How to Print on Fitness Leggings

hey guys I’m Claire with BELLA+CANVAS.
One of the fastest-growing trends of the decade is leggings and our new high
waist Fitness leggings are the best fitting, best feeling performance
leggings out there. Printing on leggings might seem tricky due to to stretch but
with these next few tips you’ll be well on your way to having fashion-forward
leggings that move with you without compromising quality. My name is Phil I work here at Family Industries and today we’re going to talk about screen
printing and using heat press transfers on leggings. The challenges we see
typically with printing on leggings are just using the right kind of ink or the
right type of application for the legging. Leggings are made up of a lot of
different types of fabric most times and so you really have to be specific and
make sure you’re using the right technique for the right fabric. Printing
on BELLA+CANVAS leggings is really easy because of the fabric content that
they’re made out of, so for both screen printing process and heat press transfer
it’s a breeze. When screen printing on leggings you have to use special inks,
leggings need to stretch and so you have to use a special ink additive or ink mix
to make sure that that’s able to happen. You get the leggings onto the,
pallet they don’t need to stretch because the ink is going to be
formulated to stretch with the leggings after they’re printed. We use special
silicone or poly-based inks when we screen print on leggings. Sometimes we’ll
use a blocker base to make sure that the next color we print on top of that
doesn’t migrate and looks nice and bright on the leggings. When it comes to heat
press transfers on leggings, it’s pretty similar, it’s just by a different method.
Some types of transfers have different temperature settings, they need different
times of the actual press application, so depending on what you’re using,
whether it’s reflective or a regular vinyl, you’re gonna want to look to the
manufacturer settings and just go by their direction. For the transfers that
we printed here today we use transfers from Stahl’s, they work really really
nicely on leggings and they have different types of material that they’re
able to stretch and just take to the process really well. As Phil mentioned,
referencing the suppliers user settings for the material is key in a successful
heat press application. We use Stahl’s recommended settings for the heat
transfers in this video. On the reflective vinyl we press at 290 degrees
for 10 seconds and for the multicolored subli-stop we pressed at 290 for 5
seconds, peeled at the carrier warm then
repressed for 5 seconds. Are you going to try screen print or heat transfers on
your leggings? Let us know in the comments below so we can follow along
with what you guys are creating and don’t forget to like this video and
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10 Replies to “How to Print on Fitness Leggings

  1. …gonna use vinyl… I grabbed some leggings last year … Now they are ready for some sweet designs… Thanks a bunch!

  2. Are you going to try screen printing or heat transfers on your leggings? 🤔

    If so remember to always reference the suppliers recommended settings.

    Reflective: Heat Press at 290F
    For 10-12 seconds

    Multicolor Subli-Stop:
    Heat Press at 290F for 5 seconds, Peel the carrier warm, Repress for 5 seconds

    We printed on our 0813 Women's High Waist Fitness Legging.
    Shop the legging here:

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