How To Photograph A Motorcycle 1 – Mike Browne

it’s a strange thing I’ve always said
that the best part about being a photographer is getting to ride the
motorcycle so why do I so rarely make videos with a motorcycle in them sorry
about the squeaky voice too viewers got a bit of a cold not man flu I don’t do
man flu, so I thought look the sun’s shining let’s go out let’s go and take
some pictures of a motorbike let’s do a little bit of how to photograph a
motorcycle because I also know some of you guys ride bikes yourselves so what are we
going to be doing we’re gonna be looking at things that work things that don’t
work ways of going about things camera angles I might show you a few ideas of
how we’re going to do this with a phone I will also take a couple of these shots
these RAW files we’ll have a look at them at the end in Lightroom will go
through the post-production maybe one or two of them so that’s what you can
expect so first of all let’s have a little look how would we take a picture
what do people do now isn’t that strange my camera was they on a lobster pot how did
that happen so just gonna dump this over here out the way so what do we do it’s a
very natural thing to think okay let’s go somewhere nice somewhere pretty let’s
have a background lobster pots that would make a great background will it
that’s a question to ask yourself let’s have a little look somewhere in my
pocket I’ve got a pair of glasses which should have got ready sooner here we go let’s just come back over
here a bit guys and see now I’ll put my little video camera on and as you can
probably see straight away that’s just kind of messy isn’t it what else we got
my shadow going on down the bottom there haven’t we so we need to find an angle
where the shadow isn’t there well if we move to our left a bit and we come
around this way Hey look that shadow is starting to disappear so that’s better
but it’s not very interesting picture is it
it’s obvious I’m gonna take it just quickly so we can show you look the bike
is lost against the background we’re looking at the bike from the same angle
at which we nearly always view a motorcycle from and when we look at
something in a photo that’s the same as the way we always see it your brain goes
why are you boring me this is just dull and uninteresting so we need to find a
different way of doing it that background doesn’t work the bike is lost
in it so what about that background over there why don’t I move the bike and then
we’ll see what that looks like that’s better isn’t it
now there is debate about what is the best angle to put a motorcycle is it
better on the centre stand is it better on the side stand
is it better leaning towards or away that one is a choice for you because
it’s your bike how do you like to see it things I know don’t work very well is
again looking at things from the angle at which we normally see it so let’s go
back over here a bit guys let’s just ease ourselves back by the way
your camera person today is Angie she’s never done this before
I think she’s doing an awesome job what you can’t see is every now and then
she’s going because she thinks she’s got it wrong chill Ang you’re doing well so
look if I stand here and take that shot without thinking too much it’s ok isn’t it
but you know look at it there’s things that are a bit wonky there’s things that
are not great bikes I think often look really good if you look at them from
tank level you know put your eyes at tank level let’s try that let’s just go
a little lower I’m just gonna bend the knees so I’m
looking at the bike from roughly tank level you see that looks quite nice
we’ve got quite nice light it’s sort of sliding in and coming up the side of the bike I’m currently shooting on an 18
millimeter lens so I think what would be good would be to extend that
lens a bit because we’re going to narrow the field of view we’re gonna
bring the background in a bit and I think it will make us concentrate more
on the bike so we’re going to move further away from the bike we’re going
this way Ang is gonna do her walking backwards
thing isn’t that cool right then we find the right angle it’s probably here
yes that’s filling the frame just nicely let me put some of my video on I can
show you right that’s kind of filling the frame nicely if I bend my knees
sorry about the snuffling guys I’ve got a little bit of a cold now look as we
look at it from this angle that’s pretty good it’s a nice angle for the bike
we’ve got a bit of a background going on which is slightly annoying but it’s not too bad let’s take the picture line it all up
now what’s my exposure this is a pretty easy exposure to do because the light’s
coming in from the side 200 ISO I’m using a wide aperture of f/4.5
because I want to try and make the background of soft as possible this
isn’t anything fancy this lens it’s the bog standard 18 – 55 that comes with
the camera it’s my go to lens I just love it so there we go
that’s a nice shot it looks pretty good but it could be better I don’t like the
line of the pontoon going through behind the bike something that works really
well when photographing a twerps motorcycle I’ve had nothing to drink
