How Tilt Shift Lenses Work | Tilt Shift Photography Explained!

– My last video showed you how to make a 3D printed scale model look life size, and today, I wanna show you how to make life size objects look like scale models. I think a lot of us are
familiar with tilt-shift filters in apps like Instagram and Snapseed, but the technique was originally developed for film photography like 50 years ago. Tilt-shift lenses do two things: they tilt and they shift. I know, it’s shocking! But these small changes make a big impact by changing the angle of the plane between the lens to the camera’s sensor. Normally when you’re using your camera, your sensor and your lens
are parallel to one another on the same plane, but
with a tilt-shift lens, the ability to shift and tilt the lens, changes the entire plane of focus, which adds in a whole lot
of crazy different effects. There are a lot of practical instances where a tilt-shift lens can come in handy. For example, if you take a
lot of architectural photos, you could stand at the base of a building and take a photo up at the building, but instead of having the lines converge and get really funky, the tilt-shift lens can
actually bend the lines out and make things look much more natural. Tilt-shift lenses also let you become extremely selective
with your plane of focus which lets you really direct
the viewer’s attention to a particular spot of an image. And you can do some
pretty unique effects like giving the appearance of filming or taking a photo directly
in front of a mirror without the camera being in the shot. In this instance, the
camera was positioned just outside of the mirror’s view and the lens was shifted
to give you the perspective of looking directly into the mirror. It’s pretty cool. Now, of course the most commonly seen use of tilt-shift photography, is using the altered plane of focus to affect the scale of your subject. When photographed from a distance, and especially from a higher angle, people, buildings,
landscapes, even entire towns can take on the appearance
of a scale model diorama. Where tilt-shift photography
takes on a whole new dynamic beyond still photography, if the fact that most cameras, today, shoot photos and videos. Using the tilt-shift effect in video adds an entire new layer of
creative options to your work. And even though you definitely don’t want to over use it, it’s a really cool tool to
have in your bag at the ready. Now, I’m not suggesting that you run out and spend all your hard-earned money on that tilt-shift lens right now, but I think it is pretty cool, since most of us are familiar
with this in software filters, see where the technique originated and how it can be used to achieve
specific creative results. In all honesty the tilt-shift effect in a lot of software filters
is really, really good, so there’s no real reason not to just use your phone, take a photo, play around with the tilt-shift effect and shrink your world down to look like a scale model or achieve whatever specific
look you’re going for, and then be really happy with it. It’s an awesome tool to use. And ultimately learning
to use a traditional tilt-shift lens will just
help build your skills as a photographer or a film maker. And if that’s something
that you’re interested in, or serious about then I don’t
think you should turn down any opportunity to learn more about it. And finally, it’s also just fun. And sometimes, it’s fun to just
do fun things that are fun. (funky music)

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  1. This is sooo cool. I want a tilt shift lens some time in the future.

    Maybe I'll buy it for my birthday.

    Yay I got a ❀️

  2. I always learn something new from your channel. Can you do Final Cut Pro tutorials so I can have awesome editing skills like you? πŸ”₯✌🏼✌🏼

  3. This is really fascinating. πŸ™‚ it's really interesting to see where the tilt shift effect originates from! hehe. Thanks so much for sharing this with us! I'm glad I spent my morning coffee with you!

  4. This was awesome ! I gotta try one of those tilt shift lens. I've been binge watching your videos haha I really enjoy them

  5. That explains it all! I used to wonder why the heck do some photos look like scale models! πŸ˜‚ I'm looking to upgrade from my super old Sony Rx100 M2 to a unit that I could change the lens. Great video. πŸ™‚ Oh and you should consider making ASMR and Mukbang videos. 😊

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