How To Make DIY Camera That Can See Near-infrared | DIY IR Camera

Hi, guys, welcome to electrical projects channel. You probably didn’t know, but all cameras
have built-in infra-red filter inside it, such filter doesn’t allow infra-red light
hit the sensor, And if you remove such filter the camera will
start to see very interesting stuff that previously it would not be able to see. This piece of glass on top is the infra-red
filter, and it doesn’t allow Infrared light go through, And now I am going to remove it,
and I’ll show you what cool things are possible to see without such filter. Well, after removing the filter, let’s assemble
the camera back together. For the first demonstration let’s heat up
this old knife and I’ll show you what this camera can see. Let’s turn off the heating. And Check this out guys, how cool it is glowing,
the human eyes cannot see this light, but my modified web camera can. Isn’t it cool? Let’s do it again, but this time I’ll
dim the lights a little. It’s incredible how little we can actually
see with our eyes, and the camera without the filter just can see a little more. See when the metal of the knife is very hot
regular camera also can see some glowing, but when the metal is cooling down it starts
to emit light with a longer wavelength and a regular camera just like the human eyes
stop seeing it. Now check this bottle out, for the regular
camera it looks very dark and almost not transparent, but with a modified camera we can easily see
what’s inside this bottle. You can only observe the effect if you use
a light source that produces a lot of infrared light, a regular incandescent light bulb is
perfect for such purposes. Also, look at this photodiode that was made
to detect infrared light. The case of this diode is made from a material
that only transparent for the infrared light, so the case works like a filter. Also, check out this remote control, I have
no idea why manufacturer decided to use plastic that is transparent for the infrared light. You can clearly see the PCB and integrated
circuit inside this remote. And here is how transmutation of the remote
control looks like. With my eyes, I don’t see any light at all
from the remote control, but the camera of the smartphone already can pick up a little bit of light, but on the camera, without the filter, it looks a lot bright. And here is a nichrome coil connected to the
power supply, you can see it produces a lot of infrared light, but usually people don’t
call it infrared, people usually just call it heat. And that is all for today, now you know a
little more about light. Like, subscribe, comment, or even share the
video, and thanks for watching see you next time.

27 Replies to “How To Make DIY Camera That Can See Near-infrared | DIY IR Camera

  1. I wonder if this could detect ghosts, I am looking for a ghosts detector schematic if you know of one. Some say they pick up magnetic field with store bought ones. Would be fantastic if you could make one to show us. Many people are trying to make them.

    I have a old 16 channel dvr with lots of cameras to try this one. My new high definition cameras replaced them but now they have 1080p out so when this dvr goes out I will upgrade. But the old 420 fps camera's are not being used so will try this project. If heat is required I don't think ghosts give off heat. But sounds like a fun project anyways. Thanks for all your video's.

  2. I totally understand your view on the topic. I too don't believe as if some spooky thing, however I do believe in the research that has been done by many Doctors such as Doctor Bruce Grayson, and the IANDS group (International Association of Near Death Studies) professionals like Dr. EBEN Alexander (Neurosurgeon ) who also did not believe it was possible to die, leave the physical body, and come back. That is until it happened to him. Or Mary Neal (orthopedic surgeon ) who drown, left her body, and came back. Dr. Hameroff (leads the consciousness research who by trade is an anesthesiologist ) and Sir Roger Penrose ( steven Hawking's mentor) also believe it's possible even though they personally have not had a NDE.
    BUT, WHAT'S REALLY FASCINATING is the work Dr. Gary Schwartz is doing with the photon detector research, where they ask people who have crossed over, to go into the box and have published scientifically there is proof while the people or spirt being in the box, shows they have an effect on the photon detectors. I have watched many hours of lectures on all of these types of topics from may professionals. It really make it hard to refute the research being done. But I also understand your point of view.

  3. The TV remote uses IR to change the channel so having an IR transparent case makes sense so it has a better chance of hitting the TVs receiver when not pointed directly at it.

  4. Many thanks for comparative view from 2 cameras side by side!
    За сравнительную съемку двумя камерами – зачет!

  5. Can you tell me if this could be used to see if their is a deer or a human in the woods at a few hundred feet away??? Thanks, nice work too.

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