How To Get Motivated | David Goggins Navy SEAL – MOST Motivational Speech

a lot of you are trying to find inspiration and motivation with a depressed mindset you're depressed because we're not doing with yourself you'll find inspiration by not living in a grip of life do you live in the grip of life to find inspiration put challenges in front of yourself when you put your challenge in front of yourself and you attack it that's when you find inspiration try to be 10% better than you were last week so if you wanted 30 miles a week 133 if you're swimming 500 meters 25 50 and some of you aren't doing your 10% just getting off the couch the more you walk away from accountability the we can you become find yourself in the grip of life you can't find yourself by doing nothing let me see if I can fix myself so I said and I can just walk one more mile after being the worst sake my entire life this was changing everything for me mentally going forward from this kid who came from dirt nothing who couldn't read until using the junior in high school and it's now here I went I walked a mile I said hmm me better got one more mile maybe I can walk another mile at my anyone next I'm going to me said she's not gonna make the time when your mind knows it's not going to quit and this is where I found out this is my 40 percent rule when your mind knows it's not going to quit your body will adapt to it Edward is in front of it I end up running 20 more miles 100 miles in 19 hours and six minutes and that one day change that one 19 hours and wasn't sua turn it wasn't Ranger school wasn't dumpin for putting that crap it was just 19 hours and six minutes that forever changed my life to know that we as human beings are capable of anything and we don't need any special kind of parents or tools to get there so intimate this don't stop on your tire stop you're done yeah what here it again carry the boats in the lawns that's you buddy come on 23 come on 24 one more Dan who's one more to carry the boats you're gonna do it you're gonna do it you're gonna do it you did it yeah one can change my life my grandfather he told me you're gonna know where in your life not being anything as bad as that hurt me it got me to pull ahead on my ass so let's take hard not thick-skinned and do what's right what you need is the one thing I talked on my book was just straight-up brutal work ethic you had to be willing to outwork everybody in the world and that that that's the hard part that's the hard part this isn't like some five-step process where you can do these five steps you're gonna end up with this magical world now I'm basically teaching you how to callus over your victims mentality this is all toxic routine mind so what's the quitting mind so let's say it's day one of a job interview you have your clothes laid out you've been preparing for weeks and weeks and weeks you show up and you bring your best self that's a couple of months these are showing up to work a little later you don't look as good your breakfast isn't ready your lies getting softer repetition every day stay hard most important conversation is the one you have with yourself you wake up with it you walk around with it you go to bed with it eventually you act on it you live in the world now that's so kind we we find the kind way around everything like if you don't look good I had to find a kind way of saying I don't like your shirt right that's not the approach if that's the approach you're looking for that book is not for you you can't hurt me is not for you the approach you have to take at least I took you take we don't approach you one the conversation had to be a real honest conversation in the accountability mirror that's what I was fat don't find a kind word to say that you know what I've gained some weight no you're fat when I couldn't read not what I can't you know even learn disability no I cannot read the fourth grade reading level I'm struggling and sometimes I call myself stupid not in a way to put myself down sometimes you act on it good sometimes bad you got to change the internal dialogue that person in your head that's talking that to you until you change the internal dialogue in your head until you callus over the victims mentality that the world is out to get you because of you are the only you got change – I once had that mentality that no one understands what I'm going through and if you keep that mentality you're gonna stay in the same exact spot that you're in that no one understands me there's a whole there's millions of people why do you think a book that I saw published you know it's doing so well with your story that's so feel like I'll never give up I went to a publishing house like who's gonna resonate with this story no one's gonna buy this book I'm like are you not in the world are you not in society you're never alone everybody's going to shit so when people get this mentality of like you understand me you can throw a lock to someone that can understand you if they're willing to break themselves down and stop hiding a lot of people understand you but you got to stop hiding that's why I tell people a lot of people are going through that is hide better than you did that's all they did it was hiding better don't find words to make yourself feel better because that's what so we hang around people that make us feel better that tell us what we want to hear not what we need to hear and so we stay away from those people and we stay with those people like our internal dialogue becomes that kind it's ok it's not ok so that's where it starts it starts with that accountability of it's not okay anymore this can no longer be okay and calling yourself out for exactly what you are in exactly how you need to fix it a lot of us give total control to life we don't have any control of it we just give all control life I'll do this shit every morning to prepare my mind for what life's gonna throw at me a healthy body gives you a healthy mind that's what it's about so if you go into battle you're gonna go in about the right mindset the right gear and combat you wear body armor but what we do wrong it's really strengthen our minds you guys straighten your mind take control of that most of us live our entire lives avoiding failure it's funny I walk around people come to me they say man do that maybe soon you would do Ranger school you are you know Air Force dagby you know you up did the toilet record you run all these ultra races all this man that's funny thing about it then I think about is this they know that part of me this depart I don't know about myself I felt the ASVAB test and getting military three times in the Air Force so that pararescue and the seals doing three times they get through Navy SEAL training the toilet record to be three times this is what I know about me so I'm saying exist you can't leave your life being afraid to fail all those failures maybe the success in today stay hard stay in the final as you know I'm a serious introvert and very afraid of people I got just so much growing up that this is uncomfortable for me all these podcasts me that's why I post once a week but the one thing I realized why I wrote the book is honestly I have a story to tell as we all have a story to tell and what I realized on my journey was a lot of us don't believe that we can achieve the impossible along my journey after I realized that man I gotta tell some people about this man like I discover something that some people have but they don't even know all of us have it but along this way I wasn't like I said I wasn't a theorist I became a practitioner and I was like my god I'm busting down so many barriers of like I've learned this ability okay but I'm catching up with everybody I I figured that out I figured out all these negative things in my life that were keeping me in this hole like I gotta tell people man that hang on a second man you can achieve the absolute impossible

