Group Photography | Summer Cosplay Photo Event

My friend Allyson organized a cosplay photography event recently over a weekend. Basically a bunch of cosplayers and
photographers getting together taking some photos. If you don’t know what cosplay is…
It’s basically people wearing outfits from Anime, from TV shows, games.. things
like that. We try to find locations that work well with those characters. And get
together, take photos, learn from each other, try get nice images out of it.
My friend Jason and I were the first ones to get there so we got the first
tour of the location. Really large beautiful place. Lots of landscape to use
potentially. There were sheds. There were different spots that could work really
well for different characters. We were checking out the place. She had an ATV,
large ATV, that we were able to use and drive around. Look at different things.
Got the full tour. We didn’t use a lot of the larger area. We kind of stayed closer
to the house eventually. But seeing the whole place is good because we might go
back in the future. Check more out different times of the year. The tour was
intense going on an ATV pretty quick. Her dog was there running around with us… and…
Oh? What was that? That seems to surprise everyone that goes through there. Anyways,
there are a good number of spots that can be used for photos. Even with two
days you’re still pretty limited on time. After the tour I decided to walk around by
myself. Try things out. Take a few sample photos. See locations.. If they would work
potentially for different situations. I also got so much that I’ll probably be
making a video about nature photography there. Really nice spot for that type
of stuff. Besides the outdoor locations we also
had a few indoor locations in the main house. Allyson has been taking her own
photos. She has an A7iii. She does some really great work and has learned very
quickly with all that. She made sets for her cosplay photography. And basically
taking photos of herself or taking photos of friends. Really nice sets. We
did use it was quite a bit. Especially later in the day. Of course, with multiple
photographers, multiple cosplayers, it’s kind of a big mix of who wants to take photos
of who first.. whatever. Really it doesn’t matter. It’s just whoever goes first.
Started taking photos… Sometimes we work together, which is really nice as well.
But it depends on the situation. I don’t want to be kind of a situation where too many cooks
in the kitchen happens. What you can do a lot of the time is use different focal
lengths than someone else if you’re taking photos with a second photographer.
So that way you’re not in their way. If you do use the same focal length
sometimes you kind of pick the same spots, which is not a good thing. Anyways,
it does work out well. Sometimes I would hold lights for someone. Throw some
glitter for someone. All those situations work out. It’s just being helpful. Trying
to learn from each other. And it is good actually just to hangout there and see
what they do. Learn little things that they do. Look at light different ways than
you might. Pick different angles then you might. There’s just so many potential
benefits to hanging out with other photographers, other cosplayers. I should mention the equipment that I was using… I was using the pair of M50 cameras from
Canon as the main photography cameras. I also had the M100 for video. All the
b-roll that you see here is with the M100. Had some focusing issues apparently that I
didn’t notice, but it’s no big deal. Also I had the 32 millimeter f/1.4
lens. That’s really my favorite lens for people photography. Just basic straight
photography in this system. It’s a great lens. It’s accurate, it’s consistent with
autofocus. Just really nice results that come out of it. I was also using the EF
85mm f/1.8 with the standard OEM adapter. Turns out I had a lot of issues with
focusing that I didn’t realize at the time… Because it’s just very close, but
still off where the eyes are not in focus. Now, that could be a mixture of my
technique and other issues potentially. But I’m not too thrilled about that result.
I only had a small sample of good photos. Some cosplayers like the poison ivy, of
course, worked out very well in the nature situations. Also the Final Fantasy
cosplayer… Then I had the two sisters with the white
outfits and the green hair. That one was, of course, a very horror related anime. I
haven’t seen it. I don’t know too much about it. But with that they had
good props, and also the locations especially later in the day worked out
well. With those situations I was using the little light that I had with the red
gel tried to make it pretty spooky, pretty creepy. I think some of them
turned out interesting in that situation. The Full Metal Alchemist cosplayer
worked out very well in the shed areas, So good mixture of locations and
cosplayers. We had Bulma from Dragonball. The ATV
itself was a great spot to take photos. Let’s go over the main benefits of stuff
like this. We’ve got the hanging out with friends. Taking photos. Getting practice
in. Learning from people. Just so many good things about photo shoots.. photo
sessions.. like this. Especially over a day or two. Full days where you can really
spend a lot of time with people. Getting to know them, of course. I know these
people for a long time so not really so much that, but in a lot of situations
spending a lot of time with photography as like the cornerstone really works out
well. I did meet a lot of these people through the convention scene with the
anime convention, sci-fi conventions. You might eventually see them outside of
conventions and it works out where… Get close enough that you can do things like
this with the multi-day photoshoots. Anyways, hope you enjoyed this video. If you did,
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Likes and shares to other social media help out a lot as well. Thanks again!
I’m Scott from Photography Banzai.

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  1. 5:19 I love this spot.
    Very versatile.
    Many shooters forget an important aspect of photography: Scouting the location.
    Excellent video.

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