How to Screen Print Water Based Ink on T-Shirts

what is up everybody Matt with Mikey Designs here today we’re gonna do a little tutorial on how to screen print
water-based inks also be sure to check our description for links to these
products by using these links that help support this channel let’s stick around
we’ll show you how we do it welcome back everybody here is our
artwork it is a promotional print or it will be for promotional t-shirt that
we’re going to include in a box along with some other goodies like stickers
and pins here’s the ink that we are using it is arrow text black from Union
eat it’s the water base eat we’re doing a black print on white t-shirts we’re
using the gilded soft style t-shirt they’re not too expensive they’re little
softer and I think the new potential clients that we handed out to will enjoy
them so let me go ahead and set the camera up and give you guys a look as to
how we’re doing okay gang we’re all set up we’re going to ink up the screen as
you can see with water-based inks they are very very thin and very runny and
you’re going to need a good amount of ink because what you want to do is you
want to back flood your screen and keep your mesh that is open completely
covered with ink otherwise it can dry out as you’re printing t-shirts so you
have to constantly keep your image area flooded and we’ll show you what we’re
talking about here in a second it practically pour it out really now we
have a good amount of ink down I’m gonna grab my squeegee and a t-shirt okay
let’s go ahead and flood this up make sure our image area is nice and
covered going to put a little spray tag down don’t really need too much because
this is a pretty simple print on white shirts but I do just want to make sure
the t-shirts not coming up we’re running off about 24 of these guys and this is
going to be a back print okay so now let’s go ahead and do this print
you have to excuse me I’ll maybe end up doing this is a whole
print because it it’s making it a little difficult because of the stencil here
I’m getting a little bit of drag once I hit this top graphic so I’m kind of
having as you can see I’m getting a little stuck there so I’m kind of having
to go ahead a little bit of an angle and there we go the print looks nice and
crisp we’re gonna go ahead and toss this on the conveyor dryer and we’ll do
another print all right guys load up another t-shirt you give this another
run I’m going to do a full print this time that way I’m not getting stuck at
the top part of my design one of the things about doing a design
like this with a bunch of horizontal Texas is it makes it a little more
difficult to do this print because the edge of your squeegee just gets hung up
on it especially if you’re doing a push print so I’m going to do a pull print
this time to give it a good pull flood back I’m
gonna do it one more time there we go that looks great okay guys
so here is a close-up of the finished friend looks nice and dark they have
some half tones in there everything looks pretty crisp so now what I’m going
to go ahead and do is toss it on the conveyor dryer okay guys before I toss
the t-shirt onto the conveyor dryer I just want to mention that you will need
some sort of method to remove the moisture from the t-shirt in our case we
have a ran our turbojet star and it is a forced air dryer right now we have the
jet air on we have our temperature control set to
900 and our speed set to about 20 and that is allowing the shirts to come out
bumps it in at about 330 degrees you’ll notice that the speed of the belt is
slower than what I normally would run it at I generally run it at about 35 and
the dryer at a thousand degrees so this allows it to dwell in the oven chamber a
little longer and evaporate all the moisture from the t-shirt
so here comes our shirt when it’s free too a little higher than I would like it to
be but actually that’s not that bad
okay everything’s all nice and
and dry and it looks great even though water-based inks are a little trickier
to deal with one of the positive sides is cleanup watch how easy to clean up of
water-based ink is you guys that’s it no chemicals to spray just
rinse it down pal all finished alright guys that’s about
it for today I hope this video is helpful for you guys out there that are
new to water-based green printing if you have any questions leave them in the
comment box below remember to give this video a thumbs up subscribe and hit the
little bell icon next to the subscribe button we’ll see you guys next time

37 Replies to “How to Screen Print Water Based Ink on T-Shirts

  1. I dont own a conveyor dryer. Do you think its possible to dry water based ink using a heat press instead?

  2. Does the rinse out during cleanup at the end affect the emulsion in any way that would prevent you from using that same stencil for future prints?

  3. Hi Mike ! Do you really need a force air dryer? Is the air blowing in to the shirt or is extracting the moisture out?
    I have a regular dryer

  4. And what do you do with the screen after wash, if you can save that print . how do you store it.

  5. I'm just a beganer, how many kinds of color those can use for screen printing, where can we buy them? another question is what ink you use for printer to print artwort/design by film?

  6. So, if I plan to use a screen design again, all I have to do is wash the water based ink off with water then store? I am a newbie and learning from all you experienced printers on YouTube.

  7. Last night I used water base and the ink started cracking 3 hours after I wore the t-shirt . Please help me find out what the problem. Thanks

  8. Awesome video my brother. Im learning alot from you!! Im still starting out with screen printing so Ill be watching you alot, Thanks for a great Video!!!!!!!

  9. Thanks for checking out our Waterbased ink screen printing tutorial. Let us know what other videos you would like to see!

  10. Great video. I tried screen printing as well. I used waterbased ink and logo what I printed is great looking, but that logo was printed even on the desk under t-short and its visible from the inside of t-shirt. How can I fix it? Thanks

  11. HI Mikey, Im having a art installation where i have to screen-print on canvas and I want to use water-based color. What kind of ink you use exactly for screen-printing ? Is it poster color or acrylic ? What kind of mixing do I have to do to start printing it ? Also, when Im done with the mesh but want to use that mesh again but with a different color, do i just wash the ink away with water ? Thank you, I am such a newbie so I would be really helpful if you can share your experience.

  12. Im trying to cure waterbased white ink on a 100% cotton black tshirt but it either keeps cracking, or turning grey after heating it. I am using a heat gun to flash then a heat press to Try and cure. i am doing 360 F for 90sec then off to let steam escape then back on for 160sec. Is there anything you would recommend? I cant fork over 1k+ right now for a conveyor dryer.

  13. Question about waterbased inks.

    Can you put the inks in squeeze bottles to put on the screens instead of holding the original jug or putting into smaller containers?

  14. I've never screen printed before, but I want to start with water based inks. Is that a good or bad idea?

    And what was your mesh count?

  15. have you ever used an epoxy resin spreader instead of a squeegee? i tried it yesterday and it seemed to work better for me. i am recently starting out and have tried continuous amounts of dif things. mostly to see how this stuff all works. theres so much to learn

  16. do you have to dry it with a flash/conveyor dryer? or would a hot air gun or hairdryer achieve a similar result?

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