How I use Social Media to make $$ money as a photographer

today I actually have a much more
serious video and this is to help photographers get out there more because
I often talk about how photographers need to put themselves out there to find
some level of success now this is going to be a long video so please bear with
me I promise you it’s all worth it when it comes to here on YouTube I often
see different two kinds of photographers there’s the one that say you need to be
successful by word of mouth with your clients or that you don’t need social
media you just need to do good work and be professional and your clients with
your other clients and that’s all fair game it’s good and then there’s the
other one who pretty much promotes social media and those who never really
see each other eye to eye I don’t know why but in my opinion why can’t you just
do both I mean that’s actually what I do is uh I have my professional work and my
clients and they all talk to each other and I build up my reputation but at the
same time I really really work that social media game and today I’m going to
give you a rundown of how I use social media to my advantage it’s not really
about personal client work and what word of mouth stuff but this is something
that I think can help you and you don’t have to do everything that I do because
it is too much in fact just Instagram alone is too much for some people but
what I do can be pretty crazy so bear with me first of all let me tell you
what I use I’m an avid user of Facebook pages and I am in every niche related to
my kind of photography and time-lapse and vintage lenses so Facebook pages
Facebook groups I use Instagram and when IGTV came out I jumped on that
because you should always try to be a early supporter of these things because
you never know when they might be like the next big thing so I have Instagram
IG TV actually I have two Instagram accounts
for my nighttime photos and one for my daytime because they tend to different
audiences not only that but I do my research for hashtags and SEO so I’ve
studied up on SEO quite a bit I use reddit related to my topics always on
Twitter updated daily I also use tumblr because I know that’s like a huge way to
get out there because if you don’t know things like reddit things like Twitter
and Tumblr they allow people to share your work and it’s much better than
having an algorithm like Facebook or or Instagram promote it so but people share
your work it gets out there much much more easily I also use Pinterest so I
load my best pictures on Pinterest with a backlink back to my Instagram or to my
portfolio on my website I also load all my YouTube videos on Pinterest that are
relevant to things that I think people are searching for like a photography or
camera tricks so whenever someone finds a picture or a thumbnail of my videos or
my pictures they click on it and it goes back to my YouTube or it goes back to my
Instagram so Pinterest very useful but very underutilized
I tried 500px for a while and for to be honest it didn’t really go anywhere no
matter how hard I try so I kind of just abandoned that as something that’s not
useful but it helps to try new things you know I do have YouTube as you’re
watching on this channel but I don’t have only one channel I have two
channels one that’s in English for photography and also have a Spanish
channel that reaches out to audiences like South America Mexico that are
interested in life in Korea so all those this channel and that
channel funneled to my Instagram photo to my Twitter to my Facebook page to my
website so you can see that I’m building up kind of a social media web where
everything just comes is connected to each other it all comes back to me
I tried we hearted I’m still working on it I’m still not sure about it but
someone told me I should look into and I’ve been trying it out and too
early to tell recently I started using tick-tock and
oh man that’s a real missed opportunity like I did say people need to they when
something pops up they need to try it out cuz you never know when it might be
the next big thing you never know when it’s gonna be beat the next big
Instagram because you know right now the way Instagram works the way Facebook and
Twitter and YouTube works is uh basically it’s kind of holding creators
back unless you’re already big and like all these algorithms like if you don’t
get likes or comments then they stop showing your work to other people I
could go on around about Instagram but I don’t want to get off-topic but the
thing is tic toc is more organic and just just last night I got like two
point five thousand followers for us just from one post no and you can’t do
that on Instagram anymore because the algorithm you know cuz it always comes
down to the algorithm besides that I have my website and on top of all this I
look I research videos on marketing I learned video editing a long time ago
I do Photoshop so I basically became my own designer in a way like I had to
learn all these things like video editing and a Photoshop Lightroom
illustrator Adobe After Effects all this stuff comes in the package of a
photographer and yeah I even learned SEO cuz no SEO is a big part of getting out
there now I do all these things daily I’m always checking my messages I get
constant messages on Instagram Twitter Facebook pages YouTube my emails I got
multiple emails I get emails from the websites it’s a lot to handle and you
know some people they can barely handle just doing Instagram alone and I got two
of them you know then you got daily stories IG TV replying to other comments
and you know I’ve been doing this since okay I started using Instagram in 2012
but I didn’t really take it seriously until like 2015 or something that’s when
I started really really like studying my stuff
the SEO and all that and imagine this every day I post something whether it be
Twitter Instagram Tumblr Pinterest YouTube and just over time all these
people end up becoming your audience not only this but also like on my personal
level where I do my professional work with others I have my own my other kind
