How To Get More Photography and Videography Clients

– One of the number one questions I get from a whole lot of you is, “Hey Ty, where do I find clients at, “Hey Ty, where do I get new business? “Hey Ty, where do I look so
that I can sell my services “and make a ton of money
with all these clients “that need video?” And that’s not the question
you really should be asking. Stay tuned. (upbeat music) (mouse clicking) (bell chiming) What’s going on guys, my name is Ty Turner and if this is your first
time on this channel it’s not of them channels
that’s gonna help you take better pictures of half naked models to piss off your wife. It’s a channel that’s going to show you how to turn your passion into profit, and hopefully make a little money so that you can make your
wife or spouse happy. And today we’re gonna talk about clients. Finding clients, finding business. A lot of you have the game wrong and I can tell where you
are on your business journey sometimes by the questions you ask. Asking the question of where are clients is just not a good question to ask. It’s very similar to people asking you, “Well what kind of lens should I buy?” Hell, I don’t know, what are you shooting? “I don’t know.” Then there’s no way of me to know what type of lens you should buy. What you should be doing
is creating a brand that attracts clients. Your brand doesn’t attract clients. That’s why you have no clients, period. Plumbing companies don’t
knock on your door saying, “Hey how’s your pipes?” “They’re good.” “Okay, I’m going to the next house.” What they do is they create a brand and they put themselves out there enough for you to know
that when your pipe bursts you should probably call Roto Rooter or whoever is the local guys in your area. And a lot of people don’t think about this when they try and go into business. They think they are supposed
to just post their junk and be listed in one place, or go after one set of client and their phone is ringing
and then it’s word of mouth until the end of time and business doesn’t work like that. Coca Cola still spends millions, hundreds of millions on advertising and every last one of you
have probably had a Coke. Why? Because they wanna remind you, that when you’re thirsty, there’s Coke available
at your local store. You need to think of your brand like that. Now there’s two parts to this. One, you need to make
sure you build a brand that looks like it can do what it is you’re trying to do. If you watch my other videos I talked about the three things you need to do. Now that you got your three things down, you need to build your brand to appeal to those three clients. If I want to do doggy photography, my brand name is gonna
be something something doggy photography. My website is gonna be full
of doggy photography pictures, and I’m going to try to place my brand every place that I think
people with dogs are. So, it would make more sense if I maybe worked out a deal with PetSmart to hand out flyers at the grooming area, then it would if I was a
traditional photographer. That is the benefit of knowing
what your three items are. You don’t gotta spend a billion
dollars to be everywhere, you know where your target audience is and you can target that audience. And it’s super cheap to do once you know that these are the three people that buy from me over and over again. Pet lovers who have dogs and kids, because I do pictures of
dogs and kids together and that is my thing. Now I know to hang out
at the local Petmart or work out with Petco
or one of the pet stores to try to create a partnership or some type of advertising
partnership together. Now I know that people
who buy dog food online will probably enjoy my services. So when I create an ad on Facebook I can target dog owners
who buy organic dog food maybe because it’s
expensive and them people really, really like their pet
and they’re spending $50 a bag for dog food, they’re
probably in the income bracket that I want to go after
and I can target my video that I’ve made about my brand, that specifically talks to them. Just like these videos
specifically talk to you as a content creator. The goal is to go after content creators because my expertise and what I do service content creators. I’m not talking on helicopter pilots and how to grow their business. I don’t know that, that’s
not my ideal client. I’m not talking on people who fix cameras, I’m talking to content creators and I understand that my
niche and the niche here of this channel is those who
want to turn their passion into profit. I’m not going after
Hollywood guys or grips that makes 60, 70 thousand dollars a year, pulling around Apple boxes, and you know clothes line clips and things like that for a living. I’m not going after those guys, they’re not my target audience. What I’m talking about don’t appeal to ’em so they’re not going to
subscribe on my channel. However, you the guy with the camera that wants to go into business, this channel was designed
specifically for you. So many of you are looking for clients and you have not spent
one dollar on your brand or one dollar on marketing. What does your website look like? If your website is all over the place, if your portfolio is all over the place, you’re wondering why
you’re not getting clients, that is the reason. If you build it, they will come. Walmart don’t come knocking on your door for you to shop at Walmart. However, they may send
out some information in the form of advertising to say, “Hey, if you ever need food
or gas we got it on sale “if you ever need it.” Though you’re a person
that lives in this area that eat everyday and drive everyday, probably a good chance you have a vehicle that you’re putting gas in. So, we found out that homes in your area tend to have two car garages. So y’all probably use gas. Therefore, we’re gonna
