How to crop an image in Adobe Illustrator

So you want to know how to crop in Adobe Illustrator,
well it actually depends on what version you are using. So if you are using CC17 or above.
With your image selected, you will have a crop image option either up here or in your
properties panel, and if you press Crop Image. Press OK – it just lets you to embed the image
and then you can crop. So for previous versions to CC17 you will have to use a hack as you
don’t have this Crop Image button. But you do have this mask. So if I press mask with
the image selected, I can actually crop in a similar way. So yes it has cropped it but
actually the image is still behind so if we want a true crop. We’re going to go, with
your object still selected up to the Opacity, change it to anything but normal. Don’t worry
if it dissapears. Thats fine. With our object still selected got to Flatten Transparency
in the Object menu and then these settings are really important. Raster Vector Balance
– this is going to go up to 100. Convert all strokes to outlines we’ve selected and preserve
Alpha transparency will be selected. Press OK. There we have it, our image is back and
it is truly cropped! Now the thing about this is if we go to our layers panel, is its created
unnecessary clipping paths and you kind of have to tidy that up, which takes time so
another option for anyone who is CS6 or above. You can purchase separate software, specifically
a plug-in called Rasterino and once purchased a crop tool will appear under your Eraser
Tool. And if we select our image, you can see actually I can’t crop it, and that is
because we need to embed it first. And then our crop annotations will appear, and I can
either press Enter or the little tick on the annotation and that will also crop so this
is a true crop and Rasterino does have other benefits if you are using Images a lot in
Illustrator, you can do things like edit and relink and look at the dpi, so really really
handy. I’ll pop up some information on the end screens and then also do make sure you
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