He found my SECRET landscape photography location

hello hello everybody hope you’re all
doing really well today I’m down at a waterfall called Ammonite Falls it’s
just a gorgeous little falls not far from Nanaimo. Now who’s that I thought I
had this place to myself usually I have this place to myself but there seems to
be another photographer here I’ll zoom in and see who it is. Oh God
it’s that wanker photographer what’s his name Hardcastle he’s my arch-nemesis
he’s always moving in on my secret spots look at him pretty boy can’t stand that
guy and he’s a Yorkshireman to boot (laughing) I’m just waiting for Gavin to see if he
does another spectacular fall (screaming) see if I can up the viewership of my videos to have someone
tumbling down with a tripod flying all over the place. I think he’s contemplating Bit of a wuse actually
I think he’s scared hello everybody hope you’re all doing really
well Ammonite Falls running pretty good right now now ammonite Falls is
actually not very far from the city of Nanaimo which is on Vancouver Island and
like the last fall’s I photographed in the summer it’s pretty much dried up but
we’ve had a bit of rain and as you can see it’s it’s coming down pretty good
now I have been here a number of times but I’ve always had trouble finding a
good composition you know the falls looks really good but it’s it’s finding a
meaningful foreground there are a few rocks and such into foreground but I
might be able to use and the ferns are still looking pretty good so I might be
able to utilize those as well but the falls is definitely looking really nice
just a matter of finding a foreground that will draw the viewer into the frame
or into the photograph and that’s the hard part I try to find something that
relates to the background or or kind of brings you on a little kind of journey
through the frame so to speak so that’s the job I’m gonna have to do right now
we try and find out a half-decent foreground okay I think I found a composition that
I really like I have these ferns in the foreground these beautiful sword ferns
and there’s actually a little bit of full color I mean it’s pretty small but
it adds a little bit of color some yellow leaves there and then I have some
ferns at the bottom of the frame as well so it kind of really fills the frame and
in the background I have Ammonite Falls which is just gorgeous right now. Okay so
this is the composition that I have and I really quite like it I’ve tried to
fill the frame without all these sword ferns up here and I like these ones that
kind of jut in through the bottom there so that fills that that right side
really quite nicely and I probably darken this area here now I really like
a little bit of full colour that I have in the foreground as well just adds a
little bit more depth and a little bit more interest and then of course we have
the the waterfall in the background so you’ll notice that even though the
waterfall is the main subject it kind of takes the secondary role in this image
it’s not just a picture of a big waterfall it’s the environment around it
so I think this will work quite well the only thing that I don’t like and I’ll
just zoom in here is that right there that’s the ass of Gavin Hardcastle he’s
always getting in my shots that’s why I don’t like photographing with other
people it’s just so annoying okay now in last week’s video many of
you seem to enjoy the self critique so I think I I’m gonna do that again in this
video and kind of go over my successes and not so successful images now in this
particular day I only took two images so there’s not a lot to go over I’ll start
off with the first image here the composition I really like and as I said
in my explanation the waterfall really takes a secondary role in the in the
whole composition even though it’s somewhat the main subject I made it
quite small in the frame because I really wanted to show the environment
and the surroundings around the waterfall so as far as processing goes
what it did for this photograph is I did darken the edges considerably just to
draw your attention to the center of the photograph and then I lightened up the
the ferns at the bottom here because I really liked those because they kind of
point into the center of the frame and draw your eye into the center here the
the ferns on the on the right side here I also lightened quite a bit because I
find them just fascinating and there they have some beautiful texture and
color in there so I find them quite interesting the touch of color yellow
down here I brightened up a little bit too just to add a bit of depth and some
interest in in the bottom left hand side of the of the frame here you’ll also
notice that the brightest area in the whole image is the waterfall and that’s
where I want the viewers eye to go in an ideal world I would have preferred a
little bit more directional light but you know I I say that in in all of my
videos and I’m always harping on about the light but it’s true
any kind of directional light will certainly give your image a little bit
of depth and umph but you know we have to kind of make do with with what we have
and I think I did an okay job in this respect now I have to be honest with you
this isn’t my first time that I’ve approached this waterfall with this
composition and I’ll show you an image that I took back in 2012 now the first
thing you’ll notice about this photograph is that it’s very green
really saturated and that’s because I took it in June so the foliage is all
nice and fresh and this particular year there was quite a bit of rain in the
spring so the waterfall was looking really good as well the one thing you
will notice that’s quite different is that the waterfall was quite a bit
bigger in this frame even though the ferns are more or less the same size as
the last image so the photograph that I took recently was with a Nikon 16 to 35
millimeter and I had it racked out at 19 millimeters so very wide and that’s why
the waterfall is quite small in the frame now this image here I took with a
Canon 17 – 40 but I had it racked out to 38 millimeters so the narrower angle of
view and the longer focal length has really brought that background forward
and that’s why the waterfall looks so much larger in the frame there’s no
wrong or right way to approach a composition and there’s no perfect focal
length through each composition as far as focal lengths go I guess it really
