Gimp Tutorial: How To Import Image With No Background Into Gimp

he hello there my colleague who can
teach you with a nother creative quickie on the achievable
Marketing Blueprint in the last tutorial for gimped we showed you how much you cut-out how to import image with no background is gone now
I’m lazy how how to import that image in to boot camp so in camp we are going to go to the by
Al Tampa right here and then we are gonna
go Open and layers the same way we opened as layers the
background except this time we’re going to open and layer which is
me import image to gimp with no background here’s the image we click open after
selecting and and BAM as you can see the image is very large in the next video I will show you how to
resize it so that it doesent lose pixelation cell but that is have you import image into can sell out so I’m help you keep
it Chris now watch the next video on how resize image gimp tutorial so that it doesn’t get blurry cuz this
is the real big image I you now me was just too low the amount
action here we got big that as compared to that
little box low box big man so we gotta make sure
bets together nicely and that will be done in the next video
and we’ll keep it looking nice and smooth to you okay so Michael E weird a create a quickie we’ll see you
next time

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