How to 3D Print Your Own Toys!

– Hi, it’s Parris from Epic Review Guys, and I have a couple toys here on my desk, one is the BB-8 droid, there’re probably a million of these identical
toys made by Hasbro. I also have a Mini-Me that
I have ordered from Amazon, this is one of a kind,
but when I had it made, I was only able to pick out a few options, they printed it out, colored
it, and then sent it to me. Now, wouldn’t it be
cool if you could create your own toys from start to finish? It’s not Back to the
Future, the future is now, and we’re gonna create a toy today! (pleasant guitar music)
♫ Epic Review Guys ♫ – But it’s possible now,
it takes some skills, and it takes some money, but you can draw out a design of a
toy that you have in mind, and have that turned into
an actual physical object. Now, I’m not going to cover
the software side of things, that’s art and engineering,
and people generally go to class to learn how to do that, I’m going to pick up in the process where there is a design, and you would like to have that turned into a physical object, so I’m doing to show you a website, that’s where I have
gone for my 3D objects, now when you’re thinking of something, and you can’t think
what the name for it is, you call it a thingy, and so I’m gonna take you to Thingiverse! Thingiverse is a website where people post their 3D printer creations,
they’ve gone through and done all the hard work
of designing the objects, and they’re kind enough to share the files that you need to take to a place that has a 3D printer to print out whatever it is, this is an animatronic
device so that your tail in your cosplay costume
can actually move around. A lot of the things here are for fun, some of them are actually serious though, someone has a particular
device that a gear has worn out on and there’s
no longer a replacement, well, if you can get the
right specifications and go in and design it yourself,
you can have that gear, the replacement gear, created,
one that will actually be able to be dropped in place and work, and get that machine working
again, now that’s amazing. Now, in the top right
corner, in the search box, I’ve typed in BB-8, because I wanna see if anyone has created any BB-8 designs, you can search here for My Little Pony, or Marvel Superheroes,
and it’s likely that somebody out there has done the work of creating a model for that. And here’s what we find. Okay, we go down to other things here. Looks like the better matches
are right up at the top. I can see here how many
people have liked the design, I think this is how many
downloads, and people who have come back and commented
whether it worked for them, or what issues that they had. Now, one way to choose is to
look at the number of likes and the number of
downloads, if it seems to be very popular, it might be a good design, and there could be some not
so good designs out here. So this is the first one that I looked at, and it looks pretty good. You can see they did a
nice job of painting it. Here’s what it comes out of
the printer looking like. They use blue material to print it. You can read more information
about this particular model. You can also read the comments
other people have made. Sometimes they’ll upload
pictures of how it turned out for them as
well, so I like this one, but I didn’t care for
it being in two pieces, I wanted a single piece,
preferably something that could stand up on its own. The other thing about this
model is it’s made to scale, so if it’s printed out
the way the files say, it’ll be just over a meter
tall, just over three feet tall, that’s big, that costs about
7,000 dollars to print. Little out of the price
range I was looking for. Now, up here, this one is someone who, I think they took this
original one and they scaled it down, as you can
see, it’s a remixed design, it has a base, and it’s
a one piece print for the main toy itself, the base
will be a separate piece. Pretty much just what I was looking for, they say low memory,
high detail, there’s some other pictures of how it turned out. Here they mentioned the original file that they remixed from, now it
also has a fair number of views and downloads, and this is the one I decided to go with. I have an account here with Thingiverse, so I went and downloaded the file, which gives you the .STL
files, that’s the key thing you’re looking for,
generally, to do 3D printing. You need the STL files,
you can download it as a .ZIP, and then it
has all the information that the place will need, like the UPS store, to print this out. Now, this was still going
to be larger than I wanted, well, at least in terms of
how much I wanted to spend, so they did scale it down from this. And, as for getting a quote for the cost, I’m talking about resizing
it to change that cost, about how it looks, in
terms of is it gonna be a design that falls over,
or pieces break off, it’s as easy as emailing
the folks at the place where they have the
printer, because they have software that can calculate all of this. I work with Kyle over
at our local UPS store, he’s been great and very helpful, explained a lot about 3D printing to me. And so, if I have something in mind, a particular item that
I’ve found on Thingiverse, I’ll send the file to him and say, “Here’s how much money I’d like to spend,” or, “This is the size I
would like this blown up to “or decreased down to, how
much would it cost at that?” And he can run the numbers
on that, in this case, he got back to me in
person when I was over at the UPS store the next day. And then he’s been very helpful in accommodating me with the recording of the actual 3D printing, which I’ll
be showing you here shortly. Now, if you’re going to use a service like at the UPS store, where
they have a 3D printer, you may have to wait
if there are other jobs ahead of yours, and surprisingly,
it takes quite a while to print a 3D object, even
a small thing is usually at least a couple of
hours, and then there’s a support material that the
printer also puts into place, it extrudes it alongside
the actual material for whatever it is you’re creating, and it helps to hold the pieces together, to hold them straight up and so forth, so that has to be removed, and that’s done in a chemical bath, which
they have in the back of the UPS store, it’s a
very hot liquid that has certain chemicals in it
that will dissolve the support material, but not
