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Print from your Android device to any HP printer using a USB OTG, or On-The-Go, cable. Before you can print, you must have: An HP printer with the hardware set up and powered on, an Android device that supports OTG printing,running OS 4.0 or later, the HP Print Service Plugin installed on the Android device, and a USB and an OTG cable. An OTG cable is not included with your printer and must be purchased separately. Connect the square end of the USB cable to the USB port on the rear of the printer and the flat end to the USB port on the OTG cable. Plug the micro-USB connector of the OTG cable into the micro-USB port on your Android device. On your Android device, tap the option to
set the HP Print Service Plugin as default, and then tap OK. Print documents and images saved on your Android device or from a cloud storage account. Open the item you want to print. Tap the Menu or Share icon, and then tap Print. On the print preview screen, tap the down
arrow to view the printer list, and then select the USB printer. Expand the settings window, if necessary,
and adjust any desired print settings. Tap Print or the Print icon. The picture or document prints according to your settings. Continue printing or disconnect the OTG cable for safe keeping.

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  1. I've done all the steps till the selection at 1:27 , it shows the printer model but it is dimmed, how to solve please?

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