How to Shoot Phone Infrared Photography

welcome so if you’re watching this video
you’re interested in shooting infrared photography with your phone and I
managed to do just that actually there are so much to infrared photography to cover
in one video that I cant explain to you guys the basics of infrared photography
in this video I don’t want to get a ton of questions so just please wait to the
future when I make a video which is all about infrared photo for now I’ll let
you know that you can actually shoot infrared with a filter for example the
Hoya r72 filter which only lets light in infrared light of 720 nanometers and
above the problem is that even though you can hold it up to your phone camera
there’s going to be light leaks to the side it’s gonna ruin your picture so
I’ve actually taken infrared photos just holding the filter to the phone but
they’re not very good so I made this contraption to block visible light from
the sides and it wouldn’t ruin my picture the problem is some of it still
gets through but I just kind of block it like this now I know some people are
gonna ask me where they can buy this and the answer is you can’t I made this out
of Chinese parts I bought online and I had to wait a while for them but it’s
not that complicated I mean this thing attaches to your phone and this is just
a glorified filter holder that’s all it is and it didn’t have any threads to
screw on a lens so what I did was about to step up rings one for 44 millimeters
and the other one to 77 millimeters and I just put them together unfortunately
it was still too big for this so what I did was a hot glue gun
one of the filters to the bottom and then after I hot glue gunned it I just
wrapped it in black tape inside and out just to make sure no light gets through
and after that is quite easy I just screwed on a 77 millimeter thread and
then after that I could just put on the infrared filter and yeah I’m using the
Hoya R72 filter our assembly to fill
and I can’t really get into a details of infrared photography in this video but
720 nanometers is not as saturated as like 590nm or any other one really so the
colors are much muted much more muted than my usual pictures but I still
enjoyed it I still think I got some nice pictures but you have to be shooting in
the middle of the day so with that being said let me show you guys how it went
especially my first time around and then I’ll show you some of the photos that I
got please be sure to leave a like leave a comments and if you got like specific
infrared questions I’m actually going to make a new video about about all that so
please be patient okay so I am mounted a filter on my camera remember this is
just a filter holder okay nothing special it just holds the filter in
place but so far it seems to be working there are some light leaks right here
maybe I’ll fix it later but I can just cover it and yeah let’s go see see if it
works so the thing is there is some light that
goes into the back let’s cover it somehow I have to find a way to stop the
stomach I’m going in but so far it seems to be working that makes me pretty happy
and yeah we don’t know how the pictures will come out until I take them but at
least we know this is working also it’s the end of winter so it’s not as green
as I wish it was you know you need you need to be shooting in the middle of the
day but what’s right this spot is where I I guess photography
started kind of I remember many years ago I was here with my friend and just
before I had the estudar before I had a Video camcorder I use had a facility
camera on and my friend was a bit darker and I asked him how do you make the
water blurry and he taught me about long exposure this is it this is where it
this is where I kind of started you know I mean years later after I had yes at
all I took my first the picture but this is where it began

30 Replies to “How to Shoot Phone Infrared Photography

  1. Is there any picture editing app for smartphones which can convert our regular pictures into infrared pictures ?

  2. ✅ Websites

  3. Seems like your photography idea is going off the chart.
    Never thought someone is gonna shoot infrared photo with a phone.

    Great stuff there, keep that awsome stuff coming👍

  4. It's a so cool video ! Maybe fro the next video you can told us how edit picture on phone to make them look more like infrared ^^

  5. Wow very impressive. Very nice images. TRY A ROLLED RING OF BLUTACK. Make the shape of an American doughnut. There are similar products from other companies too. All listed in the wiki article to help you find one local.

    BTW Which iPhone? All iPhones, all phones????


  6. Very cool! When you mentioned this in your phone-only video I figured it would be something similar. Maybe Moment needs to get on this!

  7. thanks for all the hard work you do for usI love making thing I will try making it in a phone case I thing it will work good with no light going in

  8. Dude…learning so much stuff about phone photography with you haha. Wtf. It's unreal what we are capable of doing with such a small device in our pocket. So cool! Keep it going 🙂 this seems to be a real hit with people

  9. did you modify the phones camera at all? using a filter over an unmodified camera normally requires very long exposure times.

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