of web of clientele or talking to each other
recommending me so that I’m getting all these business opportunities from my
clientele and all these opportunities from my social media like that why why
limit yourself to just one you know it’s like you need to really put yourself out
there and I’m not saying to go out there and do all these things that I do this
is just for me because like if you don’t know me I’m very easily depressed like
yeah whole video about that but yeah if I’m not busy I get very depressed and
when I fall into depression it just takes me a long time to get out of it
but if I can keep myself busy with all these things that I’m doing and you know
I enjoy it like I enjoy the hustle you know like I enjoy the house from both
sides so don’t be one of those people that says you just need one or the other
because you’re just kind of crippling yourself you’re limiting yourself you
should do both you do need some thick skin for some of the things that happen
especially like on reddit or Twitter but you might be surprised just how much it
helps and I’ve actually made a small list of things that have helped me over
time that would have never happened had I not been doing what I’ve been doing a
long time ago I put out a video of me posting my art around the city and one
of those pictures got picked up by like a bar which gave me my first art show
from my tumblr I got found by Duksung Woman’s University here in Seoul they
gave me my was like my third art show this is at a woman’s University so I had
an art show on a university that is awesome and of course paid from my
Facebook pages is how National Geographic
found me a few years ago and put me on the spotlight which opened so many doors
to so many companies and yeah like that was a huge break probably the turning
point of my career so I got that from a Facebook page despite the fact that
Facebook page is pretty much cripples you these days from word-of-mouth I’ve
gotten countless jobs at radios TV station magazines newspapers I even got
a few jobs from Samsung that way so yeah I do get stuff my personal level but
most of them are more like personal stuff like weddings even though I hate
doing weddings and just a private works events festivals so that’s just like my
word word-of-mouth kind of stuff you know and I loved I do have a lot of jobs
related to TV stations especially local TV stations and they all have friends or
producers or filmmakers of some sort so they all end up kind of contacting me
thanks to this other personal web that I’ve build up over time YouTube I do
have two channels my first YouTube channel was about food and travel I
still have it but now it’s in Spanish and that actually put me on so many
Korean TV stations and radios and also I got contacted by many magazines and just
so many different companies that want to use my footage of Korean food or and
travel for the video so they pay me for that and of course this is another
language is Spanish speakers that find my works so I’m not just limiting myself
to one language I’m also finding like going into the I want to say Spanish
market you know and since it is mostly Korean stuff like I I do find a lot of
like Korean clientele that way and also have this English YouTube channel which
of course is about photography now I get a lot of messages from like wannabe
sponsors and companies and they want me to test their products another and you
know what I decline all of them because I don’t want my channel to be like that
but I do get a lot of photo shoots and offers from people that like hey we love
your videos we want to meet you and so we’re gonna I’m gonna be there with like
so and so and we love if you shoot us like a personal shoot or
a for a torso I do I also do that so thank you YouTube you are a provider so
I may not sell presets or push my workshops or whatever other biasts on
you guys but you know I do get people who watch my channel and who want me to
give them like a personal for tour and I do those kind of things and it’s all
thanks to YouTube YouTube has also got me on many TV stations and magazines
like magazines they come from all different kind of social media services
so it’s those those are a lot you know I can really talk about magazines because
they just come from all over the place Instagram has got me many jobs including
Samsung BBC found me that way Korean air I told you got a little cold
up with them so many so many opportunities come from social media and
there’s people out there telling you that our social media doesn’t matter and
I just think they’re limiting themselves like you don’t you don’t have to just do
one thing you can you can do everything you know why be one thing be everything
you know just this is my advice to you as a photographer I’m not telling you to
go out there do all these things cuz you’re gonna probably go crazy like I do
this because I want to keep busy you know I am good at doing this and it
keeps me from falling into a crippling depression like the big ones I suggest
doing Twitter Instagram and Facebook pages or YouTube – very helpful right now
tick tock is booming like I think it’s something that people are not using that
they should be using and it’s pretty crazy you know especially since Facebook
and Instagram and Twitter are kind of crippling themselves with these
algorithms because they’re just getting greedy greedy with the money from the
companies and hopefully tik-tok doesn’t fall away but what I’ve done is all
these websites I have all my social media links on them so they are kind of
feeding to each other and I’m kind of building up my own
my own audience like my own bass my own friends like a lot of people that watch
my videos they come so and they may end up meeting with me and we end up being
friends or like yeah this is my advice to you sorry this video is so long this
week I’m going to be very busy and I really want to get this video out of the
way just to help someone out there you know so yeah if you like this
yeah share it or something I know it helps me out anyways zero