dissolve the material that your actual product is made
out of, it’s pretty cool. So it turned out it was going to take five hours to print my
version of the BB-8, and it was going to cost about 60 dollars, I asked for a size that would work for the 50-60 dollar range, and
so it’s not that big, it’s not this big, but
I’ll show you the video of it actually being produced, and then I’ll show you the final product. (machinery whirring) It’s like a toaster. (machinery whirring) It’ll be interesting to see when all this support material comes off, what it looks like underneath, ’cause you can see some
of it with the design, and that part is the
actual finished material. (plastic cracking) That never cracks the
actual final product? – [Attendant] There are products sometimes that would be too much of
a risk to remove that way, and so we don’t do that, but
yours aren’t that fragile. – [Parris] Okay, yeah. There’s a lot of surface area. (blade scraping) That was big and flat. – [Attendant] This one… We can remove most of it… Before the fact. And that just leaves, there’s
a little bit inside there. – [Parris] Pretty warm. And there it goes. Now, you told me before what this is, is it just water, or is
there some chemical in it? – [Attendant] There’s a
solution of chemicals in there that breaks down that
other support chemical. – [Parris] Okay. – [Attendant] So it’ll dissolve that over the next couple hours. – [Parris] And this gets hot
as well, the liquid in here? – [Attendant] It does.
71 degrees Celsius, so. – [Parris] Oh. Yeah.
– [Attendant] Fairly hot. – [Parris] And here is the final product that came out of the chemical bath after spending the night with that support material dissolving. Here is the stand. You can see the Star
Wars, it stands out there. Now, most of the time, the items you make with the 3D printer
are hollow, because you get charged for the
material, so there’s no sense making this completely
solid, it doesn’t need to be that strong, and it
saves you a lot of money to have it hollow inside. As is the actual BB-8 droid. (plastic shifting) Now, you’ll notice the stand on here, and I was curious about that, because I didn’t think it was in the design, but Kyle over at the UPS
store explained to me that’s put in there because some models of 3D printers don’t put the
support material in there, and there isn’t a way
for it to stand up and be created otherwise, so
it’s loosely attached. That piece can be broken off very easily, file it down smooth, and then it will fit into its stand just fine, but for now, I’m not going to take it
off, because I think it might come in handy for Roxanna painting it to have that in place. And, to look inside here. It is hollow in there, so the material is just in the outside portion. And to give you an idea here of the scale, let’s zoom back. Here’s the BB-8 toy that
I reviewed on Saturday, of course, it’s much smaller than the actual one in the movie. This is about, what
would you say, a fifth, an eighth of the size of this one. And you’ll notice what this is missing here on the top, are the antennas. Now, even on this, because they’re thin, they would be easily broken, so these are sort of rubbery, it’s
a different material, so they won’t break off too easily. On this, it was just better
not to have them there, the original design had the antennas, but people who printed it were saying they just seemed to break right off, so the person who did the remix, I think, left the antennas off of this design. Roxanna will get this next, and we’ll get a chance to put her artistic
skills to use painting it, so it looks just like
the one in the movie. 3D printers seem like something
out of science fiction, in a galaxy far, far away,
but no, they’re actually just down the street at the UPS store, not that hard to actually
have something printed, you can try something very small, just as an experiment, five, 10 dollars, see how it turns out, see if you’d like to learn more about it and actually make some more interesting, and
more complex designs. If I’ve piqued your
interest in 3D printing, I recommend going online,
reading some more about it, and then give it a try, either
at your local UPS store, or, if you don’t have a 3D
printer in the town you’re in, you can go to services
online where you, again, send in those .STL files,
they’ll tell you how much it’ll cost, what size
it will end up being, and then you can give them a yes or no, they actually 3D print the product and send it to you in the mail. I had a couple of people who very kindly took me through the basics of 3D printing, one is Eloisa, a viewer
here from last year on this channel, she’s an
industrial design major in Brazil, and she explained
to me all the basics of 3D printing, it was very helpful, and then Kyle over at our local UPS store, he’s the guru of 3D
printing, he seems to know the answer to any question,
and he very kindly explained things to me in
terms that I could understand. Thank you to both of them
for their patience with me, I expect in a few years time
they’ll teach 3D printing, probably starting in middle school, because it’ll be so commonplace. And when Roxanna has painted
our little BB-8 creation, we will post a picture of this up on our Instagram account on Rainy Day Dreamers, I’ll put a link to that
down below this video, you can keep checking
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  5. All things on Thingiverse look blue, and that does not mean they printed them in blue plastic. Ways to make free toys/easy/free programs: Meshmixer I think is the best for "re-mixing" things… but if you really want to pay a lot for someone to do it for you, you can hire people, but if you're at all creative and have a little cash on hand… 3D printers keep getting cheaper and cheaper. Just print it yourself! 🙂

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    You don't mention what material was used, but PLA or ABS most likely at commercial store like UPS, but the "chemical bath" sounds like ABS and acetone bath? Acetone is used for dissolving extra ABS and smoothing out finished items.

    EDUCATE YOURSELF before further embarrassing yourself!

    I only clicked on this video to see some actual advice on creating action figures, not outsourcing someone to print a ball.

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