Illustrate Characters with Photoshop & Watercolor with artist Cosmic Spectrum – Class Intro

– What I love the most
about drawing characters is that it gives me a
chance to channel all sorts of different emotions through them. My name is Yana Bogatch
and I’m an illustrator and a comic book artist. In today’s class I’m going to show you how to create a character illustration using a combination of visual
and traditional medium, specifically using Photoshop,
ink and watercolor. I’m really excited to
share my process with you because I’ve spent many
years perfecting it. I think starting the process digitally and sketching in Photoshop creates a really solid foundation. Using traditional media,
on the other hand, requires a lot of instant
commitment where it’s really difficult to fix something so
you have to kind of develop a skill to learn how to
just work with the mistakes that you make and sometimes
those little mistakes are what make the drawing
a lot more spontaneous and fun to look at. In today’s class I’ll be
sharing my whole process with you starting with the
very first step of doing warm-up sketches and finishing
with scanning the drawing and doing finishing touches in Photoshop. Then I’ll print it out and
use a light box to transfer the sketch onto watercolor paper. The next step is inking the
drawing and the last step is putting in color with watercolors. There’s something really
satisfying about holding a finished artwork in
your hands and being able to look at it from different angles and I hope that you
can follow this process so that you can experience that as well. Please post your artwork
into the project gallery because I’d love to see
what you come up with. I’m super excited that you
decided to join my class. Let’s get started. (gentle music)

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  1. I laid down and turned one of the monitors on the desk headfirst and use it directly as a Lightbox. It works perfect and doesn't need any prints.

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