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  1. ✅ Websites




  2. this isn’t related to this video but your aesthetic is so nice! i love listening and watching your videos. keep up the good work :”)

  3. Duuude I'm impressed on how you find the time to do all these platforms! I'm starting to do more 3D illustrations now so this video came on the right moment, really motivates me to keep up on the social media game. What are SCO? (2:24)

  4. Ha although you didnt put your reddit account in the video description I found you in the Cyperpunk subreddit 😀
    Edit: … yes I overlooked that you put your account into the video… I feel ashamed

  5. Using all these different platforms, updating daily on each of them, liking and commenting on every post, etc. – This is exactly what I hate about photography.
    But if you want your work to be seen nowadays, you have to "play the game" and it can be very demoralizing.
    I want to enjoy this beautiful hobby, I want to spend my time creating something nice, and If someone sees it, I'm glad, even if it's just a few people.


  6. Noe, you're very dedicated with what you do! The way you use all of these different socials is a great example of how using the resources around you to leverage the amount of people actually seeing your stuff!

  7. So are you still a teacher or full time photographer? Do you want to be a full time photog?
    It seems like you’re at the level you could use an agent to book you stuff, thoughts?

  8. For your two IG accounts; are these completely separate (i.e. another log on, etc) or do you have one IG account with two names? I've been debating which way to go. Thanks!

  9. I'm really happy I found your channel! I have been watching a lot of YouTube at work trying to learn as much about photography and videography as possible because I don't have a lot of time to practice. Your photos and your way of teaching and philosophy on photography makes me want to get out there and try and tell my story and others through photography. Thank you a lot!

  10. This is a topic that I have a lot of feels about. I absolutely hate social media. I just deactivated my personal account this week on Facebook and I don’t really go on Instagram. Elise likes it okay & she has a good community of friends but she doesn’t want her private account being linked to our channel. I’ve posted our work on Facebook Groups and reddit. Reddit has been pretty good so far, generally positive but on Facebook (which I find a toxic place in general) it’s just a lot of negging and even sexual harassment. I don’t like Elise getting harassed because she’s the subject most the time. We probably got too thin skin for it tbh. So I think they are barriers for us and to be honest I feel like I have a little time for these things between work and family. Can I just say this that I’m amazed at your work ethic and it is inspiring to me. On the contrary it does really help our channel when we have external links. If you could choose just one place other than YouTube what would it be?

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