this morning he’s getting down low with a wide-angle lens that can work really
really well so I’m gonna bring my lens in as short as it’ll go to the 18 and
get closer to the bike then we can lose those pontoons and we’ve just got the
blue sky we’ve also got a red bike blue sky blue and red best mates they work
well together so we’re gonna go a little closer these are things you can do try
things move around try different stuff but also by shooting a bike from a low
angle it looks powerful it makes it kind of dominant now I want to be careful I
don’t that pole over there interfering with my shot too much that’s better
look a little closer still shoot along from this angle here here we go too close see who you just have to jiggle
around I like a little bit of space around my bike I’m gonna just let me
show you in the video look that’s very wide I’m just gonna zoom in a tiny bit
cuz I think it’ll look nicer I’m gonna move back a bit you just kind of do this
little dance of composition to find the place where the shot works that’s better
you see too wide in a bit that’s nice and tight the bike looks strong and
powerful I don’t like that pole look it’s overlapping the back of the bike if
I move the camera that’s better isn’t it click would take that shot I apologize
for the snuffles it’s not good is it it’s not big not funny it’s not clever
that’s quite a nice shot did you know you spots on the ground puddles
what does puddles mean water what does water mean the photographer’s friend
means reflections let’s get that lens wide again go back to the 18 millimeters
move in close because there gonna be a reflection if we get the camera down
really close to the water watch now we’ve got a great little reflection
going on down here in this puddle now I’m too close aren’t I
the lens is as wide as it’ll go there we go I backed it out that’s as far as
it’ll go I gotta back out more myself until I find the place where I’ve got
good reflection a bit of sky a bit of bike a bit of puddle a bit of puddle action
that’s pretty good just there so once more we don’t need to see the whole bike
in the puddle but you know as you find different puddles
so you find different puddle attributes with reflections I’ve got an idea
it’s Sunday somewhere near you there is probably an industrial estate rather
than a pretty marina and those of you who are going that’s all very well Mike
pretty marina I don’t have a pretty marina where I live you’re a biker get
on your bike go for a ride don’t be a wuss let’s go find somewhere else to
see what we can do there must be an industrial park
somewhere near where you live and they’re great on a Sunday this nobody
here we got all this cool stuff I like this I don’t know what you call it I
think you Americans call it aluminium siding on this building there’s a little
bit of light up in the far corner there a little bit of cloud the sun’s gone in
which is a shame because I wanted to do something else it’s gone in while I was
faffing about but look we’ve got quite a moody sky let’s see what happens here
these are sort of things that can make your bike look really good let’s roll
bit of my video so look we’ve got a bit of that sky we’ve got a bit of that
aluminium hoarding up on the side there and I think if we go down a bit lower we
can use the buildings on either side that looks quite cool doesn’t it now you
can see the shot coming together I like this lower angle from about here
that I quite like let’s do that shot I think that looks nice now we have got a
very very bright sky haven’t we we can try and get the exposure right I’m going
to suggest bracketing if you set your camera on to bracket mode find the
exposure in the middle which is kind of like where the histogram has got shadow
detail and where the histogram has got some highlight detail find those two
exposures and then find the one in the middle set that and then tell you camera
to bracket two stops either side if you don’t want earth I’m talking about then
go and have a look at my ultimate beginners course because that would explain
what I’m talking about about getting your exposure and how to use your
histogram I’m sorry I can’t go into that now awesome the sun’s coming out that’s
what I want I’ve got my camera in bracket mode I’m gonna use not
particularly small aperture although I might because we’ve got a little bit of
Sun going on I’m gonna go for about I can see I just looked at the Sun f11 200
ISO that’s giving me a shutter speed of 800 to a thousandth of a second which is
cool let me see if I can get that shot with that little bit of brightness going
on in the sky behind the Sun I need to just brighten up my shot a bit it was here wasn’t it level up the camera there we go so we’ve
got an HDR three shots boom boom boom looking at that it needs to be brighter
always check your shots while you’re there because you’ve got a chance to
change it my darkest of the three is just too dark so I’m going to set an
exposure probably another stop higher as my starting point to make sure we’re
going to capture it I quite like that light behind the clouds where was I bend the
