Google Pixel 2 Camera Test / Epic Road Trip

Hey there, I’m Nat
and I make a YouTube series that goes behind the
scenes at Google. I just released a video about how
the Pixel 2 camera was created and learning about that made
me want to do my own camera testing. I asked my friend Lo to be
my partner on a mission to take as many photos and videos
as we could on a weekend road trip. This video was filmed on the Pixel 2
with no colour editing. I hope you enjoy. – Bye Google.
– Bye Googs. We have your phones with us. – Alright so got a real fun day…
– Yeah! – Cow’sies.
– Who you calling a cow? – You are… e
– Whoa, you’re gonna go right underneath us. – Oh hi!
– Keep your eyes on the road. Oh geez, I’ll just wave.

100 Replies to “Google Pixel 2 Camera Test / Epic Road Trip

  1. The stills and video all from the "2" shows much promise towards the device. Even under a full sun, the colors are vibrant, the edges are sharp, and bokeh lends much depth. Thank you for the clip.

  2. No colour editing (very nice!), but would your care to comment on stabilisation made outside recording? And no, I am not asking about in-phone immediately post-processed stabilisation, I only mean stuff done afterwards, either through an Android app or in a desktop.

    P.S. If a gimball was used, care to say which type and roughly for how long, in % of the vid was it (except the selfie cam parts of course)?

  3. At night the camera quality would've went downhill in a hurry. DSLRs have a big advantage over smartphone cameras in that department.

  4. WoW! Amazing video! Now all I have to learn is cinematography, photography, composition and the entire process behind making a decent movie.

  5. Very good video! Video looks great here, but what do you think about video when i gets uploaded to instagram or any other social media?

  6. i do have xr and it already have great camera.. but guess what? this video just make me want to have this google pixel 2! great video anyway *thumbs up

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