How To Print Labels with DYMO LabelWriter Software and ShopKeep iPad Point of Sale

Welcome to ShopKeep video support. I’m Dimitriy, here to help you print labels using the DYMO label writer software. LabelWriter allows you to print inventory items from a spreadsheet using the DYMO label printer. Begin by plugging your DYMO LabelWriter into a power source and into your computer. Visit our support site for complete setup steps. On our support site, download the correct LabelWriter software version for your
Mac or Windows computer. Open the file after the download is complete, and double-click to open the software package. You will be taken to the DYMO
LabelWriter installation wizard. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish
installing the software. Once you have completed the setup wizard return to the support site and download the label template based on the size of your label. Now, let’s export your inventory items from BackOffice. In BackOffice, choose ‘Analytics” from the menu, then, select ‘Stock Items’. Click ‘Download’. Your inventory list will be downloaded as a spreadsheet file onto your computer. Now, let’s return to your DYMO label template. Find the file in your downloads folder and click to open it. It will automatically open your LabelWriter
software. Click ‘file’ in the top left corner. then, ‘Import Data and Print’ and select ‘New’. Then, ‘Next’ on the Getting Started wizard Click ‘Browse’ to select your inventory file. Choose your file, then ‘Open’, and ‘Next’. On the data fields page, check the box ‘Use first row as field names’, then click the first box on the label diagram, and drag and drop the headers from the
spreadsheet into the boxes. Drag ‘Store Code’ to the first box and be sure to
delete the extra space behind it. Drag ‘Name’ to the second box. ‘Price, to the
third. and enter the name of your business in the fourth box. then click ‘Next’. Uncheck any boxes for items you do not want to print a label for or leave all the boxes checked to print all your inventory items. If you’d like, enter a
new name to save the data and layout as, then click ‘Print’ to finish up. Labels will begin printing from your connected DYMO LabelWriter. That’s all there is to it. If you have any questions, visit us online at

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