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  1. This makes me cry so hard. I need someone like him in my life.

    I’m need healing and help there’s only so much i can talk and motivate myself when I live with someone who keeps bringing me down. I feel shackled and never wanted to be a victim but fell into trap and I’m scrambling to get out.

    Funny how these videos are the only thing you have to reinforce the good stuff.

    Thank you

  2. Team guys don't like Goggins because he was only a SEAL to prove that he could push himself past his hypothetical limits. He wasn't like the average SEAL that wants to prove himself on the battlefield, so he would often refuse missions or simply not fire his weapon while out there. That is also why he didn't make it through DEVGRU or Delta selection. With that, I don't look at Goggins any differently because of his choices. He's been an amazing PR asset to the Navy during his time on active duty. This man helped countless people to do what they believed they could not.

  3. For anyone who is looking to become a Navy Seal, if 2:08–2:45 doesn't speak to you, then you need to reconsider.

  4. “ Impossible isn’t something that can’t be done … it’s just something that has not been done before … “


  5. Real talk, not just for over achieving endurance athletes either. I often go through bouts of depression where I dont do shit, i dont shower, brush my teeth, step outside the house….nothing. I hardly care about anything during those times and the world makes no sense to me. I started forcing myself to go to the gas station once a day to buy 1 mountain dew. If it sounds dumb, then you dont know clinical depression and bipolar disorder. Anyway, I've built on that over the past 3 years and now even though I'm still 100 pounds overweight I often go on 50 mile bike rides, 20 miles hikes, kayaking all day… One simple act of daily discipline that I found slightly rewarding (because I loved mountain dew at the time) I was able to turn that into rewriting my personality and thought process. I intend to start fulltime work in a year and hopefully become one of the few people to slay this demon before it takes me out.

  6. David Goggins , Gave me more advice than my father. One day before I die I need to thank Goggins in person.

  7. I wake up at 01.00 hrs every morning , run 50 k , hang upside down and get my wife to whip me for 2 hours , look myself in the mirror and punch myself in the face for 30 minutes, then i am truly ready for the day ahead….. STAY HARD!!!

  8. Great vid. I really enjoyed the comment regarding the 10% weekly increase in what one is striving for. Constant progress is very important to stay engaged and not become bored. Enjoy the ride!

  9. Just finished my first half-marathon today, and I despise running. Read his book. The Goggins mindset absolutely works!

  10. I'm already better than everybody. In other words there's nothing else I can improve. I am what I am – a living god. 😶

  11. Respectfully disagree. Pushing through no matter what is a recipe for disaster resulting in permanent injury whether its physical or financial. It's better to hedge your bets, be honest with yourself and move on sooner rather than later when something isn't working out. If you're going to fail.. fail fast and move on.

  12. I have an IQ of 70 which is borderline mental retardation and my psychologist said that I will never be an engineer in building

  13. Everyday you have to make up your mind . Everyday hard work will pay off . You'll get stronger. You'll be able to do things you couldn't do before . Today you might not be able too, but sooner or later you will .

  14. Keep Reaching Higher..and dont stop there. Love the message and Love anyone who takes the time to motivate someone else.

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