send you guys coupons, because you’ll probably use it. That’s the reason why SEO is so important. It’s hard to get a web
page or a video to rank when it is after everybody. It’s very difficult. It’s so much easier to be the
dog photographer in your area, and you rank faster. That is why Walmart have departments, is not just for you to look for stuff, but it’s so that they
can rank each department when they’re marketing,
when they’re advertising. If you look on Google Maps right now and you search for tires, it’ll pull up the Walmart tire department or auto department, they do that so that they can simplify every department they have. Now they have the money
to have 20 departments and dedicate a million
dollar budget to each, you may not. So to simplify it, I bring it back to your three things. Once you create the bait
for your three things, then you got to create the trap. The bait is your three
things, what you do, I have material to show that I am a really good dog photographer. I’m a really good dog
photographer, that is my content, my portfolio, which I got a course on it, and for those of you who have purchased it and know what’s up, you just I’m just preaching to the choir. But now that you have the
bait, you need to trap. The trap is your website. You have to have a website that appeal to your target audience. Next thing you need to do, is you need to market that website in places where your target audience is. That’s all you gotta do. You do those three things, people who need your
services will know about you and they will use your services. Now, it may not be instant
for a lot of people, because I’m sure you can
think of three auto shops or three different plumbing companies that will come to mind
once you have a situation that require you need a plumber, I know Rota Rooter for some reason, and I have never used them. But I know if I have a plumbing issue, I’m going to probably look them up and they’re probably super expensive, but because of their advertisement, I know about them. Your job is to get your
brand in the mind of those who will probably need
your service at some point or another. To do that you have to
invest in brand first. If you do one of those three things and is not in that order,
you will waste money. If I got a trash website,
and I’m spending $1,000 a day on advertisement, you’re gonna
waste a whole lot of money. If I got a good website, but
I have no content to support what I do, and I’m spending a
ton of money on advertisement, you’re gonna get a lot of traffic and nobody’s gonna buy from you, either or if you got
a really good website, you got really good content on it, but you’re not spending
money to bring people to that website, whether
it be SEO, paid traffic, flyers, mailers, anything, it’s just a waste of money. So you have to have those three things. Once you get those three things, you will start to see a
consistent amount of clients and customers blow your
phone up for what you have. Back in the day, me and the
boys used to have this term like, “where the girls at?” We didn’t always use that term, but you get what I’m saying. We used to be like, “where the girls at? “Where the girls at?” The fact of the matter is, if you create the right image,
the girls will come to you. You can go to the club and
parking lot, pimp all you want. “What’s up, hey, hey, “what’s up? “How you doing?” And not getting no love. However, you can buy a Lamborghini and go park at your local grocery store. And I guarantee you
they’ll walk up to you. If you create a situation
that attracts them, you’ll never have to go
looking for the girls or the customers or the clients. So you have to create the
situation that invites people that brings people in. And knowing those three things
help you specifically target and market your dollars and your brand towards the clients you want. If you don’t understand that,
and you got one of the three, you are going to be SOL, you’re going to wonder why
nobody wants to work with you. And then you’re probably
going to low ball yourself with your price and be the cheap guy. And like I said before,
you can never, ever, ever recover from being the cheap guy. So again, if you’re asking the question of how to get clients,
where are the good clients? You’re asking the wrong question. I guarantee a lot of you who
are asking that questions, don’t have the three pillars in place to even attract client, therefore you’re like nobody’s buying. And the only way you can compete
without one of these three is to try to be the cheap guy. “Hey, I don’t have the
right footage to show you “that I’m worth $1,000, “so what if I just did it for 200”, and some people will just be like, “Aight, we’ll roll the
dice to see is only 200. “The other guy charged 1000. “So either I’m gonna come out
with some alright for 200, “or I’m just gonna be out of 200.” You don’t wanna be the cheap guy, you do not wanna be the cheap guy. You can never, ever, ever
recover from being the cheap guy, that customer will continue
to use you all day every day for that cheap price. And the minute you decide to
go up a significant amount, they’re done with you, everybody they refer to you, gonna want that cheap price. So keep in mind, you have
to have those three pillars. And when you do that, when
you focus on that part of it, the marketing part of it, cause that’s all it is, is
everything’s on your marketing. Clients will call you for business. Alright guys, if you learned
anything from this video, you should already be subscribed. But if you’re not, hit
that subscribe button, hit that thumbs up button and post your questions in the comments. Make sure you guys go over
to If you think I’m giving
away a lot for free, what’s on the paid courses? Just think about it. It’s kind of common sense. I will see you guys in the next video.

