[ENG/INDO] 181009 Stray Kids x Dispatch Moving HD Photo

[Today’ star for Moving HD Photo]
One, two! Step out! [“Stray Kids” starts with an energetic greeting]
Hi, this is Stray Kids. Do you know why we’re here today? We’re here today for a very popular content
called “Moving HD Photo”. by Dispatch. What’s short for that? [Moving HD Photo] [Simply, “M.H.P”]
It’s M.H.P. M.H.P. There’re so many interesting things
in the article.. [Many items are prepared]
– Right. – There’re many things here.. [Looking forward to Stray Kids’ M.H.P]
like hair bands, papers with different colors.. [Let’s get started]
– Let’s get started. – Okay, okay. [Decided who goes first before shooting]
– Let’s begin with No.1. – Let’s go! Sit in the chair. [“Seungmin” goes first]
– Please pick one. – You are the first one? – Yes.
– No.1, good. – Seungmin! – I chose this one.
– Okay, good! Are you sure you won’t regret? You won’t regret? [Determined] [Admit right away]
– I won’t regret. – You will? Okay then. [Questionable reactions from members.
What did Seungmin pick?] It’s difficult. [Seungmin picked “Breathtaking”]
Breathtaking. Breathtaking. You have many options, I believe. [They have many ideas]
[Heart racing vs. Sexy] I think it would be great to
do something sexy. – Seungmin’s new charm, sexiness.
– Okay. [I’ll go my way!]
I’ll chose the item. [He rushes to items]
Will you do sexy? – How will Seungmin’s sexiness about.
– You should do something.. that can seen as breathtaking. What will it be? [Difficult title, he has difficulty choosing] Cutie. This one? Take you breath away with cuteness.. Really! Cool. – It’s breathtaking.
– Really? – What will you express. – What are the thoughts
that are in his mind.. – What will.. [It’s show time]
Go! 1 beat, 2 beat.. 3 beat..
One two three four! [My breath is taken away]
Ah.. [Silence] [He’s the same person
with the one you’ve just seen] [This is Seungmin who is refreshing] Come here. [Shame 90%, relief 10%, joy 00%, anger 00%
sadness 00%] Go out. – Just leave.
– Okay! Here’s your pocket money. Let’s go. [100% satisfied] [satisfied] [positive]
– Breathtaking. – I did a good job. Come here. It was close to something that is breathtaking. – Good job.
– What did you try to express? [What’s this air?] [Random questions]
– What did you try to express?
– What did it mean? – Meaning..
– My breath is taken. [Grabbing his heart]
Oh my god. [Attacking with facts]
– Your? – Yes. You took Woojin’s breath away. I hope you will not do that. – Great job.
– Okay. [Never]
Never do that. – Who’s turn? – Second one.
– No.2. – Next! [Seungmin done]
[Lee Know is under pressure] Lee Know is good at this. – It’s kind of a discipline chair. – Is it?
– This is actually where you do missions. – Ah really?
– We have no idea what we’re doing. – Pick one.
– Okay. – This pink one.
– Okay. What will it be? Great! [So sexy, so sweet]
It’s perfect for Lee Know. Read it. – How can I do this.
– So sexy. You’d better stand up to do that. – You’re good at it.
– Lee Know, leopard patterns for sexy. Red, red. – Red for sexy.
– Of course. Rabbit for sexy. Okay. Since when? – Cute.
– What’s this? He said “what’s this”. I’ll go for it. Let’s go! – Good on you.
– Good on you. – Should I sit here?
– Yes. Oh my god. [Huge reactions] [So sexy]
What is he doing? Okay, Okay! – Show it!
– One, two.. Three.. One two three four! He took off this sunglasses. [So sweet only with simple moves] [I’ll stop watching]
– Let’s done with it. – Done! Good job. – Okay.
– You made a good point. – I agree. Great. – Who’s the next one?
