Foldable Camera?! 180 + 360 IN ONE! Insta360 Evo Unboxing

– Hey guys, it’s Justine and today we are checking out a really fun new piece of tech. This is the Insta360 Evo. You guys may be familiar
with the Insta360 ONE X, which has been one of my
favorite cameras this past year. I did a full review on the Insta360 ONE and I do have another one
that I’ve been working on for the Insta360 ONE X, which is their newest version. A lot of you have seen
these types of videos that I’ve posted on Twitter or Instagram. You guys always ask me
which camera that is and this is the camera
that I use to do those. And what’s great is I
shoot all of the content directly here on the Insta360 ONE X and I connect it to my phone and I do all of the editing
right in the palm of my hand and then I post it. It is absolutely fascinating
what Insta360 ONE has been doing as far as 360 is concerned because they’re making it easy and accessible for basically anyone. And now what they have done
with the Insta360 ONE EVO, they have made a 360 camera and a 180 camera all in one. I’ll also be posting a separate video that is all entirely shot in 180. I’d love to know if any
of you guys have watched any 180 content either here on YouTube or on your headsets. What I love about 180 is it is immersive but it’s not entirely taking
you out of where you are. It’s kind of this 3D experience where you actually feel like you’re there. So you can just see just
enough ahead of you, to the sides, and up and down, and you don’t have to
worry about turning around or doing anything super crazy or mobile. So 180 is something that I
do plan on exploring more of and with the introduction of this, this is gonna make it super simple. (knife crunching through box) There it is. So essentially this is
creating a stereoscopic image. It’s much like you’re seeing
things with your two eyes. You’re shooting that same type of content but with two cameras side-by-side. As I had mentioned, you can shoot 180 but with a flip of the camera you now instantly have a 360 camera. This is revolutionary, revolutionary in the
sense of this is something that anybody can buy. Like this isn’t something
that is insanely expensive, that only professionals can use. This is something that
consumers are able to get. Let’s see what else is in the box. Oh, this is metal. I got the cable here, little small bag. So this will allow you to shoot
5.7K 360 video and photos. So let’s get this thing
hooked up to my phone. Everything is super easy to connect. There it is, it’s already showed up. That was it. Yes, I want to join. This is actually magic happening
right now before your eyes. Hope that you’re here for the show. Switch to viewer 180 mode. Oh my gosh, oh my goodness. This is so cool. So this is 180. As you can see, it goes
to the edge, to each edge, and what’s great about
Insta360 is their software. It’s what I love so much. So we’re gonna close this, lock it, and now it instantly switched to 360. This seamlessly synced together. So oh my gosh, you can see the coffee cup. I’m disgusting. (laughs) And since there isn’t a screen on this, you can use your phone as the viewer. You have all of the controls
that you would need. I’m gonna capture a 360
photo by pressing right here. Now I’m gonna capture a 360 video. I switched it back over to video. We’re gonna hit that. So right now this is a clip
that I filmed on the 360 camera and, as you can see, I’m
going to pan around the room. K, now we’re back over here. So hi, hello. The only problem about 360 is you guys can see how dirty my desk is. (laughs) Secret’s out! One of my favorite things
about the Insta360 software when I’m using it on my phone and then I import this footage is you can make it any
sort of size that you want. So I shoot a lot of things
for Instagram Stories so I can make them vertical. You can make them square. You can make them 16 x 9. You can basically make them
anything you want afterwards. (upbeat guitar music) Oh, hello, so we’re shooting now in 360. I’m in Boulder, Colorado. This is actually my first
time that I’ve ever been here. It’s cold, go figure. There’s snow on the ground but there’s a beautiful creek behind me so I’ll spin around here. There you go, there’s the creek. (roaring water) And now we’re gonna maybe
see what 180 looks like. Get some more shots of me. I’m cold. ♪ It’s always sunny where you are ♪ ♪ I know ♪ – Welcome to 180. I really don’t have anything
that interesting to say. My fingers are frozen. Well, the view is beautiful. I’m having a lovely time. I have a hat on. I have a phone in my pocket. I have gloves! This whole time I had gloves. Wouldn’t you know? I’m at this little fishing pond. It’s really bright but
you might be able to see what I’m seeing on my phone. I have a connection to my phone. Look at all the ice. (playful music) It’s frozen. So going back to this app you can actually put this
into sort of the VR mode. So in this mode if you put this
inside of like a VR headset you’ll be able to see what
your camera is seeing. So we’ll back outta there and scroll around since
this is in 180 still. One of the other things that
I can’t wait to show you guys, so this is a holographic case. They’re calling it the Naked Eye 3D case. So what’s cool about this
is it’s just a normal case. You can wear it, wear it. (laughs) I mean, I guess you
technically wear cases, your phone does. You can use it like a normal case but when you want to watch
a stereoscopic image in 3D, take this off the back of your case, put it on the front of your phone and then this will be able
to give you a 3D image without wearing 3D glasses. You can’t really tell at all but you can see kind of how it’s giving my phone this effect. The first time that you use it, it goes through a little set up. It analyzes your face, finds out where your eyes are, and it will make sure that
everything’s perfectly aligned. The first time that I saw it, you guys, I was actually just, I
almost hit the floor. I wish I was filming my reaction because it was incredible. My one tip for a lot of you guys if you’ve never experienced
or shot with 180 before, the key is to try to keep
it as still as possible because a lot of times when
you are watching these things in headsets you want to
visualize the experience as if you were sitting
and watching something. So you don’t wanna have a lot of movement because you want the movement to happen from the person who’s watching. So if you are walking or doing
any of those types of things, make it as steady as possible. Another good practice that I notice is you should try to shoot from eye level, so if you are filming something try to keep it in sort of
the range that most people would probably be standing. So you don’t want to be too low because it’ll look like
they are low to the ground. If it’s too high then they’ll look like they’re looking down on things. Unless that is the
perspective that you want so it really is I guess
an artistic choice. But this is such a new thing and I think a lot of people
are experimenting with it so if you’ve seen any
other cool 180 content, please, please, please tweet it to me, leave me a comment, because I would love to check it out. Well, I just wanted to give you guys a quick little demo
and an unboxing of this because this was just
announced by Insta360. So I look forward to seeing
what people think of it. Also very excited about going out and really getting to test this thing. Leave me some comments below. Let me know what you guys think. And I asked you a bunch of
questions throughout this video so also feel free to answer those as well. Thanks for watching. I love you guys. (playful music)

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  7. Cool camera. Maybe the next version will have another camera coming out the top that tracks and follows you as the narrator, while the 360 video camera takes in the rest, and maybe that way you can narrate from in a Picture-in-Picture box in the video as you make it pan 360 degrees around. 🙂

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  12. good info but like all other reviews that I've seen there is no mention of the difficulties of connecting to an Android phone and you can call me stupid as I went and bought an Evo 360 and found out afterward that he camera is mainly meant for the iPhone although it does connect to an android but not wifi. Saying that it is a great little camera but the Andriod issue needs to be addressed.

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