How to Infrared Camera Profile

all right so in this Lightroom tutorial
I’m gonna show you how to create a new infrared camera profile for editing your
infrared photos now this is an updated version in the
past we use the Adobe DNG profile editor however there have been some changes and
unfortunately you can’t save the profiles this way anymore now we’re not
going to use the DNG profile editor for this you’re actually going to need a
Photoshop and additionally if you don’t have Adobe Lightroom or the way
Photoshop you can actually use capture one Pro and skip this whole step
entirely now here is a picture I took with a Hoya r72 filter using my iPhone
and unfortunately you can’t get any cooler than what Lightroom lets you no
matter how hard I try so if you want to edit this infrared photo you need to
first create a DNG profile unfortunately if you’re shooting with the iPhone even
though it is capable of shooting raw most of you guys are probably going to
be shooting JPEG so we’re going to be using creating a profile first and if
you have raw you can actually skip this first step and if you don’t know to
shoot raw with your iPhone you just need any external app download any other app
aside from the basic camera that the iPhone has and it will give you the
option to shoot raw anyways first we need to create a DNg file from this so
we’re going to export file export we are going to save this as a PNG file so once
you have our DNG file we will be able to open this with Adobe Camera Raw which is
what we want in Photoshop so export this now once we have our DNG file here on our
screen we are going to open Adobe Photoshop now the whole purpose of
creating a DNg is so that you can open Adobe Camera Raw with Photoshop to save
the infrared profile as I said if you shot RAW with your phone whether it be
Samsung Hauwei or iPhone if you shot raw you
can just skip this step so we are going to open our dmg file here in Photoshop
and that should open up Adobe Camera Raw so it’s coming up here we go so this is
actually quite easy once you have opened the image you want to turn the
temperature all the way down so it should look something like this I know
it looks strange that’s fine you’re just trying to make it as cool as possible
once you do that go here to where it says presets and click now this should
come up there’s a little square down here that says new preset don’t press
new preset because that’s just going to save the presets not the camera profile
but you want is a camera profile so hold down ALT and then click the little
square now you should be able to save a new camera profile and we’re gonna name
this infrared now I will push okay but I already have a bunch of these saved so
I’m going to push cancel but once you press ok you should be able to use your
Infrared profile in Lightroom so I’m gonna click you should click OK that’s for me
and click cancel now you’re going to go back into Lightroom and you’re going to
close it and you’re going to open this one more time so now that you have
opened up Lightroom once again you’re going to go to your profiles and you
should have your user profiles here click on it and you can edit the photo
in Lightroom as normal so click on the white balance click on somewhere that
should be white for example the foliage or the clouds once you do this edit in
Photoshop once again I just want to point out that if you
have software like capture one it lets you cool the picture down even further
so if you for some reason can’t create a profile for infrared you can use capture
one and you can skip this whole step entirely I just add it as normal so you
go image adjustements channel mixer switch the Reds and the blue so right
now red is 100 you have put zero blue should
be a hundred go to the blue channel red should be 100 blue should be zero file
save and you can edit your infrared to your heart’s content now I am using the
Hoya are 72 filters so there is way less color than if I was using something like
590 nanometers but that is just the limitations of using the Hoya r72 on an
iPhone anyways I hope you found this tutorial helpful for creating a infrared
profile for lightroom using photoshop i know it sucks that you cannot use the
DNG profile editor anymore some people told me they don’t have
photoshop they can’t do that and that’s just one of the things that Adobe is
doing to kind of pigeonhole you into buying photoshop and i know it sucks but
the only other option you have is to get some software like capture one that lets
you cool down the picture even more than the limitations of lightroom but for now
i’m sorry and that’s what we can do so i hope you
found this useful and good luck with your infrared editing

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