knees a bit I’m going at about tank level here using the buildings on either
side there we go we got cloud detail in the first we got a little bit of
mid-tone detail going on in the second and then we got some shadow in the third
they’ll blend beautifully I kind of like that shot let’s go around the corner
let’s go around here into the shade to see what it looks like always experiment
you know what I’m like let’s try different things as you’ve probably
gathered I can’t like the bike on its side stand and I quite like the 3/4 look
you know the angle that the bikes at it just pleases me you may like something
different let’s move back a bit let’s see how that looks now I know there’s
cars and things going on keep going keep going guys keep going here we go about
there I put my lens to 55 millimetres I’m gonna line up my shot and see
what it looks like I don’t think I need to bracket I’m gonna do a quick test
but I just like the lines I kind of like that let’s use a wide aperture because I don’t
want to have too much sharpness front to back now let me show you in my video
look looking at it from normal height it’s dark and that shot down a little if
I can there we go it’s okay but we come lower he’s getting
better now you see that car I think I can hide it behind the clocks and the
headlight look you see that he’s much better already
I think that looks quite good I quite like the industrial look so let’s find
our exposure the camera onto photo mode here we go
line up our shot I think they’re brighten up just a touch somewhere
around there I like the dumpster to the left I like the pipes a little higher I
went too low and yeah I kind of like that not sure
I’ll tell more when we get into the office I’m gonna have a look and see
what we could do maybe with some close-up little details bits and pieces
of bike you know because we got this lovely clear blank aluminium going on
behind oh just on over there there’s a look it’s one of those signs look
someone trying to open an umbrella on a windy day I just kind of like that just
poking up there in fact I’m gonna I’m gonna cheat let’s just put that I just
think it’d look quite cool in the picture I don’t know you know let’s fool
around let’s try things see what works I’m
coming back a bit I think I may have got it too close but we’re going back we’re
going back back back back back back back back back back back I want a bit of
negative space in this I quite like the door I like the bent anyway I like the
bike I like the men at work sign I’m just gonna go with a like negative space
you probably know me well I’m the negative space junkie let’s hope a truck
doesn’t come steaming around the corner and flatten my bike I think I was really
boring I think that was really boring I’m gonna try something else from a
little closer let’s coming close let’s lose the Bentley way I think I’ve got
the sign in the wrong place I’m gonna ignore the sign because I’m doing a
video with you guys just down low because look we’ve got a very great dynamic
going on with this building going into the distance good a video time look
wide-angle dynamic see how the building is going off into the distance like that
but the bike here I’ve got the lens short on 18 millimeters
that’s kind of stretching the bike this way a little bit it looks quite nice I
rather like it I much prefer it to the sign that just was rubbish okay so let
me get my focus point on the bike check my exposure keep an eye on that
histogram I rather like that I think that’s a pretty cool shot just like that
the only thing like in looking at the picture can you see there’s that blue
one-way arrow it’s just sitting under the mirror how painfully annoying is
that how can we hide it I reckon we can hide it just moving a little bit look
now if I just done that tiny movement and now I’ve hidden that blue arrow
behind the front brake master cylinder this is quite nice let’s have a little
look and see what else we can find I’m gonna have a wander around so we can
find another shot somewhere I just had a poke about in that dumpster skip over
there and I found a little piece of wood because what’s going through my mind is
a bit of environmental motorcycle portraiture I love the little you know
smoko area down here under the cover for 130 the aluminium this kind of stuff
there’s these lines on the ground which I think they might get kind of
interesting excuse me snuffling but it’s better that than having a shiny
glistening beard and I just thought we’ll shoot the bike from this side
instead of the other I like the bike leaning toward I find it more inviting
you may not you know so let’s try things out I found this in the skip over there
because I want to put it under the stand and just lift the bike up a tiny bit I
think it’s better than having it lean away I don’t want to put it on the
centre stand I think that’s too rigid to kind of like upright where do I want the
bike I reckon somewhere about here I’m thinking bike here smoko area sign
aluminium it’s going to be quite small negative space in the shot pop that there
we can always move things around as we go here we are now I’m doing this with a
