Film Factory quick tutorial: “Davinci Resolve export still image”

Mouse right click – Grab still Now, the still is in the Gallery. Mouse right click – Export You have to select the format in which you want to save the image. Export

24 Replies to “Film Factory quick tutorial: “Davinci Resolve export still image”

  1. Thanks for your brevity and simplicity — I can't believe the other videos on this were more than five minutes long — you answered the question in 8 seconds.

  2. how did u do that? I can't take a simple screen shot of the image. You already done it. 😐 wtf this video is bullshit

  3. UPDATE: To all the people hitting Thumbs Down on this SUPERB VIDEO, please get over the fact that you had to take the short bus to and from school and had to wear a large protective helmet as a child, and grow up. Seriously.

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