‘I Want To Put A Camera In The Room, But I’m Too Scared To Face The Truth,’ Says Man Who’s Convin…

When I was in the military, there in boot camp, she cheated on me. There was a period in 2010 where he went to boot camp and we did break up and I was seeing someone else. I want to be clear about this, in letters he was constantly breaking up with me. Finally I had enough and I just decided to do my own thing. I was honest and I admitted to him that I was seeing someone else. Other than this time, I have never stepped out on Tommy not one time. But he can’t let it go. Well Angelique says Tommy is convinced she’s been unfaithful and will do anything to catch her in the act. Take a look. Every night when Tommy comes home from work he has a strange routine. He checks the entire house claiming to be looking for a man. The first thing I always do is I look outside. ‘Cause we live right on the corner where cars can be parked where it’s not noticed. Tommy starts in the kitchen and then he heads to the living room. Then I head straight to the room. I make sure if the door’s locked or not. Check the door if it’s locked. Usually when it’s locked I question her why does she need to lock the door? And then I open the door really fast you know like oh like someone could be in there. He’ll come in our room. He’ll check the closet. And usually I’ll look at her drawers. If sometime I’ll just look and make sure she’s not hiding anything. Then next thing you know I do it’s kind of rude, But I wake her up and I open the blanket just to see what she’s wearing. ‘Cause one time I caught her wearing something like not for me. This makes me feel very violated. And if he’s really paranoid he’ll go in our drawer and check how many condoms there is. Then I’ll look at the iPad just in case she’s using the iPad ’cause I’m still trying to find out what is she using. ‘Cause her phone is too clean, it’s way too clean. It’s almost like damn you know I want to put a camera in the room but I’m too scared to face the truth. Okay so I made a list of your detective like behaviors here. Oh why? Because you’re vigilant right? Yeah, yeah. Okay so nightly routine. He inspects the entire house right. He checks the drawers for for sexy lingerie, that maybe you’ve purchased something you’ll wear for somebody not him.
Ah huh. And he caught you in this. On the left okay, he caught you in this T-shirt thing and. Ah huh.
It’s a onesie. Look at the bottom it has like a button. (audience laughing) It doesn’t have a button. It doesn’t have a button. Oh okay that’s for easy access. (audience laughing) That’s what you said okay, gotcha, gotcha. Okay ’cause we picked out one we thought would be sexy lingerie, that’s on the right. But you think on the left is running a red light? I mean that’s sexy right there. You know but that’s like. Yeah.
Sort of something you know. But he caught you in this?
Yeah. Yeah, he didn’t catch anything he just saw me wearing a long sleeve onesie.
I seen it in the house coming home. And there’s no button on the bottom, it’s completely closed.
He counts the condoms right? Yes.
Yeah. Ah and you leave work four or five times? Yeah four or five times, You’ll text constantly throughout the shift, right?
Yeah. What are doing, where are you, what’s going on?
Yeah. The total number of incoming calls, 394. The breakdown is as follows, caller Tommy, incoming 64, outgoing 52. Caroline incoming, now that’s your mom, right? Yeah.
17, outgoing 30. Family, Violet, brother, sister, dad, incoming 75, outgoing 91. Miscellaneous, doctors, just business, creditors, school, incoming 30, outgoing 34. Total incoming 187, outgoing 207, grand total 394. Why do you say that looks like she scrubbed it? More like. There’s not one call missing.
It’s a lot, it’s a lot of things that you got to look at you know.
Okay point ’em out to me. Social media you know. No no we’re talking about the phone records. You said she cleans her phone records. She scrubs it so you can’t find the calls. Yeah the phone record and like whatever she uses she’ll clean sweep, like swipe it out and. No, no, no there’s not one call missing. We got the printed phone record from the phone company and compared it to her phone log, there was not one call missing. Yeah that’s I mean that’s right and then there’s other things I look at too. No, no, no we’re talking about this. You said she cleans her phone records up. She gets rid of calls. Because she’s hiding who she’s talking to. So we got the printed record from the phone company compared it to what’s left on the phone. There was not one call missing. So he’s telling you right now that you’ve been wrong about that. That’s good. (crowd applauding)

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