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  1. You are the best for sharing this info. My website is booty sauce right now. I do surf photography and I’m pretty dang good at it. Today I’m going to simplify my site, order business cards, create a logo and definitely raise my prices!

  2. I'm so glad I created a website that has 3 options only. The first thing you see is BOOK NOW when you hit my website.

    You know what my issue is? I'm JUST NOW doing this, and expecting it to turn a profit. Like I just finished it after 8 years of doing "word of mouth." I look up my name now, and I'm already ranking higher in searches than my entire 8 years of my studio name.

    Like, yo.

    I'm gonna just do what the fuck I want tbh cause this is exactly what I've wanted to say to everyone, including myself, forever.

  3. Can you talk about when to turn your photography/videography into a business? Like when to register yourself as a business and those steps that relate to it?

    I feel this is a topic that no one really talks about

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    Love your content btw, learning so much every time.

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  6. Bro…You're gonna TAKE OFF!!! I watch every single video you post! The business side of things was my issue, I was over delivering to clients simply because I love to create content…I'm an artist more than a business man…I've done a ton of free work, but not anymore! I've been profiting for about 6 months now.

  7. Hey Ti, could you please add even more ads to you 5 Minutes-video, please? I cant get enough of those. 2 all spastics : yo, ad-block rulez

  8. How do you charge premium prices without having the content to show said clients?? Typically you can do things for free or for cheap to get the material to market. I don’t want to look crazy demanding high price with not a lot of content to show.

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  11. It’s crazy the tips you give. Your videos inspired me to read and study the business more. I’m completely changing my business branding and learning to clarify my message to the type of clients I want to work with. It’s scary because I’m stepping into a whole new way of doing business but I’m excited for what I will learn and the success made from taking the initiative to educate Over entertaining myself. I have limited my tv watching and picked up some books. Thank you Ty!

  12. and speaking on being the cheap guy. i live near LA and i work with a lot of rappers and ALL of them expect videos to be around $150 (esp. hood ni–as). I don't have a website and i've recently rebranded. i'm not exactly new to the game, but my brand is. i was inactive for about a year and half, working a regular job saving up to get a quality camera (copped a bmpcc6k). my question is, how do i raise prices while still bring value to clients. I make an effort to build a relationship with each artist and i even send them free beats (i'm also a music producer). My end game is to become a music mogul that develops and nurtures future talented artists. I realize the task i've set for myself is huge. That's why my game plan right now is developing 2 artists i've come to know personally and create my brand around the content and music we come up with together. If I've learned anything from doing free or cheap videos for strangers, is I don't want to walk in a room with no leverage or worse, i don't want to be in a room where nobody knows who I am. My question I guess is, besides the obvious content is king strategy (i watch gary vee relgiously), what can I do to be viewed as a luxury brand and not be compared to the guys that do 1000 transitions in 5 seconds (i'm guilty of this and i've come to learn i hate this style).

  13. Ty. Thank you so much for answering my comment on your story. Now that I watch this video it put a perspective on what I need to do. I have 1 out of the 3. I'm going to save my money from my cheap guy profit and learn from your master course. Good bye cheat guy ✌

  14. Hey Ty! You just shined a light to the truth here! I was worrying too much on where to find the next client. If I may ask, we could really need some advise with facebook and instagram advertising. 🙁

  15. if you haven't already, you should make an audiobook for photographers and throw it up on places like audible (especially since it looks like you've basically done all that work already). I'd totally put that on my buy list.

  16. Hey Ty, do you have any trucks set up for mobile production or just for hauling gear? And if you do have one set up for mobile production, have you done a video on the set up? Just curious.

    Your business points are right on. 👍 My main gig is related to online and eCommerce. SEO, branding and a website for anyone offering goods and services is a must in this day and age. Also, having relevant and current information posted is a must. If someone sees you last updated your site 3 years ago, they will pass on you.

    SEO is all about organic searches and not so much paid ads for rankings. First off, not everyone can pay for the highest spot in the search results so chances are you are paying too much if you do. Take that money and pay for SEO to target keywords, listings on various directories and even having content written by others for you (that you edit). Secondly, most people don't click on the paid ads people see in returned search results because the average person searching has learned they don't have the highest relevancy related to their search. It is typically the first NON paid (organic) result they see that is most closely related to what they seek. And sites with eCommerce get ranked higher than non-eCommerce sites on Google so list some things to sell on your site to boot if you can.

  17. Man… OUTSTANDING. very very relevant and very specific advice. I got one for you, if one has no confidence, and shitty $2 friends who want nothing to do with photography/videography, how can one go about building something from there. I know confidence is the way, but nothing i do makes that happen… any tips on how to do? Cos i threw money at buying a Canon 5D mark IV, and a BMPCC 6K recently, but i have nothing to show for and am effectively out of around $7k (gear incl.)

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  19. Hey Ty,

    I didnt see a video about the real basics. EIN numbers, LLC, all the legal stuff ? I'm just now looking into all of it because I'm starting to make a business out of photography. I just cant find all the info i need. Still learning.

