13 Replies to “How to print from Android to printer directly

  1. Its seems like a nice app, but the guy that presented it needs to be changed. The accent is NOT clear at all

  2. StarPrint (Free) actually works very well, so far is highly recommended. HOWEVER, the producers make it near impossible to fund out HOW MUCH will the "full" StarPrint 1 or upcoming version 2 will cost ($US and other currency), for those wanting either the StarPrint Documents (OR StarPrint Documents + Images. Why make it so hard to find out ?

  3. I don't think that this app will catch on in the USA as the photo print sizes are limited to odd and non USA paper sizes. Other than that it worked just fine.

  4. I downloaded the app and it searched but didn't find my printer. Canon Pixma MX472. The WIFI is on. Any idea why?
    Thank you.

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