– Who’s turn is it? [Third one is I.N]
– I.N. – I.N. Let’s go! – I’ll pick.. this one.
– It’ll be really funny if he picks “sexy”. Wave.. something like that. – “Sharp eyes”.
– Wow it’s a perfect match for him. – Sharp eyes.
– What will he do!
– He indeed looks like a sculpture. Let’s go. – Sharp eyes.
– Sharp eyes. – Try one.
– Sharp eyes. [Putting on Mickey glasses]
I believe he would take them off. It’s very cool. – You were right Woojin.
– Yeah, he will take them off and.. Go for it. – I.N!
– I.N, you’re cool. You’re cool even without glasses. Be quiet. I’m concentrating. – Okay.
– Okay. – We’ll keep silent.
– Focus! – We will. – One..
– One, two.. Three..
One two three four! [“Sharp eyes”] [Sharp] [Eyes] [Shy] [Shy] [He cannot make an eye-contact
because he’s shy]
We’ll help! [Members are making him sharper]
He’s almost like a sculpture. – We’ll help.
– He can’t even make an eye-contact. Cool. Good job. – Cool!
– Yes. – Next turn.
– It’s me. [Finally he’s here!] [Finally “Han” is here]
He’s really good at this kind of thing. – Next.
– He’s here. [Finally here. Han.]
– Next. – Next. – Come here.
– We’re really looking forward. [Confident]
I’ll not pick it by myself. [I’m the best]
Pick it. – I’ll pick one for you.
– Okay. I picked the yellow, the color of your hair. – Yellow. – What’s in it!
– Yellow. – Yellow. Yellow. Non-existing.. [The most difficult topic
“Handsomeness that is non-existing on earth”]
Already you are! Handsomeness that is non-existing on earth. Is this how it goes? No, like this.
You should not hide your face. Like this! – It’s really non-existent.
– Really. – Really. – Okay. – Anyway.. – It’s okay.
– Go. – I’ll try. – On your own way..
– What will he do.. [Deep in thought]
Can I do this? You can do it. [Disappointing]
Han, you can do everything
except for one thing. Right, except for just one thing. [Attack with facts]
But that one is what he need to do
right now. [Too much]
– He’s really special. – Wow two.. – I have unique ideas, ain’t I?
– Too much. Can you give that paper?
My mission paper? [He’s really unique]
[Han is planning to make use of a mission paper]
Yes. – He makes use of..
– Like a napkin. – Too much.
– It’s really too much. Too much. Three much, not too much. Please count numbers. One, two, three.. – Great!
– Let’s go! One, two.. Three..
One, two, three, four! [Handsomeness that is non-existing on earth] [Ha ha]
– Did you do it?
– Did you? – Did you?
– I did. I did. – He said he already did it.
– I’m doing it. Are you? [Don’t disturb] Do not disturb.
Please immerse in your emotions! [Input error] [He’s already crying]
Can’t I try another one? It was really a handsomeness
that is non-existent. – You did a good.. job.
– Good job. – Good.
– Next. – Who’s next?
– It’s me. [Fourth, Hyunjin the dark horse]
Let’s go! – I’m looking forward.
– Thank you. – Good luck.
– Thank you. – Really look forward. – Pick one.
– Pick one. – Pick one for me Han.
– Okay. Can I? [He picked one]
Pink for Hyunjin. [He changed his mind] You’re very easily swayed. [Pink for Hyunjin. What’s his mission?]
Let’s see. – Eyes that I want to have.
– That kind of eyes. [Saved in my heart!] – Go!
– It’s really difficult. – Okay, I’ll try. – Okay, go!
– How can he express this. [Items are a luxury to him]
– You don’t need any item? – Nope. – Without items?
– Okay. – Confident. [Request for items]
Can’t you do that with that pineapple glasses? [Accepted] – Pineapple?
– Yes. – Okay. – Not so easy.
– I’ll look into your eyes. – I’ll capture his beautiful eyes with my own eyes.