  20. Hey man. Great video. Engaging, entertaining and overall great content. Also love your set. Nice work. Glad you showed up on my home page. 🙂

  21. The only reason coke advertise is TAX break…plain and simple…its a household name world wide…no one needs reminding that coke exists …they do it to save on tax…if they couldn't claim it…advertising would stop overnight.

  22. Hey Ty, a VERY timely video, thank you so much. I’ve been advised previously to get a domain that exactly spells out the product I want to market to a specific target market. I’ve ignored it because, having three different markets I’m trying to pitch to, it seemed like a drag to not be able to just keep using my single ‘catch-all’ site.

    But listening to you in this vid the penny finally dropped. I can see I DO need separate sites. And I can see a super-simple way to do this (basically cloning off so each site looks different but has the same structure). So I’m onto it!

    And, majorly freaky! One of the markets I’m just dipping a toe into is wedding vids, and the neighbour across the hallway (very good friend) came over for a chat today and another penny dropped: of course, she’s a wedding planner!

    What a marketing collaboration opportunity I have right here!

    Thanks mate.

  23. I wasted all the money I had on gear… I had GAS…Now I closed up my business and I wish I would know this tips a time ago

  24. You’re the man, I love these videos they help me a ton. My question is, if you’re newer should you still try to charge that higher dollar up front? Right now I’m getting my first couple shoots and they’re those cheap $300 ones and I’m just glad to get paid to make videos at all but want to go up from there. Thanks again!

  25. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for what you are doing for the community. Many of us are lost at sea and it really does help to get some direction. I know you can't give away everything for free so I will definitely be looking into your courses.

    If you have time, would you mind answering this one question for me.

    Should I only post my best photos on my Instagram/website/Twitter?

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  30. Those 3 pillars sound like business in general. I dissolved my photography company from being the cheap guy. Not having mentors that knew what they were doing. All about working hard on the wrong things that you cannot monetize or not knowing how to monetize their work. All of this has turned me off about this business and doubt that I will ever launch another content creation business again. However from the standpoint of business guidance this seems quite sound.

  31. Looks at the video and says, “Haha! Stupid cheap guy!” Pauses the video and says, “Waidaminit, I’m the cheap guy! 😫”

  32. This shit is too real.. Errr youtiber talking aboit the new camera or lens that nobody know how to make money with but you preach on how to set yourself up to get the money.. I bow to you sir.. First couple dollars I make i am buyibg your course.. You just advertised it to me perfectly..

  33. i just up sold a $250 budget to $675 simply because i've simply learned how to sell product value from you and a few others like jackson kingsly thanks TY keep em coming this is my collage !

  34. You're the Best, I was sharing the things I learnt from your page to my other Photography friends I also encouraged them to subscribe to your channel, you gat so much value

  35. great video as always. It would be great if you could quickly resume the importants points at the end of the video (for those who can’t take notes while they’re watching)

  36. What about just starting out? Even though I’m a good photographer, I’ve just been a hobbyist for a long time.. I want to take it to the next level. People don’t want to spend money on someone without a solid portfolio of a specific type of photography.

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    I appreciate the way you are giving back to the community (not free but you get what I’m saying).
    Almost like community over competition….sorta. You’re making money on the aspect of business that many of us simply don’t know….but the content you are providing is the REAL DEAL and not just reeling us in and giving us a watered down class that doesn’t provide the actual tools.
    You have my deepest respect and admiration. One we will meet in person and I can shake your hand!

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  39. I love your honesty. Your point about not recovering from being the cheap guy is interesting. I think I face the opposite problem in that I started out charging too much for my market and it's taken me forever to build momentum. I've had to come down in price to get anybody to bite and to start getting work, even though my quality is high. I agree that lack of marketing is the problem, but I think it's a bit chicken and egg. If you aren't getting the shoots, you don't have much to market with, so would it not be fair to say that you have to start out at a low enough rate to get the ball rolling and then you need to slowly increase your rates as you move forward and get busier?

  40. Hey Ty, I've been really liking your advice on the business side of things. I have questions about how you make quotes and, more specifically, what prices you used when you were just beginning. Right now, I'm working on switching from a casual freelancer to a legit business but I am having a hard time with the quotes section. What criteria did you use when you were just getting started?

  41. Ok so if you're just started off. (little over a year) how you not start off being the cheap guy using a canon t6 and inexpensive lenses. I mean everybody has to start off somewhere to at least generate SOME kinda revenue right? Of course I want to charge $1000 a shoot but gotta get there first nobody. I see you guys say gear isn't a factor all the time but the ppl I see posting these videos are using stuff like you..Sony a7lV, canon 1dxlll, 2,3 4 even 5 thousand dollar lenses. So I say all that to ask you how do you not be the cheap guy starting out but avoid losing customers when you go up on prices once you get better gear that allows you to be more creative with your craft.

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