HOW TO PACKAGE ART PRINTS + save money on shipping!

hi youtube today I'll be showing you guys how I package print orders from my online shop and as usual you can find a list of all of my supplies along with links to purchase them in the video description the first print I'll be going over is a large print that measures 13 by 19 inches I use these clear plastic envelopes that I bought on Amazon to protect the print from scratches and moisture during shipment the envelopes measure about a quarter inch larger than the print so that the print can easily slide inside after carefully rolling up the print I place it inside of a stiff shipping tube which measures about 15 inches in length these tubes are great for preventing any creasing or damage during shipment I seal the tubes with these white caps that pop into place I print two shipping labels per page on these adhesive label papers I normally use USPS first-class mail for both USA and international orders because they offer tracking and help keep my shipping costs low for my customers next we have the most common type of order from my shop which is a letter sized print that measures eight and a half by eleven inches similar to the larger print I also use these plastic envelopes that measure slightly bigger than the letter size and for the smaller prints I use a smaller shipping tube that measures about 12 inches in length I normally use tubes to ship all of my domestic print orders both small and large because USPS first-class mail costs the same for these two package sizes as long as they're the same weight but for letter size international orders I do not use tubes instead I use these rigid pieces of chipboard to ship them flat this 100-point chipboard is typically used to make hardcover books and it's incredibly difficult to bend it's a little costly but it's way stronger than your typical print backing materials like cardboard or matte board and this lighter 22-point chipboard is just an extra layer of protection so that both sides of the print are covered and padded then I use these plastic 9 by 12 inch Polly mailers instead of paper envelopes because the plastic offers better protection against rain and moisture I ship letter-sized International Prince in flat envelopes to keep shipping cost low from my customers because the rates for envelopes are much lower than tubes for international packages and if you want to be extra safe you can scribble a do not bend message though with this type of packaging I have never had a damaged or folded print and that about wraps up my tutorial today to sum it up I use shipping tubes whenever I can because they are the most effective at protecting the prints from damages or creasing but I do use flat envelopes for smaller size international packages in order to take advantage of the lowest shipping rates for all my customers though you can definitely use all shipping tubes or all envelopes it just depends on what you prefer and what works best for your store also to celebrate me finally releasing this much requested packaging tutorial for the month of March I'm going to add a free surprise thicker into all of your print orders from my shop at happy deed artist com no code required if you want to check out more artworks works in progress and just random daily artist adventures feel free to check out my Instagram and you can follow me at the handle at happy D artist and if you're interested in learning more about how to paint and draw I have lots of art educational content on my patreon page including exclusive video tutorials step-by-step photo tutorials live streams podcasts and so much more all available at slash happy D artists I'd love to have you join my patreon family thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next one bye

39 Replies to “HOW TO PACKAGE ART PRINTS + save money on shipping!

  1. Do you have any problems with the paint sticking to the plastic envelopes? Or do you spray a varnish sealer over the prints?

  2. I'm learning so many organization and art tips from you. Just started watching your channel. Many thanks already. 😁

  3. This was super informative!!
    I just have one question, for shipping the flat envelope internationally, I noticed that USPS has quite a distinct pricing difference between envelopes that can "bend" vs "rigid". And I was wondering when you put the chip board, are you still able to get the lower price? Because it seems a rigid large envelope costs approx. twice as much as a letter envelope.
    Any help would be super helpful as I've been trying to understand this for a while. πŸ™‚

  4. My goal is to open a store soon by next year and work as a part time artist.
    Thank you for your help and advice. I really appreciate it!

  5. Happy D is not only a great artist and youtuber, but she cares for her fans, customers and shops so much. The amount of care and love she puts into each packaging and painting is inspirational!

  6. I soo love hearing you talk about art and giving us rookies advice, and I like to play one of your videos in the background while drawing or painting. It somehow increases my confidence and boosts my desire of doing and achieving more. Love and support your art so much <3 <3

  7. Can you show us how you turn your paintings into prints? I notice you use oil paints, so I'm curious as to how you do so.

  8. I used Shopify a couple years ago and didn't have much luck. I haven't had any luck lately with Etsy so I am considering going back to Shopify. I was selling my hand made jewelry on Shopify, not my artwork.

  9. Hey love your videos. I was curious if you saw the plastic controversy with Baylee Jaye and if so, what your thoughts were.

  10. Very helpful video. You have a super channel, we of course subscribed πŸ˜‰ we hope to one day get our own art out there as well:-) So thanks for all the good tips

  11. OMG. I. Love You so much. You are the best human in The world.i Hope that You read this Comment. PS: i Hope i wrote correctly because i learn in Germany. English but britisch english. Anyways Love You xoxo ^_^

  12. Crazy how I was just on Baylee Jaes page and everyone was up in arms about her using plastic to ship items! Fake environmentalists

  13. This was very fun to watch! It was very helpful. I know videos can be tiring to make so I hope your feeling okay! πŸ’•πŸ’ž

  14. This was very informative, so thank you! 😊✨ Iβ€˜m currently informing myself about using less plastic and was wondering if you would consider using less/no plastic for packaging your orders? I understand you have to make sure the prints arrive safely, but maybe there are good alternatives. ☺️ If you are interested in this and find out something I would love to see a video about it. Sending love, your art is so beautiful. πŸ’“

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