– This makes it hard for me to breath. – That’s okay.
– That’s okay. Let’s go. [I’m ready. Please look at his eyes]
My eyes. [No]
[He’s in the front row] [They’re chanting again]
One, two, three.. One two three four! [Wow~] [His ability to express]
– He’s really just showing his eyes.
– Are you getting an eye operation? Open your eyes. Blink your eyes. – Cool.
– Thank you. – You can now understand how it feels, right?
– Yes, it’s not easy. – Right. – It’s not easy.
– Who’s the next? I am. [Sixth, Felix]
– Good luck. – I’m nervous. – This is a chair that makes me nervous.
– Right. – I forgot everything as soon as I sat in that.
– I forgot everything. Forgot? – Pick one.
– Okay. – Sweet boy.
– Sweet sweet. – It’s a perfect match with you. [Sweet sweet]
Sweet boy. – What will he do?
– You’re like candy and chocolate.
– How can he express? Sweet. – No.
– This can be useful. – Try on.
– You look so sweet. [He’s already a sweet boy. Members like him]
– Cute. – So cute. – Okay, do I look nice?
– Cute. – Okay, I pick this one too.
– Cute. – So sweet.
– Sweet. – Sweet.
– Sweet. – It’s a lemon.
– You look sweet.- Sweet smell. – Are you ready?
– Yes, I’m ready. Okay, let’s go.
One, two.. three, one two three four! Ha, so sweet! [Felix is curious]
So sweet. [Angry members. Han makes a reaction
even before Felix does something]
He’s still trying! – Sorry.
– Why do you disturb! What are you doing! – Try again.
– Again? [One more time Felix]
– One more time? – Let’s go.
– One.. Two, three..
One two three four! [Cute and sweet] – Done.
– Please make some reactions. – You saw what he was doing, right?
– Yes, I did. [Today’s lesson]
– I really did.
– You should see before making reactions. – Great.
– We’ll keep that in mind. [Next] – Let’s just stand still.
– Next. Next. – Next. – Seventh?
– Yes, it’s my turn. [Next one is Bangchan]
Good luck. – Our leader Bangchan.
– Pick one. – How about choosing one
that has the color of your hair?
– There’s nothing with that color. – There is.
– Here it is.
– This one? – This one. – Good. -That one.
– That. – That’s a bit different.
– Light green. – A lot different.
– What’s in it. The color of moss. [Members disappear. What is the topic?]
– Alone. – Let’s all get out of here. [Photo shoot all by myself]
– All by himself. – It’s not that difficult. [There are members in this room]
– Try. – You can use items. – I’ll try.
– You can do everything all by yourself. [He’s destined to do everything alone]
– Here’s the mic. – Alone. – Go! [He’s delivering a mic]
– Mic. – It’s yours. [Bangchan (Leader, doing a mission)]
Hi, from now on.. I begin my mission. Alone.. Sorry. You should chant by yourself. – You should do everything by yourself.
– Okay. [There are members, really]
– I’ll try. – We’ll just talk from here. – Oh.. – You picked Halloween
because your topic is “by yourself” (Korean pun)
, right? We should all stand still. – We should not do anything.
– Yes. – Right. – I’ll do it in a different way. Wow, unique ideas. Can you see me? [He’s chanting alone]
One.. Two, three..
One two three four! Click, done! [Perplexed]
It’s done. [Done in a second]
– Photo shoot all by himself. – Good job. – Cool.
– You did a great job. – Model Bangchan. – Cool.
– Thank you. Good, a big hand. – Can’t we do it till the end?
– Right. Click.. – Next.
– Next! – Are you..
– Changbin. – Eighth. [Next one is Changbin]
– Eighth. – Isn’t it Woojin’s turn? – No, I’m ninth.
– Ninth. – Yes. – I’m nervous.
– Why don’t we just pick it for him? [Nervous]
Choose and give that to him? – Yes, something that seems to be the most
perfect match with him.
