Is “Better Together” the future for creatives and print providers?

It’s really interesting to me that the coversations here are really about “What else can I do?” And they’ll be looking for Xerox for that thought leadership, for innovation, for automation and for ways that they can bring new ideas to their customers, which is way different than coming right in and just to bring them a service. The printers have to really re-evaluate the way that they’re forming strategic partnerships with customers unless you just want to be an order taker and you want to spend your time fighting over 3 cents a sheet, or 2 cents a sheet, with someone else, instead of coming up and disrupting the model. Printers really need to start thinking out of the box and offering their customers different ways to communicate with them. Customers know where their pizza is, they know where their lift is, they know where their packages are, but I don’t know where my print job is. That is insane to me. When printers and print customers work together early on, and print customers are able to say “I have an idea” versus “Quote this project”, it’s successful for everybody.

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