people want to know how to stop the laziness and they will know how to stop the procrastination there's another kind of instinct that you need to be on the lookout for and this one is a liar this one is a saboteur well this one is a back biter and like the devil himself is a shapeshifter he's gonna disguise himself and make you think he's got your best interest in mind but he doesn't this is the instinct that says you've had enough this is the instinct that says you've you've given it your best shot you can you can stand down you can back off you can take a knee this is the instinct that says you can rest now do not listen to that instinct do not listen that instinct is a liar and wants to bring you down that that's the instinct that's a defense mechanism wants to give you an out place to run to little little place of sympathy an amnesty a little place of amnesty where everything is forgiven where all these these failures can gather together and comfort and drown their sorrows in lies and in deception and they tell each other and they'll tell you you did the best you could now they'll say the DAK the deck the deck was stacked against you and they'll say it's not Europe and they'll tell you it's okay to stop it's okay to settle it's okay to give up and that is the instinct you need to fight you need to push back to smash into the ground do not take the easy way out do not give up based on instinct if you are forced to stand down to retreat so that you can rebuild Andrea tack so be it but make that decision based on logic not on the instinct of surrender and defeat and you need to train that instinct your instinct train it to say get up go fight on and if that is what you become if that becomes your fundamental reaction to adversity if that becomes your gut instinct then you will overcome just about anything that stands in your path one of my direct subordinates one of my guys that work for me he would he would call me up or pull me aside with some major problem some issue that was going on and he'd say possibly got this and that and the other thing and I look at him and I'd say good I always say that discipline is the loop of all good qualities but you have to absolutely apply it to things outside of just waking up early it's it's everything it's working now every day making yourself stronger and faster and more flexible and healthier discipline is eating the right foods to fuel your system it it's about disciplining your emotions so you can make good decisions it's about having the discipline to control your ego so your ego doesn't get out of hand and control you it's about treating people the way you would want to be treated and and doing the tasks that you don't necessarily want to do but that you know will help you or help your team it's about facing your fears takes discipline to face your fears so you can conquer them and that's what discipline is discipline means taking the hard road the uphill road to do what's right for yourself and for other people it's so often the easy path the easy path that calls to us to be weak for that moment to break down for that moment to give in to the desire and the short-term gratification but the discipline will not allow that the discipline calls for strength and fortitude and will it won't accept weakness it won't tolerate another break down the discipline can seem like it's your worst enemy but the reality is discipline is your best friend it will take care of you like nothing else can and it'll put you on that path the path to strength and health and intelligence and happiness and most importantly it'll put you on that path to freedom people want to know how to stop the laziness and they won't know how to stop the procrastination and you know they have some idea in their head you know some kind of a vision what they want to do but they don't know where to start they don't know where to start it you know they don't know where to start and say they say hey where do I start and and when's the best time to start and I have a very simple answer for that here and now that's it you you want to improve you want to get better you want to get on a workout program or a clean diet you want to start a business you want to write a book or make a movie or build a house or a computer or put together some mobile application where do you start you start right here and when do you start you start right now you initiate the action aggressively you go because the idea isn't gonna execute itself and and the book isn't gonna write itself and the waits out in the gym they're not gonna move themselves you have to do it and you have to do it now and that means you gotta stop thinking about it and stop dreaming about it and stop researching every aspect of it and reading all about it and debating the pros and cons of it just start doing it take that first step and make it happen get after it and get after it here and now person's strengths are often their biggest weaknesses and so that also means that their weaknesses can be their strengths so me I am weak in all those ways that I listed I am weak but I don't accept that I don't accept that I am what I am and that that is what I'm doing to be no I don't accept that I'm fighting I'm always fighting I'm struggling and I'm scrapping and I'm kicking and clawing at those weaknesses to change them stop them some days I win some days I don't but each and every day I get back up and I move forward with my fists clenched toward the battle toward the struggle and I fight with everything I've got to overcome those weaknesses and those shortfalls and those flaws as I strive to be just a little bit better today than I was yesterday first of all before the war I been military sent me to college so I had to go to college and I as I said earlier as I've said before I was super focused when I