– Right. – Pick one. – Pick.
– Didn’t you make up your mind yet? – Pick one.
– I have no idea. Then I.. [He picked the orange one]
– I chose the orange one. – Orange. – It’s been a while since I ate orange. (Korean pun)
– The color is similar to your shoes. – Please say one it one more time.
– Sorry, just pass it. – Did you hear what he said?
– Just start your mission. It’s been a while since I ate orange (Korean pun). [They’re teasing Changbin]
It’s really funny. – It’s much funnier that what you said before.
– Let’s see what I picked. [The best cutie boy in Stray Kids]
Act cute. This topic is the thing for him. – Great.
– Let’s get it. Act cute. [They all talk at the same time]
You act cute when I touch you. [A lot of ideas] – Great.
– We are eight so.. – We can touch him eight times.
– Okay. – Let’s go.
– Eight. – Eight.
– Should I try eight times? – You can do it.
– Of course you can. [He puts on a Mini Mouse hair band]
– You are Suh Changbin.
– He’s the most cute one. – The most cute one.
– He’ll do it right away. – Right away.
– So let’s do it one by one. – Let’s do it. – Okay.
– Stand in a line. We should touch him one by one. – Let’s do it.
– Everyone. – Stand in a line.
– Okay. Touch him like this. – You start first? – Let’s go.
– Let’s start. Go. [He’s making him cuter]
Point! – Cute.
– Okay, let’s get started. – Ready? – Start!
– I’m always ready. – One, two, three..
– Don’t be nervous. [Let’s see how cute he is]
– So nervous. – Three.. one two three four! [1. To put some wind into his mouth]
Bbyong! [2. To making Vs with his hands]
Bbyong! [3. Who called me?]
Bbyong! – He’s doing well. – Not so easy.
– Bbyong! [4. Extreme cuteness]
No, I don’t like it. [He’s overwhelmed]
– He stands up. – Stop it! Stop it. I’m out of order. – He’s out of order. – Out of order.
– Out of order. – Good job.
– Good. – You did well. – Really well.
– Great. – You are the cutest.
– Really. Next. [He gave up]
– That’s it. – That’s it. [Don’t take it seriously. Peaceful Stray Kids]
Everyone, today.. We’re done here. – Thank you.
– I should sit down. – Let’s clean up. – I’ll be sitting here. – Take some rest. We’ll clean up.
– Thank you. – We’ll clean up.
– Okay. – Sorry.
– Too much. Pick one. Okay, I’ll pick randomly. [The ninth one is Woojin] Two.. No, it’s one. [He’s confident] – Okay.
– Confidence of a model. – I’m confident. – Show it.
– Confidence of a model. – Yeah. – Okay.
– I’ll show it. What kind of model are you? Isn’t it for you? – Yes.
– Bear model? – Bear model. [Item recommended by Seungmin]
– Bear model. – Bear model. [He puts on a bear hair band]
You should act like a bear. I’ll go like.. too much. – Already too much.
– I’ll use this one. – Okay. – One much, too much (pun).
– Three much then. – Three much. – Three much.
– Will I have to sit in the chair? No, you can do whatever you want. – Okay.
– Wow. – He’s already begun.
– Go! One, two, three.. One two three four. [Ah…] It’s not enough. [Intercepting a mission]
– Han, show him. – Han! – Han.
– That’s what it is! You should do it like this. – Is is different?
– You should move your hip a little. – Okay.
– Then, move like this. Like this. – Wow Han.
– Now it’s a bit similar. [They’ve done with all the missions]
Thank you. – We’re done.
– We’re done. [One more time]
– Who’s the last one? – Han.
– You. – You should be the last one.
– You. [Encore for Han]
Your turn. – Go!
– It’s your turn. – What are you doing?
– He’s already doing something. – Right.
– You haven’t even pick one. – Give it to me.
