How did I get my own Studio? – (In Depth Art Studio Tour)

studios are up and wanting to make this video for like two years and I've had the studio for three years and I've never made kind of like a full-blown video about the studio why I have it what I've use it for you know how I built it all the different sections and spaces and just like going going in deep and depth to see the whole studio I'm also gonna try to rearrange and reorganize this place so this video will include all that but first we got to clean up all right let's talk about this space real quick it's to four hundred square feet rectangles would you look at that is JT calling me JT say hi to the people I'm talking about how we built this bunker actually yes you did all right so it's two pretty big rooms four hundred square feet each that's separated by this big wall JT and I knocked it down in the beginning to kind of open it up and it's a beautiful space you know it looks nice but it was a real real hole in the beginning what you don't see about this whole space and the setup is that it's the where this is located is in a bad part of town it's a very old factory by the train station and it's like very dilapidated we put in a lot of work to make the studio look like this and look nice and the big windows make it look nice but you know the environment around is not good at all and the rent is actually quite cheap because of that cheaper than you would expect and also JT and I put in a bunch of work to make the value of this space higher to get a cheaper monthly rent if that makes sense and the biggest question I always get is people like you're only 24 how do you pay for the studio how do you have this student you're so spoiled and you know I am very lucky lucky then a lot of other people I get a bunch of support from my mom which people don't get in terms of moral support for my creative endeavors but you know financially this studio was paid off a lot in the beginning when I worked at a restaurant for a year and a half and I saved up and then also I've gotten a couple large Commission's to pay for this JT helped pay for it I work at you know house painting I do graphic design work I do Commission video ography work I do Commission artwork so I'm able to pay for that and I don't have any other expenses really in my life I live at home I left school and so this is kind of just my baby and I try to keep it it's um it's like my dream like I said I'm extremely lucky but that's pretty much it you know to answer those questions and so let's kind of just walk around and go in deep around here great part about this studio it's right by the train station oh oh oh oh we just missed a train but it's loud sometimes but it's great because of this stuff always going on so anyways we're here this is the Mojo section the painting section you've seen in you know all the videos it's kind of like when I got this big desk space right here that's actually kind of like this illustration cabinet this this archiving cabinet that I got for free someone just gave it to me and you know it it has like all the illustrations I have from a while ago the stencils I work on just like hundreds and hundreds of things I like to keep everything I'm kind of a hoarder and organize it um you know this is like the painting supplies got the stuff it's good to have surface area I'm a fan of it this is the easel that goes up and down it's pretty wobbly from being old and a lot of usage you know more surface area desk space same with this over here more reference paper that I keep from random projects I really just never throw anything out I just can't I think I got issues but you know just more stuff supplies this is an illustration desk like a drafting desk that stays up like that I use that all the time it's one of the things that actually bought new a lot of the furniture in here is uh is free that I got for free or extremely cheap or used or whatever this is uh this is the spray paint area you know you know half more than half of these cans are less than half full but I use them for stencils and other things so I just try to keep all the colors I can because I use little amounts at different times we got the slop sink which is huge for the studio that's one of the reasons why we renovated this place and actually got it three years ago because of this slop sink and then another vital piece of equipment for any studio I think is a massive trash can you know it's quite full but that's a big one and you know trash is accumulated this is like the chill zone like I said got the speaker's got books everywhere just to hang out you know this little desk little fridge and so we'll go through the portal to the other room this is the entrance this is just like storage stuff things on the go this is kind of like the mural mural supplies you know I got all the buckets of paint from different projects all the mural supplies you know buckets more stuff down there if you can see you know this is just all supplies and all random drop cloths and things that I use some paintings on the walls storage space this is another kind of like wood working section this nice beautiful table that we got for like 20 bucks this is a project that I haven't cleaned up yet but you know the designated get messy spot more canvas storage this is more desk space for stuff this is like a lot of tools actually rules if you can see that can you yeah pretty much and yeah just a bunch of stuff because you know this space is not just a painting studio it's it's a working studio I do woodworking not a lot but I do I build things I do videography part-time stuff I paint obviously I do Commission work and murals so this studio has to kind of have all of those things if it's gonna be worthwhile to have you know and to make those things and products I do even better to help me you know this is a resource this is a utility for all my projects and that's like the thing it's like do I make money for my artwork and videography work yes do I make a lot no but you know this place is kind of to make those projects more efficient how is the environment how is the space gonna kind of inform the work that I do how is it going to help it how is it gonna push me to make the best work I can and you know I put in a couple thousand dollars just on the renovation with my buddy JT three years ago and now that it's been that long we've acquired couches and furniture and all the different tools that come with all these projects and work that I do and you slowly collect them up and you use them and you see what works what doesn't work what kind of setups work you know what's the best for your flow and so yeah these are just things if you have any questions ask me I'm trying to kind of share it all usually these windows are blown out because it's so light but this is another reason why this studio which is located in a old factory is so amazing because of these like eight-foot windows they're so beautiful and they give beautiful light but they're usually blown out because I gotta keep the exposure good on this side anyways let's do some modifications I'm gonna move this illustration cabinet to right here see if I can get them both in frame and I'm gonna move this couch right here in this section there's more archival reference photos old project you know digital files that I printed out now I don't know if you can see this this is this tattoo this oh gee canvas chapter 1 of the slab and save it alright I like that and then this is this is just all open now baby and that's all she wrote you know I'm sure will take me a few days to get used to the new setup but I'd love change it's there all there is is changed and completely evolving everything to you know increase the workflow optimize everything it's a good time I'm glad I made that move let me know what you think full moon Instagram or a DM me on Instagram if you have more questions leave questions in the comments if you want I'd love to answer any questions like I said I am extremely lucky to have this space and I count my blessings every day I tried to at least but it's my dream it's my baby I left school to stay here to make art to make videos take that how you will got a bunch of awesome projects lined up per usual see in the next video

16 Replies to “How did I get my own Studio? – (In Depth Art Studio Tour)

  1. Would love to see stills of all the paintings etc. you have hanging around the studio. (dming you on insta for pics)

  2. Yoy deserve a million subs bro , it actually amazes me how you aren’t huge by now but PLEASE keep up the killer content, love watching the vids beginning to end

  3. Super cool. How do you get or where do you get commissions to sell your work? I've been struggling meaning I'm from Portugal and the market is not the same here. I know nowadays online selling is a thing but since the people are not into it here, I try to attrack people to buy it or engage in it and it has been difficult. (I have my own studio too)
    On another hand? Would like to do any tipe of collaboration? I know that you don't know me, but I could show you my work and you can critic it if you like. 😀

    Also anyone willing to do something leave me an answer here… ^^

    Thanks man for your work and youtube videos, got me inspired!

  4. You and I are the same age. Unfortunately I didn't see the same support for my art, but I'm adamant to make it. It's encouraging to see someone out there doing the thang too!!

  5. Awesome Studio .
    Great cool Dude . 😬🤙🏻
    Love the cutting style of your Videos 👍🏻
    All the best from Vienna✌🏻

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