FIGHT ON – Motivational Video

the darkness the Sun doesn't shine every day the storms will come there are times when the nights will be long and dark and you will be alone there will be times when the darkness seems to consume everything and you're going to be asking yourself what am I going to do now what are you gonna do now but don't let it consume you don't let it consume you even in the darkest times even in the strongest storms even when the Sun has blotted out in the world is falling apart the darkness cannot extinguish your light you your will so I had two choices either I was gonna sit in that failure and give up Bob's gonna make a decision to step out of darkness see when you in that darkness you want to sit there waiting for the light to come when you're in that darkness feels uncomfortable but you can't wait only way out is to step forward to face your fears to become your own life no matter what is happening no matter how hard the fight is as long as you keep fighting you win only surrender is defeat all be quitting is the end because the darkness only do not let the darkness fight right to fight against is to win right on I had to make a decision I had to decide myself might never before I had to find my inner power within that moment I want you to remember power of you

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  1. At 1:06 it says "So, I had to choices". Completely ruined the vibe for me. If you're going to make a motivational video, please look over your work!

  2. Long days, hard nights. Feel like there's something missing. Thinking about your life, the girl you are into, 50 years from now. All leads to one moment. Take it or leave it. I choose to it and regret it now rather than 50 years later regretting it.

  3. You made another extraordinary masterpiece mate, and mark my words: this is gonna be another mln views vid mate. Had goosbumps all around my body like I hadn't for a very long time.

  4. Very powerful video I learn so much from you.
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  5. Bad circumstances not big better than you ,you are capable to all those things which you can do.
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  6. The ad with that fat greasy hairball saying “ alright guys I’m in my super sick car” or whatever can go fucking die seriously

  7. Este vídeo es un espectáculo, no sé ya ni cuantos años te llevo siguiendo, pero sé que fue desde la primera tanda de 10 vídeos, y siempre te dije que tu manera de editarlos es diferente, porque esta motivación que expresas es muy valiosa. Es realmente mágica y tiene efecto real en quien lo ve, te lo digo por experiencia. No entendería un youtube sin tus videos, sean diarios, mensuales, o incluso anuales. Sigue así, sigue siendo tú porque en este hay mucho de la esencia que cala en las personas, y no te puedes ni imaginar el bien que puedes llegar a hacer con un simple vídeo.
    Eres enorme hermano, enorme.

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