How to Photograph Groom’s Details on the Wedding Day.

So, today I want to talk to you guys about
shooting groom’s details. So we are actually at a wedding, hence my normal
wedding outfit. You’ve probably seen this often. But we are going to talk about shooting at
a wedding and taking the grooms details. I think groom’s details are supposed to look
really cool just because, the groom wants to look cool on his wedding day. I think his details there should also be as
much attention to his details as her details. So we try to make sure that we do that. We try to make sure that we use really cool
lighting, or we use different scenarios of lighting I’ll show you some examples of those from
other weddings. I’ll also show you some examples of those
today. So today we’re going to use this. I found.. So, when we are thinking about the groom’s
details, a lot of times I want to find a really cool surface that isn’t like… Like this floor right here, this may be a
little too modern and not enough light, how I like it. But something like this, this looks like,
super manly especially since it fits the aesthetic of the groom. The groom has a wooden watch, and bottle of
Jack Daniels, so I like to take things that like… maybe some part of their groomsmen
gifts, or either some parts of… things that are really sentimental to him and then I try
to incorporate that in. So the groomsmen gift, I think he got them
socks, Jack Daniels, all kinds of stuff and so incorporating that into the shot makes it
more sentimental to him, its not just me getting a cool shot, but its something for his as
well. So, I’ll shoot this, and I’ll organize it
and how I like to organize it, it generally, either I’ll organize it symmetrically to make
it symmetrical or I’ll organize it by patterns. I also like to really try to make sure that
the shot is balanced. Like the weight of it is equal. So, not too much stuff on the right, not too
much stuff not the left, not too much stuff on the bottom. Stuff like that. So you’ll see how I go through this, thenI’ll
show you how I shoot it. Generally, I shoot this at 2.0 or maybe a
little bit nigher. Because shoes sit a little bit higher than
everything else and I want those In focus as well. But I really like how this sits up high because
its going to put a really cool depth effect because the ground.. its going to create a
cool depth effect because the ground is so much lower than the objects are up here. Im going to go ahead and shoot those and show
you guys how I shoot them. I’m shooting with a 35 just because I want
everything, I’ll also switch to a 50 and then I’ll shoot this at…800 ISO, let’s see if
that works. Somewhere around 800, F2. I like to shoot up here. Thats still a little bit bright, so I’ll jump
up (shutter speed) I’ll get something like this. I don’t know if you can see the back of the
camera, but I just keep working at that. So you’ll see, it looks like that, and ill
keep working that. I’ll move this stuff around…. to get it
how I want it and the look that I want as well. And then I like to focus not he individual
parts. So something like the watch, especially if
he has cuff links with his name on it, or anything like that I focus on those individually. Generally, I’ll do that and crop out the shoes,
its kind of insinuated that the shoes are there. So, you get something that looks like that. And as you go through these, you’ll see how
I kind of shot those. Very cool. And so, you’ll see those a little bit later. So, some of the big things to think about. 1) Incorporating in the groom’s style, what
he likes, what he has, whats important to him. 2) I always like to side light. Just because I love the depth go shadows. I also like to really make sure that sometimes,
even if I can have some kind of aimed in light, that looks really cool too. SO just really making sure that I’m ensentuating
(?) what the groom has and likes. 3) Making sure I’m shooting at 2.0 or higher
just son get more things in focus, side lighting and then just making sure it looks really
cool. So, keep shooting and I’ll show you some examples
now. Hopefully this was helpful!
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18 Replies to “How to Photograph Groom’s Details on the Wedding Day.

  1. I like your shooting in B&W. Is your whole shoot in B&W for preps? Or do you agree with Client? I would prefer that over colour in prep but i guess some like colour more? Next wedding i am doing my first groom prep, so paying attention to reviews on this at present.

  2. Great tutorial mate ! Well done and great way to handle natural light !
    My question is not on the topic, but Do you have an afiliate link for the Harness and the bag you use ? Are you satisfied with this one ? I would like to to purchase one but would you mind to give us the reference please.
    Pleasure to see another of your tutorial vidéo.

  3. First of all, great work. Secondly, everyone is so interested in your straps 😂
    Anyway, my question is regarding your color grading in post. Do you use light room? Presets?? Is there a possibility you can make a quick video showing your grading?

  4. Amazing content! Second/first wedding shooter for the first time today. Super nervous, but I have shot 100s of events so I think I will be ok. Crossing fingers…..

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