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Hey everybody, Ben Rimes here, the Tech Savvy Educator… trying to show you there is more than one way to skin a cat. or in this case, do the advanced Google image search. Richard Byrne came out with a great short tutorial about how to find the advanced Google image search because Google likes to change things all the time. I just wanted to show you another way to get to it. Here we go! I’m at Google images and i’m gonna go
ahead and search for cat ta-da! here’s all my wonderful cat pictures oooooo, I like this one the little citrus or lime helmet thing, ok! What I’m going to do is come right up here to the upper right hand corner and you can see this tiny little gear
you just click on a gear and say advanced search ta-da! and it takes you right here to the advanced image search and now you can do all the same wonderful stuff that you used to be able to do that
that was right underneath the search bar I’m going to say only images labeled for re-use and i’m going to say search ta-da! Here are all the images of cats that have been labeled for re-use under a creative commons license and
the rest of it is the exact same thing that Richard did He put together a great video about clicking on the actual picture there it is ta-da! and I can come over here and i can look at more info for the
picture i can even go ahead and click on full-size picture which is what Richard had you do and i definitely
suggest is a good idea, and then you can go ahead and do your right click and save your image and all
that wonderful stuff there you go! Have fun with that and don’t
forget go check out… Richard’s blog as well because he’s got lots of great stuff over there, Ciao!

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  1. It's not gone, they just hid it to clean things up a bit. Google isn't really great at communicating all the changes they make, but you can still find all of those tools when you perform a Google search. After searching, underneath the search box you'll see a link that says "Search Tools" that has all of the search tools hiding in cascading menus underneath it.

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