boils down to how much dominance you want that background in your final
image and how much emphases you want on it so by using a longer focal length
i’ve brought more emphases to the waterfall whereas by using a wider lens
in the more recent image it’s put far less emphasis on the waterfall and more
on the ferns in the foreground so two different approaches like I said no
wrong or right way just two different ways to approach the same subject Oh it wasn’t balls deep after all was it? okay that’s dedication for you that’s
what you have to do if you want to be a real photographer Of course it’s the
deepest part of the whole stream not sure if I got a very good composition
well first of all I had quite a bit of moisture on my lens and of course I
didn’t bring a lens cloth with me but I know I looked white you can look
quite neat at least have a bit of white water in the foreground so kind of just
to add a little bit of interest nobody said getting shots was easy
or good shots and they’re not always that good either. Okay now this is the
other image that I took no this is the raw file I haven’t done anything to this
and it was a it was a location that both Gavin and I took turns in photographing
we had to wade right into the creek there and of course it was the deepest
part of the creek so I ended up taking my pants off to get in there. It will be
interested to see what Gavin comes up with and I’m sure I hope he’ll put his
version in the video or hopefully he’ll put it in so we can see what it looks
like but as far as my version goes I I don’t think it works first of all the
right-hand side here it just doesn’t look balanced to me there’s a lot of
mess up in the the left-hand corner here especially with the brown leaves and
it’s quite a bit more water flow on the right as compared to the the left here
and it just looks off balance to me you may have noticed that in the first
photograph I took the waterfall was somewhat blocked by branches and such
and it’s it’s the same here but it doesn’t work I almost feel like I wish
I’d moved over further to the to the right and I know that Gavin did so it
will be interesting to see what what he came up with okay the other thing that you may notice
and if i zoom in my focus was off by quite a bit actually
so another fail there but it happens sometimes if I don’t pay attention to
what I’m doing and in this case I obviously didn’t care enough about the
photograph to really put a lot of effort into it it it just doesn’t it just not
gonna work is it worth going back to try again I I think so I think if I did move
to the right I might better get something a little bit more decent and
pay more attention to what I’m doing with the focus you’ll also notice and
I’ve done this a number of times especially worldwide angles down here
when it’s not a huge deal but keep an eye on those corners and the outside of
the frame for tripod legs happens quite often sometimes it’s a little bit tricky
this particular image was very tricky to get in because this this rock here is a
slab is very slippery so it’s really hard to set the tripod up
so it wouldn’t keep sliding back towards me so I had to find little notches in
the rock to try and stabilize it so I ended up including a leg of the tripod
so just keep an eye out for things like that in your own photographs okay now
since we’re talking about things creeping into the frame I just thought
I’d bring up this photograph again maybe some of you noticed maybe some of you
didn’t notice thanks to David Fletcher in the comments for pointing this out
but if you look over to the right here of this image from last week’s video
you’ll notice that what seems to be a rock is it’s actually my backpack so big
fail there I ended up cloning it out because I didn’t have any other images
with the pack not in the frame so thanks David for pointing that out I really
appreciate it right so I had a little bit of drama a
little bit of tomfoolery action even had a little bit of photography in that
video before I leave you guys I just wanted to cover a couple of things
okay, Gavin Gavin Hardcastle for those of you that don’t know him he has
a YouTube channel he’s had it for quite a while actually but he’s just started
to put a bit more effort into it so good for you Gavin if you haven’t
seen his his videos they’re really funny and he’s very knowledgeable as well so
I’ll leave a link at the end of the video if you’re interested in watching
Gavin’s videos I highly recommend them and also they’re local so they have a lot of
interest for me as well my website I have a new website my old one actually it’s
not even that old I was having quite a few problems with it so I’ve gone over
to a different platform now my old website is a quiet light photo
adventures I haven’t transferred the domain name over yet so right now it’s
under adamgibbsphoto.com so if you’d like to go and visit it it’s still a
work in progress but the meat and potatoes are all all in there and if I
can try and keep up with it I’m gonna start putting all of the images that I
take from each of my videos so you get it you know so you can have a closer
look at them and lastly workshops I’m still offering workshops for 2019 I have
six they are filling up fast actually the Tonquin Valley workshop i only have
two spots left now if i do fill it i might offer another one i’m not sure yet
but there’s still a few spots left for Vancouver Island I have three workshops
in Port Renfrew this year or next year 2019 Hornby Island which is in
February I have a couple of spots left there and The Talus or the talon, Talus Lodge I have a number of spots available there
and actually if you sign up before the end of the month and I can give you a
10% discount because I need to get it signed up so that I can give the lodge
deposits as quickly as possible before they fill up with other guests so if you
are interested or thinking about it then that would be great if you can join me
for 2019 alright everybody thank you ever so much for watching I hope you
enjoyed it if you would like to see more content where I go over kind of the
images that I took for the day and kind of what I see see as mistakes or fails
be sure to leave a comment below and as always if you give me a thumbs up if you
enjoyed the video and if you like the content on my channel don’t forget to
subscribe thanks ever so much everybody and I’ll catch you next time okay bye

