Infrared photography tutorial – DNG Profile

for the sake of this video say that this
is your first time editing RAW images that you want to convert it to infrared
now we’re trying to develop this picture and you might notice that the picture is
really red so if we try to cool the image down it’s not going to go as far
as we would like it’s still too red so what we’re going to do is create a
camera profile for this so that we can push the blues way past so first step is
we need to create a dng file go to file export and under the file settings make
sure you select DNG so we’re going to export the DNG file there we go
now open Google Chrome or anything else search for Adobe the Dng profile error
they should be the first one Windows Adobe please download
it’s only about nine megabytes so this should not take too long there it is
living Korea so it’s really fast so I’m gonna run the DNG editor I’m gonna open
the DNG image we just created there it is we’re gonna go to the color matrices
I’m gonna turn the temperature all the way down as far as it will do not worry
about any of these then we’re gonna go to the options we’re gonna create a
profile name so in this case we’re just gonna name it infrared and for the sakes
I’m just gonna put my name so file exports canon eos m2 profile well your
camera will be different now I already have a camera profile here most of the
time you will not have to to find the folder where to put the cam profile the
program was that for you but in case the program does not choose the folder to
export the profile to let’s just say it’s on our desktop some reason when I
save it our desktop alright we’re gonna close this open sea folder Program Files Adobe
Adobe Lightroom resources camera profiles here choose your camera so I was shooting with a Canon EOS m so
for Canon M and I would simply take my profile and copy it over
now once you do that close Adobe Lightroom reopen Adobe Lightroom now we should be able to turn this cool
image even cooler so we’re gonna go down to camera calibration go to profile and
choose the camera profile use made in this case canon canon eos m,Oh I was in the EOS M folder, so to infrared now you can see you can actually go even
cooler than before so you want to set the correct white balance you want to
fold it should be white so we click on the leaves and you should have your
white balance set for editing so that concludes the first portion once you do
the step you do not need to repeat it unless you shoot infrared with a
different camera in which case you need to create a new profile if you have any
questions please post them below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel
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  1. DNG Profile Editor doesn't appear to work anymore, making any changes results in "operate could not be completed". How did you get around this? It looks to be a common problem people are reporting

  2. ✅ Websites





  3. Hi when I save the profile file into my camera 70d folder, it doesn't show up in Lightroom camera calibration after I reboot the program. Any ideas..

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