went to college I've been in the SEAL Teams for 10 years I was a go-getter I was a hard charger I was like oh you want me to read this book boom I would sit down and just force myself to read it and then got back to the SEAL Teams and like like when I went to college I literally read every single thing that I was assigned and nobody does that in college nobody does that I've read every single page of every single thing I was assigned during college that's ridiculous it's almost a waste of time it's almost embarrassing EKKO definitely thinks it's a waste of time but but it was because I just could just grow up lock my brain down and get it done then get back to the teams and the teams officer in the teams you have a lot of administrative play or to do evaluations and after actions reports and all these things and I would do the same thing I just go into lockdown mode and my put my brain on it and boom I'd go through it and just get it done I would just be able to focus so like each thing laser focus laser focus that report done God give me God report done there's been thousands and hundreds of thousands and millions of warriors that have been in very stressful situations and faced evil and faced death much worse than the situation I'm in or a year in that we might consider stressful and I even did this when I was overseas when I was on deployment when I was a combat leader I was feeling stress and you know what we took casualties and it was awful it was heartbreaking and but there were other soldiers and warriors throughout time that have been in much worse situations Gettysburg or Vicksburg or the Battle of the Bulge and in all those horrible situations they proved really that humans can withstand almost most unimaginable stress which meant to me that I could to and you can and the first step for me is doing that taking that look to gain some perspective and then in order to gain perspective you got to do something that we already talked about you've got to detach you've got to detach from the problems or the stress that you're experiencing so that you can get that perspective of them now there's a couple different types of stress now if it's something that you can control that's causing you stress well why aren't you getting control of it now there's also stress that's caused by things that you cannot control and if you remember talking earlier about artillery and how horrible that was and what made it so horrible was that there's no control over so if you can't control something and you can't get control of it you have to at least embrace what you can and I'm not saying you're gonna embrace artillery shelling but I'll tell you what when it comes to things like artillery or for us in Ramadi was IEDs and we could do everything we could do to mitigate that risk but eventually there's only so much you can do and you cannot completely eliminate it but you can't control it so why you gonna worry about it why you gonna stress about it if there's something that's completely beyond your control you cannot you've got to detach from it and not let yourself get stressed about it and on top of that if it's something that you can't control how can you look at it in a different light how can you see it in a way that you could actually take advantage of it how can you take that stress and make it into some kind of a lie you know the the chaos of combat is something that I couldn't control but I had to embrace it so I could try and figure out how to take advantage of it so when it comes to stress don't fight it turn it on itself and use it use it use it to make yourself sharper and more alert and use it to make yourself think more and learn more and get better and use that stress as a catalyst to make yourself better you've lived a life dominated by doubt and fear how do you step into bravery step that that's how you step into bravery step take the step step aggressively towards your fear and that that step towards your fear is the step into bravery because we're we're scared of what we don't know and there is only one way to learn and to know and that is to confront that fear you have to step you have to go and this simple action this simple attitude it answers so many questions my theory here would be if you're afraid of fighting and altercations go change it so if you're afraid of heights work on some rock climbing climbing if you're afraid of the water time to swim it's time to surf is trying to get out there if you're afraid of pull-ups if if you're afraid of pulps do pull-ups if you're in squats do squats if you're afraid of public speaking go speak in public mm-hmm if you're afraid to start a business start a business make it small and on all these what you have to do is you have to mitigate the risk and you have to ease yourself into it but you got to go for it and eventually you will overcome that fear but the hard part is you gotta take that first step you gotta take that first step to begin to inoculate yourself against the fear against the fear of the thing that's in your mind because that fear generally is in your mind yeah you know when you get up on stage do a public speaking people are not gonna throw tomatoes at you and say like you're an idiot get off the stage now right very then they're gonna sit there you know so there's nothing to fear yeah it's in it's in your head nobody likes being evaluated right nobody now you might get somebody that says oh I love beat coach cinch and there are some people that are pretty positive about that and as a matter of fact I have clients where they want to be coached right but most people especially in a normal environment like if you go out new hire someone to coach you okay but most people in a normal environment they don't like being evaluated they don't like being judged ya always judging so the first