Geo Tagging Images With Your Olympus – OI.Track App

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  1. Great job Peter, thanks for posting. Nice to know that one can later add GPS data in Lightroom as well. Your Senate Square and Cathedral look wonderful even in early winter.Keep warm.

  2. I’ve found that many people don’t realize that in the iPhone you have to swipe left on the log that was created to see ‘Add Geotag’. They try to use ‘Add Logs from Camera’, which won’t work, and just touching the log only opens the map.

  3. It was asked by Zoltan below, but I'm in US, and I don't know where you can get the OM-D beanie stocking cap…. The Olympus store online has one that says Olympus, but not a OM-D one…. we need help on where we can get… Nice simple and concise videos that help, so thank you for that.

  4. Thanks for making this helpful video. However I couldn't get it to work on my EM10m2, OI track software kept saying No images taken during the recorded log. I'm on LG G6 with Android 8.0. Any advice? TIA.

  5. Great video Peter, like your Chanel very much! Also I’m a great fan of Olympus and yes mostly I carry my camera to take some shots in the city. It makes even shopping interesting 🙂

  6. Hello there Peter, I have been using the O.I share on my OMD EM 10 mii for a while, I was testing it as a remote shutter to take a self portrait to test my off flash set up. I had my camera in RC mode with an off camera flash in TTL, do you know if we can control the TTL flash output via the App? Thanks

  7. Hello Peter. I have been going round in circles on this. The OI Share app directed me to download the OI Image Track App, which I did. The Track app then tells me that my camera is unsupported. I have an OMD EM1. This seems strange because I see posts on the web saying that geotagging for the OMD EM1 worked with the OM Share app before the Track app was released. Can you give me any hints on how to solve this problem?

  8. Hi Peter, were you able to check whether the OÍ Share app is unsupported on the Olympus Omd Em1? Please see my earlier comment and your response.

  9. Hi Peter, the EM 10 MII does not support the geotagging app. Is there a way to import the geotags from the phone directly to lightroom?

  10. In the video, you mention one should make sure the clock on the phone and in the camera are sync'ed. I checked the video on connecting the camera to the phone and I didn't see any mention of sync'ing the clocks. I can connect the camera to the phone quite easily and then start OI.track. Is that all that's necessary to sync the clocks, or is there another step? P.S. Love you videos. Keep them coming!

  11. Thanks Peter. Very kind of you to guide us all. Q. Can I use a phone that doesn't have service (no sim card), but has wifi and gps working and still tag location?

  12. Peter, could have been a good video if you would stick to the ‘core’ of the subject. 2 minutes are interesting, the other 6 minutes have no meaning at all.

  13. Hello Peter, can you add geotags to photos I've already added to the lightroom? because I don't have photos on the SD card anymore

  14. I've noticed a small bug – the time shown on my phone and more importantly the time synced with my camera is an hour off. Easy to verify – after using set up to sync date and time and getting confirmation – check the date/time in the camera – they match. I then run a 1 minute geolog in the Trakr app, check the time and voila – it's an hour early. I get around this by simply running a short track and setting the time and date on my camera to match. Else, it works great. Might be a daylight savings time issue here in the US, but it does mean the app is using a different time signal.

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