9 Replies to “Imagination Plus Faith – How Imagination Creates Reality – Neville Goddard

  1. This for Self ' let the teacher speak digest in your own mind Self – thank cheers for teacher ✌💙

  2. The best way to prove if you use only your imagination to create something which was not visible before really works is this: Use your imagination long enough by thinking you are a banana. If you have succeeded to become a banana, you will know it really works!

  3. So when Jesus said is unimaginable all started Imaging . Must be why all desipiles mirrored in last supper and Jesus wasn't he was whole in image . They never made it they Imagined thought gee I real smart I tell Jesus Imagine the unimaginable see Jesus .what idiots devinchi mustofmade it back . Completed the full circle of life without ends . As the number has a sum known so to shall the words definition have a known sum 3,6 ,9 return to the whole of self in image . Some Imagine third eye is rediculuos ask eye Dr how they find your perscription . You false witness half the time in half truth of image pendulum in stagnant life here until you see whole image one step forward one reverse . If see enlightenment you still walking in circles Buddha direction along path said many miss turn . I can't believe many missed turn manylieso much fewmiss turn I bet Imagine guess lie try wishing maybe better luck

  4. This is idiototic unbelievable and false prophets are many . Faith is being true and just threw life knowing one day split apiece of wood and I am there lift a rock and you will find me one day he finds you . Imagination is why this world so screwed up peolple Imagine much of what they know or someone else Imagined then defend guess as a truth . On many things I life people do this refuse to look check anything makes you a lying Injust person . And is in eye of fire purified holy Spirit out eye a dying sun bore the FATHER I AM ALL FATHER SON HOLY SPIRIT . This like all reliogon wrong Jesus said threw eye unbelievable the liars and they don't even know it guess you know much . I was showen for part being true and just and threw much I stayed true and just . Now I beyond guilt and is not a guess was the most incredible thing I ever felt. Doesn't mean as guessers think it means I can choose to stop showing the way if I choose without guilt

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