How to print your digital sewing pattern | PDF sewing pattern

HI everyone, today I’m going to show you guys how to print your digital sewing patterns. you must think you what you talking
about digital pattern? it’s just something like a ebook you can download
on your computer or your device and simply use your house printer to print
out your house. sounds cool? let’s get to it! whenever you purchase any
digital sewing pattern online from etsy or other designer shop they usually will give
you the file after you purchase it will be a link after download sometimes
called with the zip file like this one feature right now the reason why is that
because sometimes the pattern contains a lot of the format because it sometime
with the PDF jpg all those kind of format. including tutorial and pattern or
different kind of files. depends on the designer it is this kind of file you
just simply click two times very fast and then they will unzip it and then you will
see the file right here and just open up some like my my sewing patterns usualy contain a lot of file. picture i will show you the pattern what
it look like and tutorial for how you can make it and the most important part
is the pallor and usually the pattern come with a lot of page like this they
are a separate all the different pages and if you buy in u.s. depends on
designer mostly based on us let’s set up for letter size printing
paper if you need A4 size you probably need to ask the designer can
you do can you give me the different format some design call with two
different kind of size one slender size size but most common one is little sighs okay and I come contain some of
the files will this problem you can do work on the
design and the finished product look like i usually combine the cover picture
like this so sometimes you can print out you when you try to put on your folder
can see what this problem for is more easy can tell more and more organized
and the all the way is they usually only give you the PDF then they’ll be just
simply one file like sorry like this and you can just click it open and stop
training to set up a profile parental signed note here is all the digital
pattern come with a size testing remember bring this paper first to make
sure you are the right size so this one is down the page number two so i
definitely recommend to bring only this page first to make sure your 7 is
correct so all the patterns bring out the correct size okay and let me see one sec it and you
can choose work on the printer you have the most simple kind were totally fine
and my right now don’t have any scale those kind of setting but if your
machine have any skeletal setting poster always kind of theme do not scale any
said it just bring the original the file they give it to you okay that may be
setup will fill the paper all those counting and after your printer you will
see you have a page number right on the corner sometimes on the bottom part of
here it’s totally up to the designer and
after you pray out like that just simply any kind of program machine will work alright the main use the magic tape
sometimes i use the just cleared clear tape totally work fine too but this kind
of thing is actually very easy check it out when
you actually make a mistake so I like this one more buds actually cost more
than just clear tape and just follow on top of page and put right next to each
other typical by the ages so they can paint up together it just simply like a
puzzle so don’t over complicate things to actually follow on top all the paper
they come with and just move around you can find a way actually putting together
so there you go if you get the additional paddle that is
how you can make it solid can done hope this one is helpful for you if you like
this video please share with your friends and subscribe this channel and
I’ll see you next time bye

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