How to Use an Image in an Outlook Signature

High in this video. I’m going to walk you through how to install and use a image as a signature in Outlook 2016. So here on the desktop I have a image that I want to use as a signature. And so this is just a regular Jay or PMG type image you can use either format. And they’ll work perfectly fine. One thing that’s important to know
is that once you import the signature it outlook is going to keep on looking in that same location. So do not delete it once you’ve uploaded it or else so break. So first thing I’m going to do is
here on the desktop where you can do this
anywhere. I’m going to create a new directory. And I’m just going to call it
signature. Just know not to get rid of it and then I’m going to drag the signature into that directory. And we can see it right here and I’ll close out of it. Now in outlook I can come to the file menu here on the top left hand side and then come down to options in options. I just go to mail and then two signatures. And once here you can see that I
have signature signatures here which is fine. And so what I want to do is create a new one and I’m going to call this one
strong and hit OK and then I’m also going to say what email account I wanted
associated with. And if I won it on new messages and replier forwards these are
optional you can have it so you just choose it dynamically or you can have it so it pops up automatically just like this. So that’s all you have to do. Now we’re in the strong signature because it’s highlighted
if you add multiple ones you’d have to click on one of those ones. But since we just have one click there and now coming to the right hand side I just click on this little image right here. This little icon and Ill pull this up now. It automatically opens up in
pictures. But we saved ours on the desktop so come over to desktop. Click on the signature directory click on the one we want click insert and that’s it. It’s in there. Now all I have to do is hit OK. OK. And now we’re ready to go. If I come up and hit new mail you can see that automatically it loads the image up as the signature. And that’s all you have to do. So that’s how you can use an image as your signature in Outlook 2016.

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