woman having to take care of Melissa,
I wanted to meet her, so I can apologize in person. From Milt & Edie’s here in
Burbank, please welcome Alexis. Come on down. Hi, there. Hi. So nice to meet you. It’s so nice to meet you. Oh my God, I love you so much. Oh, thanks so much. OK. How long had you worked
at Milt & Edie’s? I started in June. Mm-Hm. So, almost three months, now. Do a lot of celebrities
come in there? Yeah. Yeah. But when I saw
Melissa McCartney, it was like a whole different
level, because that’s like, my favorite artist. I just love her so, so much. Oh, really? Yeah, so it was just crazy. You’re a fan of hers, and yet,
you called her Amy Schumer. Yeah. I was just so starstruck, I
didn’t even know what to say. She was like, you know
what movies I’m in? I’m like, well, I know
you’re Amy Schumer. Blah, blah, blah. Yeah I was just like–
and she started laughing. She was laughing
like, hysterically. And I was just like, oh my god. This woman is crazy. Yeah. Right. So, you meet somebody
that you really love, and you think, oh, she’s crazy. Yeah Yeah. All right. So, when I had her,
I didn’t think it through, that of course, if I
tell her to fall to the ground, that people are going
to be concerned for her. Right. And you told
someone to call 911? Yeah I told my
co-worker to call 911. And then she did. And then she fell. And I was just like, oh my god. And then I called
her Amy Schumer. I can’t believe I called– even
when she fell, I was just like, oh no, Amy. Yeah? You said that? You said, oh no, Amy when
she was on the ground? Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. So, the whole time, you
called her Amy Schumer? Yeah. I don’t know. I was just so shocked. I couldn’t even– Right. –Think. So what’s it been like all
week long, dealing with the– and how does everybody there–
because only one other person knew that that was happening? Yeah. I was just so shocked. It honestly just
changed my whole week. Because last week, I was
having a really bad week. I just moved here
from Las Vegas, and I got really homesick. I miss my mom a lot, and so, I
was just really sad last week. And then this happened. So it was just–
it was just crazy. Like this week has
just been crazy. Yeah. I feel incredibly
grateful, and thank you so much for having
me on your show. I can’t believe this is real. Oh, you’re welcome. Well, we wanted to have
you just to apologize, but since then, I learned that
you owe some money in student loans, you’re trying to
save money for a car, and you’re such a good person,
you were so patient with her. You didn’t get frustrated, you
didn’t tell someone to come help, you didn’t– you just stayed there
with her the whole time. So I want to reward
your kindness. So Shutterfly wants
to give you $20,000. [CHEERING] Oh my gosh. Thank you so much. You’re a good person. You’re a good person.

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