How To Insert IMAGE Tag in HTML?

[Music] hello guys you’re watching technical bench youtube channel and i am kunal today I’m going to teach you how to insert image in webpage to insert image in web page image tag is used so let’s insert image in webpage so i am using here Notepad you can use any text editor you want so inside this image tag src attribute is src attribute is used to specify the link of our image where it is stored in our local disk so in my case the images store in the same folder in which the html file does so I only specify hear the name of the image not the path of the image so my image name is logo.jpg so i write here logo.jpg i’m using here one another attribute alt which is alternative text the purpose of adding this attitude here is too if the images not loaded properly the text inside this alt tag is shown in our webpage so let’s save this file so i am save this file in the same folder in which image is so let’s open this HTML file in google chrome browser so as you can see images is inserted in our webpage but it’s size is large so how to reduce the size of image width 400 and height 400 now if we save it and refresh the page now it’s reduced to 400 by 400 image so if you like this video click on the like button and don’t forgot to subscribe this channel thank you very much

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