– Not easy. [Han’s mission. “I want to get this boy”]
– I’m sure he’ll do this well.
– A good match for him. – Great.
– I really want to get him. – Should we change?
– Nope. – You can do it. – Don’t have to.
– You can. – Think about the things that you can do.
– Who wants to get him? [No one] – Who wants him?
– No one right now. – No one. – Let’s see what he’ll do.
– Let’s do rock scissors paper. – Okay.
– Right.
– Our mind can change after he does his mission. – Please change our mind.
– Please. – Let’s try.
– I’m firm but.. give it a try. Are you firm? Ah you pick the item for me? Should we pick another one? – No thanks.
– Put it on in a prettier way. – It’s too.. – Too..
– Ah sorry, it’s because I’m wearing shorts. Let’s see what he’s going to do. – I want to get him.
– There are many hearts in his clothes. – I already want to..
– I want his clothes. – I like his clothes.
– Clothes. Hearts.. I want to get this one. Let’s get started. Tell us when you’re ready. – We’ll give you a chance.
– Show your charms. – Convince us.
– Right. [Chance to appeal to members]
– You can use words.. – You can explain.. – No, that’s not allowed.
– You can mimic others’ voice. – Right, good. Okay, one, two, three.. One two three four! [He fails to summon Lee Sunkyun]
Hey, you want me? Ha.. [Han fails to mimic Lee Sunkyun’s voice]
Ha ha ha. I’ll take him. I’ll take. – Take it and go out.
– Okay. Go out. [Han’s influence]
[Everyone’s crying] Go out. Han failed. You believe there is only one camera, right? There are more than ten people. [We shouldn’t finish]
Wait, we shouldn’t finish like this. – We should give him another chance.
– I agree. – One more.
– Me? – One more.
– Try longer. – You can do it.
– You do it well. – It was really funny but..
– You can do it. – Your voice was really good
– I really wanted to hear that. I wanted to eat Vongole Pasta. – Good.
– Okay! – Let’s get it. [He’s trying to summon Lee Sunkyun]
– Confidence! – One.. Two, three..
One two three four! Do you want Vongole Pasta? [Silence]
Ah I don’t know. [It’s Vongole Pasta’s fault]
Don’t do that. [Sorry Lee Sunkyun]
– It was not bad. – Go for it. – Good.
– It’s your last chance. [Last chance, again]
One, two.. [He’s calling Lee Sunkyun]
Three.. One two three four! Vongole Pasta is 4,000 won. – I don’t know.
– How can Vongole Pasta be 4,000 won? – Too cheap.
– Who would want it? Everyone! It’s only 4,000 won! – Too cheap.
– Okay, who wants him? I’ll take him. Okay. – Take him and go out.
– Bye. – Okay, we did a good job.
– Good. We’re all done for it, everyone. – We’re done.
– Lastly, Han.. – Yes.
– Tell us your feelings. [Today’s star]
I was really excited.. and we, Stray Kids, really had a good time. We found out our new charms. His spirit is out here. Anyway, thank you very much. We’ll come back again. I love you! – Good job.
– Great. Let’s finish, Chan. We enjoyed really well today. – What’s the name, Moving HD Photo?
– That’s right. [He likes the name] Right.
I think the name is cute. I will remember the name. We enjoyed a lot. – I agree.
– It’s time for us to go. – Right. Okay, one two! [M.H.P with Stray Kids]
Step out! Thank you! – Bye bye.
– Bye. [Bonus clip. They are doing rock scissors paper] [without editing]
Slow. Rock scissors paper. You should not do that. You’re the loser. Rock scissors paper. Rock scissors paper. One, two, three, four. Rock scissors paper. Rock scissors paper. Third. Rock scissors paper. – The last.
– With Changbin. Rock scissors paper. – Rock scissors paper.
– Rock scissors paper. Okay. – Changbin’s ninth and I’m eighth.
– Eighth. Isn’t Changbin ninth?

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