I'm most excited by getting my life back to understand where I'm at you have to understand where I started from a couple of years ago I was in the best shape of my life mentally physically and spiritually I lived at home with my parents which means I came home to home-cooked meals and a clean bed and most importantly a supportive and loving system around me it wasn't until I moved to LA where everything went downhill I was working hard to reach my first million subscribers I was filming all day editing all night and using food as my support system there was no love around me and there was no love inside me worst of all my bipolar got worse my depression got worse and my addiction got worse I was losing myself I I don't like like grabbing this and doing this like you should not see that shape you should not see that shake and like it's bad I just I'm not happy with this like there's no other way to put it I can't wait to be able to do that and just have like a 8 pack just raging at you where you gonna look like look at me and go like yo what is he on and I'd be like I'm not on anything I just I'm a beast I was tired of self-medicating to make myself feel better I wanted to stop I wanted to change I wanted to get off my medication so I checked myself into rehab and I started changing my life I wanted to love myself again I wanted to respect myself again I wanted to remember who I was who I was when I started and where I came from my double chin used to be like out to here and I used to not have a neck I have a neck now I'm starting to have a jawline like Zac Efron I have biceps like I'm looking good it doesn't matter how hard you fall in it doesn't matter how badly you hit the ground it's never too late to get up it's never too late to start fighting for what's yours fighting for what's right the ability to love yourself the ability to respect yourself the ability to look in the mirror and appreciate who you are inside and outside all you have in this world is your happiness and you cannot let that go you have to remember who you are you have to remember where you came from you have to remember that you're in love thank you one change right you said you wanted the body you've always imagined right what are you doing waiting for it change doesn't come overnight change doesn't come knocking on your door get up and decide to be successful get up and do what it takes to reach your goal chase your dreams fight for yourself fight for your right to live your dreams stay in and out you gotta train your mind and allow your body to follow this wasn't easy this was not easy but this was sure as hell worth it you got what it takes you got what it takes to be the Beast that lives within you need to unleash it you need to unleash it and start living your dreams start being that you you want it to be your whole life fight for your happiness fight for your happiness you


  1. Yes i joining too see that video to see how you was and new look at you in 2020 you lost your muscls but you Best

  2. U don’t know that I watch this so much it’s crazy I watched it when it first came out and to this day I do

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