cruiser you know my Thunderbird and this is the cruisey Thunderbird but it doesn’t
matter the same sort of thing works with a sports bike custom you know go out play
around with these things the other thing I’ve just realized is I promised I’d do
something with a phone and I haven’t because I’ve been getting carried away
because I’ve got a time constraint because the weather’s changing but trust
me you can do it with a phone and I’ll do this one with a phone so I roll a bit
of my video and show you roughly what I’m thinking I think it’s coming
together already isn’t it see that’s pretty close to it already
isn’t it we’ve got and I move this way a bit so we’ve got this this line in the
middle here coming up through there I like the sign up there I like the smoker
area the little cover I like the bike but I don’t like that bit of crash bear
that Armco running through the middle so we do composition it’s a function of
arms and legs and hands and feet knees isn’t it so let’s bend those knees
look the Armco is going behind the tank I think it’s about there this is the
delicately posed photographer squat just snuck in the focal length a bit it’s
there so put the camera back into single shot mode
I think this through what kind of aperture do you need there’s hardly any
depth field is there focus on the bike because the bike is the subject if you’ve
got a wide aperture it might make the background a little softer can’t hurt
but I’m gonna go for a middling aperture myself I’m gonna go somewhere around the
I know f7 something like that it’s a good aperture things perform well 200 ISO that’s going to give me 125th of a second shutter speed with a focal length
of about 20 millimetres therefore I’m not gonna get camera shake again if you
don’t know what I’m talking about these things go and have a look at my ultimate
beginners course because I’ll take you through step by step what all of that
meant I can’t do it all in one YouTube video
so here we go the cameras ready my histogram says the exposure’s about right
but in those knees do the photographer crouch
stick your arse out look good in public with Mike Browne there we go
I kind of like that shot I kind of like that I like the graphic nature of it I
like the straight lines we’ll look more at it when we go into the office while we’re
here I think it might be worth exploring some close-ups some different angles
little bits of bike which might look cool and sexy little shiny bits because
we got quite a good background what have we got I’m gonna make the lens wide oh oh
oh I’m just seeing some sky that I like some cool sky action I’ll show you what I just
saw I was here wasn’t I looking at the bike like that and then as I came back I
went oh look at that sky look at that shape I kind of like that that shot in
itself I quite like it a bit of bike and the building and the sky and oh
let’s take it quickly you see as you explore shots you start to find things
that work the key here is to explore different things we haven’t got the whole
bike in shot but I really like that shot I’m gonna do another HDR bracket because
it’s a tricky exposure the lights changing I don’t want to lose the moment
so I’m just can do it and then cool we’ll look at that when we get back in
the office I’ve got 18 millimeters of lens going on there we don’t need to see
the whole bike to know the bikes there what does it look like from this side
these are the questions to ask yourself what does it look like from here from
there from different angles that’s looking pretty good
I’m coming down low I rather like that I think that could be quite an interesting
shot oh I do like that isn’t it funny the more you explore the
more you investigate the more you find seek and you shall find and it’s so true
I’m just gonna I’m gonna ride back to the office we’ll
pop a few of these into Lightroom I promised I would take a picture with my
phone having a cold and being a scatterbrained you know what you a little comedy moment for you there
while I drop the microphone I don’t know where my phone is I’ve no idea how
do I get here yes probably one of the messiest videos I’ve ever made by all
means comment below do you think this is the messiest video Browne has ever made
camera oh here comes the rain right quick wang that over there we don’t want
it photo mode right let’s do that shot we did earlier let’s look for it you see
you don’t have to do this I’m even gonna put video through my phone so you can
watch now we just have to move around we go find the place where we get the number the 130 let’s get to the right a bit there we go we can just
bend our knees a bit and there you go there is our shot now I’ve left my
camera on the tarmac there which is pretty silly because it’s going to be in
this shot but I just wanted to show you you don’t need anything fancy annoyingly
this phone the focal length changes between video and photo there we go
phone photo just to prove it is possible see you guys back in the office

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    Problem is…. Now do I binge-watch a few more of your vids, or grab my camera, helmet and bike keys? 馃

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