How to Remove Background from an Image in Adobe Illustrator

How to remove a background in
Adobe Illustrator?
You have to use the Pen Tool. Pick up a stroke color. Make sure you
cancel fill color by selecting to “none” Start outlining the object with the Pen Tool. When you finish outlining the object, please first select the outline (with the Selection Tool) and then shift-click
to select the whole image. You should have the outline and the whole image both selected. Now control-click on Mac (or right-click on PC) and click on the Make Clipping Mask option from the drop-down menu and the background will disappear.

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  1. i did that and then tried to put that image in a new project but it kept giving me a white square background behind my image .i just want the image and nothing do i do that.

  2. Some sa, you can remove the background manually only by using magic wand, select the darkest level of colors you wanna get rid of. And delete it. Another says, by using image trace, under the new open dialog, check ignore white.

  3. Thank you so much for this video, quick and to the point. Very helpful! Had been trying to figure this out for an hour before I found this video.

  4. Your video saved my project, a million thanks for posting a very useful tutorial! The recorded mouse "clicks" would be perfect for ASMR, you should get into that, it's huge!Thanks you again

  5. When I clicked Make Clipping Mask it would not let me. It said "selection must contain more than one object." There are several objects in the picture.

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  7. I have image that I need to remove the background and I don't have photoshop software I'll send you the image would mind helping me to remove it ?


  9. It would be helpful if you would explain what you are doing with all your mouse clicking and slow down when explaining.

  10. Is this is only way to do it? Cause most of the times the pictures can be complicated and this is too time consuming.

  11. Instead of right clicking and selecting clipping mask. You should try to click on "Object" drop drown box and click Clipping Mask, then click "Make". Or Ctrl +7

  12. look if u want to give a lesson, explain what is shift and hold what does that mean,words are very important to be explained u did not do that ,look at your complaints.

  13. Well this worked. Funny though how Illustrator makes us jump through hoops to clip off a piece of an image when in Photoshop it can be done with a simple drag and cut.

  14. Thank you you are the best you should see the other idiots 20 of them and they made us crazy 1 hour wasted of my time and u did it id 5 seconds

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