Fujifilm X-Pro2 Manual Focus Mode – Digital Split Image | FAQ

Adam here from Digital Goja Today I’d like to go over a frequently asked question about Fujifilm XPro-2 Does the dual split-screen manual focus assist work with nondedicated lenses like the Leica M mount that I have on the camera? yes it does and I’ll show you how it works OK to access the digital split image focus assist it’s real simple you’re going to hit menu or the OK button and you’re going to access the menu once you do that you can select manual focus assist you can have three options you can have a standard digital split image or focus peak highlight so I digital-split image now there are two options you have monochrome or color so these options you choose according to the scene that you’re photographing and what’s easiest for you so you’re going to make your selection and you’ve got to make sure that you hit select or okay once you go to the main screen you’re going to see a grayed out on the main screen again it’s important to select OK and once you go to the main screen you’ll see in the middle there’s going to be a grayed out box now straight lines are going to be broken apart and once the image is in focus it will all come together and that’s how you use the digital split image manual focus assist well I hope I answered your question about the Fujifilm XPro-2 if I didn’t please leave your questions or comments down below and I’ll be happy to get to them don’t forget to share this video with your friends I’ll see you next time

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