How to remove photo noise or reduce grains in photoshop

Hi, This is Manjot from lenspassions Photography. In my last videos I told you how can we remove noise with the help of lightroom Classic 2019. I also explained Noise mostly happen because of High ISO Higher the ISO Higher the Noise. I have added two cards how to remove noise with lightroom and also what is ISO and its effects. I also added links in comment section. In this video , I will tell you how can we remove noise in Photoshop CC. Before watching tutorial, I request you to support me by subscribing my channel and click on the bell, so you will be notified when I will upload new videos. I have already opened photoshop Selecting this photo When I will zoom this photo You can see the noticeable noise here Here is a noise on the face and the rest of the photo Click on Control + J to create duplicate layer here Always convert the layer to smart objects so we can change any adjustment in future Go to Filter Menu Go to Noise and then reduce noise Frame the face in the center slider is already set to the highest value So I am resetting to 0 Now noise is appearing again You can see two slider here First is the strength and second is preserve details Third slider is reduce color noise and fourth slider is sharpen details Sharpen details slider has nothing to do with reducing noise . Sharpening images, which is what this slider does, is better handled with one of Photoshop’s actual sharpening filters, like Unsharp Mask or Smart Sharpen, so I’d recommend lowering the Sharpen Details option down to 0%, effectively turning it off. Finally, we have the Remove JPEG Artifact option for reducing the appearance of jpeg compression artifacts: Now I gradually adjust the slider to remove noise I am adjusting to 10 value Set Preserve details to 0 Here is no color noise No I am no need to adjust Color noise slider Click Ok See Before And See After You can see the where the noise removed This photo also lost some details and you know I have already converted this layer to smart object So I can adjust the value anytime When I needed Now I am clicking on reduce noise again Reduce noise filter popup again I am gradually adjusting preserve details slider to preserve some details and look realistic 18 is good to me Click on Okay See Before and see after see before and see after If you want more details of the eyes and lips select the mask and click on D key Select Brush Set foreground color to black white mask means White hide all and black reveals all Now I paint eyes with black brush Opacity reduced to 66% Or we can use according to the picture and then paint on the eyes Brush on the lips and brush on the ear rings Before using brush and after using brush For more better results Go the filter Select Blur and then select Gaussian Blur Select value to 1 and click Okay Something wrong here because I selected mask I have to select the layer Go again to filter Go to the Blur And go to the Gaussian Blur Set value 1 See the results Before and after This is a final picture Before and after In the last image Noise level is low Now I opened that image that I have already Use in lightroom in my last video This photo I have taken in 8000 ISO You can see noticeable noise here Now I am creating a new layer By using CTRL+J Converting to the small object Go to the filter menu Go to the Noise and go to the reduce noise Reset the sliders to 0 and gradually adjusting the strength slider to 10 preserve details to 0 reduce color noise.. Reduce color noise to 17 click Okay see the difference for better results Go to the filter again Go to Blur and then go to surface blur Set value to 1 Threshold 40 Click okay Before And after Now all for today Don’t forget to comment and also don’t forget to give ideas So, I can create those videos That you want to watch Thanks for watching

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  1. Mostly noise happens because of high ISO, so always try to use lower ISO to avoid noise. But some times we have to use higher ISO. Kindly comment why you need to raised high ISO in some of your images. I am waiting your experiences. Thanks. How to remove noise in Lightroom Classic — What is ISO and its effects —

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