100 Replies to “He found my SECRET landscape photography location

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this video. As always, I learn from them, especially with the critiquing you give, what works and what doesn't in a given image. Hopefully, I'm becoming a better photographer because of them. As always, thank you!

  2. Your image review and discussion of composition is very valuable to your viewers and I hope you continue to do so. In this episode I particularly liked your analysis of the effect of focal length on the relationship of the background element to the foreground. Very insightful. Thanks much, Adam, and am always looking forward to the next one.

  3. That bloke gets every where Adam! Only just started to watch his videos as yeah he has a good sense of humour for a Yorkshireman haha. Oh and nice to get a mention even if it was for pointing fingers haha. Great work as usual mate, keep it up!

  4. I know it's not your fault that you were born south of Barnsley, but tha's gone too far callin' a Yorkshire lad a wanker

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  6. Great video Adam. Enjoyed all the "fails." I think the critique model is good. I found this one particularly interesting because I also have a waterfall nearby that is challenging to photograph (fore/mid interest is absent). The use of a longer lens and including other elements is another option to consider. Thanks again – loved the backpack fail!

  7. Very funny โ€œ the arse of gavin hardcastle โ€œ not sure that would pass the David Attenborough test though … thought the 2012 version was slightly nicer , just because of the space at the top of the frame seems to give the water fall more room thus the composition seems a little nicer , although the 2012 version could pass for a jungle scene from Some angles where the 2018 version is a much truer to life representation of the real seasonal conditions… both really compelling images … ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Some humour added to this one – I think that you could easily clone Gavin out of that one photo ;).
    Appreciate your continued honesty in sharing your missteps as well.

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  16. Hi Adam. Great video as usual. Two points. First, you said that you only shot two frames, and in the second one not a real effort was used, that was a waste of energy. Second, in your second imagen, the โ€œnot effort oneโ€, I believe you try to put too much of the scene in one photo. My friendly critic.

  17. Great video Adam, enjoyed the bit of Tom foolery as well. In the first photo you showed, I was struck by the fact that, though the waterfall was the main subject, you dealt with it in such a way it wasn't really dominant in a way. Yet, in doing so, it created more interest in the fall for me. In the side by side comparison, with the older photo I felt as though I could be content standing right where the camera was and with the new photo, I wanted to go deeper, to explore. I wanted to get further into that scene and get closer to the waterfall. It was a magnifecent tension in the best possibe way. Great job. Thankm you again for all the content you provide. I am always learning from you.

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  20. Hilarious video Adam. Thanks for the laughs and some excellent photography thrown in. I was wondering where your focus was set for the image you got. Hyper focal distance or did you focus on the fern? Just curious as Iโ€™m always second guessing myself and end up taking many photos with different focus points. Thanks Adam!

  21. You are a Master in explaining about composition. I really enjoy when you share some of your knowledges. Thanks Adam!
    Btw, I donยดt know which photo you preferred most, but I preferred the version from 2012 in june a notch better. But I would be happy if I could get a shot of a waterfall like you did, but unfortunately there ainยดt any water at all outside my door.
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  26. I agree.. that Gauvin wanker dude is the worst. Doesn't even know when he's at Cape Scott or San Josef Bay. He'd probably spell San Josef Bay in correctly too. I did like the photos he took there though. You just keep him down Island Adam and I'll have the whole North Island to myself.

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