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  1. my hero 5 auto upload feature is a pain in the ass. I plug it into a wall outlet and auto upload starts but sits on uploading my media for hours! it has said"uploading 1/24" for the past 2 hours. Is this a known issue?

  2. My camera fail every time i try to connect to the app… i dont know what to do!! I do all the steps they tell me but they dont find eachother :´(

  3. Why do you call these marketing videos "tutorials"? They don't teach you how to do anything, they only blah, blah, blah about what the apps are supposed to do. Read the support forums, the apps and the connectivity story needs a lot of work.

  4. My GoPro 5 is working with my Android, but is it also possible to control it from my PC? That would be an awesome feature

  5. One would think that GoPro 6 & their smug spokesperson would read the comments & get the picture that there's a major problem with connectivity thru the "Capture" app & iPhones

  6. the new capture app suck!!! I used my xiaomi m3 , xiaomi redmi note the app keep loading and unable open. I use Samsung J3 keep asking me key in password , I spend 2 months find the solution also unable connect my new gopro 5 black. GOPRO why your new product lousy then GOPRO 4 sliver????!!!!! (I used GOPRO 4 silver for 2 year not have this problem before. regret to sold my hero 4 silver and buy hero 5 black )

  7. why the heck do i have to continually (unsuccefully) login, PLEASE LET ME TAP AND RECORD AGAIN PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Its my phone with fingerprint access, JUST A THOUGHT MAKE IT IDIOT PROOF PLEASE. IF SOMEONE WANTS TO CONSTANTLY LOOSE CONNECTION, or be unsuccefull 90% of the time give them there own fricken app. SO MUCH FOR (Lets record RIGHT FRICKEN NOW)

  8. YES IM PISSED DAD 68 years old and i played in a big racquetball tournament this weekend and didnt get 1 fricken minute of recording. THANKS THANKS THANKS

  9. This all sounds great if only it WORKED!!!!!!! Come on GoPro!! GoPro will not connect to the god damn phone because the wifi the go pro emits is shit.

  10. i thougt i was the only one having issues, my gopro 5 does'nt work with my pc or android, FUCK YOU VERY MUCH GOPRO!!!!! big expense and even bigger rip fucking off!!!! your product really sucks, its supposed to be easy and its as easy as catching a rabbit by hand with your feet tied….

  11. fuck you FUCKING GO PRO COMPANY, i feel so regret buting this wack ass camera it is really hard to connect bullshit ass and the camera it self is easy to get low battery . what a fucking waste of money

  12. Mine connected both with Bluetooth and the wireless perfectly. Granted both being close proximity of each other. Worked well and easily achieved a 10 meter distance whilst taking photos from my phone, iPhone 6plus phone. I find the capture an ingenious and brilliant idea! Now just have to master how to use this mini beast GoPro!

  13. It keeps saying pair failed on my phone as well! So upset about this camera and its difficulties 😡😡😡😡

  14. I just installed the Capture app and it paired with no problems. I like it when using the headband. You can look at the phone and make sure that the camera is properly set up.

  15. Me too, how does the camera app helps us to capture? if it didn't connect to our devices, so please do some actions regarding this. I didn't really enjoy your product because of this problem.

  16. is it possible to play 4k video on my TV just pluging the HDMI cable? I am trying but it is not working.. the camera turns off… this little POS :/

  17. Can't connect with my fullHD tv via HDMI, f joke i don't give a shit watch video on the small phone screen when i can't do it on a large screen .

  18. Bullshit, I'm returning mine.  My Polaroid cube for $75 works but this piece of crap NoPro just plain sucks.  You wonder why you're going out of business?

  19. GoPro isn't user friendly worth a damn! All that money and these people can't make it user friendly. Everytime you try to get help through any of their platforms they try to sell you more shit. Just fix the problem, it should be point and click simple? Plug in to your PC save video done??? How hard can this be???

  20. That's dandy, but how can I use my Hero 5 Black wirelessly to a desktop computer? I'd love to be able to control it, download it's storage, and most importantly, preview and monitor what it's recording. But I don't want to have to go grab my phone to do it when I've got a computer sitting where I'm working and wifi + bluetooth available. Are there any tutorials on how to do that?

  21. One of, if not THE WORST Tutorial I have ever endured.

    Sales pitch – Good.

    Explanation of How to – NIL.

  22. 4K videos converts when downloading on iPhones so we can play it on our phones.. is converting cause the loss of quality?

  23. Unlike many of the others here my gopro connects perfectly with my phone. My issue is that it takes FOREVER to upload videos. They make it sound like oh, just plug in to charge and poof your content uploads. Not true, it takes forever (30-40min) for 1 video of minimal length (2min long) to upload. And if you have more than one item to upload then you might as well plug it in and forget about it for a few days.
    I want to come home, upload my videos from the day, edit them for crying out loud, and share with friends and social media within a few minutes. It's 2019 and all these things should be possible. The software is way behind were it should and could be.
    Quick stories allows somewhat speedy uploads, but I want to edit my content, not the Quick app. I'm often left with shaky useless portions of video set to generic lame music. The highlight function works terrible if it works at all.
    C'mon GoPro, I know you guys are penny pinchers, but get your software upgraded before you brag about what it can do because what you end up with is a bunch of negative comments and unhappy customers with disappointing stories.

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