thing you have to do when it comes to being evaluated is get that in your head that you like everybody else has defense mechanisms and they're gonna flare up as soon as somebody says something critical of you as soon as somebody goes to evaluate you your defense mechanisms are gonna go up and then once that happens once you feel those defense mechanisms go up you got to put your ego in check mm-hmm you gotta put your ego in check and then once you do that you gotta listen listen I know it sounds crazy listen to what they're saying don't even don't even think of a response say to yourself you know what I'm not even gonna respond I'm only going to listen to what they're saying so you're right you gotta listen and not just listen but truly listen not listen just with your ears but listen with your mind and your brain and with an open mind an open mind and then think about what people are saying and then see it is important to see it from their perspective because if you just see it from your perspective you're not even seeing what the criticism really is you're only seeing the defence of the criticism so actually get in their mind and say wow what does this look like from their perspective why would they be taking the effort and the risk and the challenge of trying to present this problem to me if it wasn't important are they just doing it just to make me mad no they're trying to help you and you know what just like just like a joke you know they say like every joke has some little truth to it yeah every little criticism even if the person is your archrival their criticism is built on something them yeah so what is that reality that you can take away from it even though you got to take it with a grain of salt especially if the person like it says here if the person has different opinions and moniz well of course they have different opinions you want people with different opinions maybe they have different motives so maybe you think they're trying to usurp your authority or something like that so you maybe you got to take it with a grain of salt but find the grain of truth in there too and find what it is from their perspective what the problem is and learn from it and one of the most beautiful things about this is you take the criticism and you make adjustments you know how do I deal with about being evaluated I try and accept the evaluation and make adjustments to improve myself as a human that's how I deal with being evaluated and I'm not saying I deal with it anybody better than anybody else because everybody gets defensive myself included you know we had a little conversation when we started tonight right sir you said I repeated some stuff on the last podcast allegedly and you know and then we talked through it and then I said you know and you know I noticed that your camera work was a little bit off and you know we just to put my point was just to prove how defensive we all get and we all get and you know what I did I said you know what I noticed that too you know as far as me repeating there was a couple little sections and it was because we poor I pulled from multiple different books and they had a little bit of overlap and looking back on it probably shouldn't have but at that time I thought you know what this is emphasizing really important points yeah but still people don't want to hear the same thing over and over again so I probably shouldn't have done that so guess what criticism accepted no I will adapt adjust and I will make improvements to my game based on your criticism of my technique my skill and my life there's so much knowledge out there so much information so many ways to get better and we make we make so many mistakes whether we're the product of our mistakes and oftentimes the lesson is sitting there right in front of our face it's there to be learned but we miss it or we don't pay attention to it or we think we know better until it punches us in the face and the most important thing to learn is that we have so much to learn we all do and we can learn from school and from people and from experience and we learn from life but you have to process the information you have to absorb it you have to accept it you have to open your mind you've got to free your mind so that you can learn and make real progress and as far as regrets and things I wish I would have done differently of course hindsight hindsight is 20/20 and looking back of course who wouldn't want to take another go at something and improve on the first try by doing it again and then why not do it again and again and again and why not just do it over and over again until you have it perfect but the fact is you don't get that chance you get one shot one shot at this gig right here life one life that's all you've gotten and regret in and of itself it's worthless it does nothing for you in fact the only valuable thing in regret is the lesson you learned the knowledge that you gained but walking around filled with regret it gets you nothing so learn and move on don't let regret beat you down don't be a slave to regret no let it teach you let it make you better let the fear of regret fuel you to take action today now to take action now to become a better person not filled with regret but filled with knowledge filled with knowledge and strength and power and filled with life


  1. The one issue I take with Jocko, is how much he emphasizes drive, but he doesn't acknowledge that people are the habit of creating alot goals that are really not priorities. There are people out there burning the candle at both ends over shit that does not improve their life in any meaningful way. The first thing any person should do is consider their mental state, and throw away all the bullshit, so that the only things that are left are the things that genuinely valuable to the person's physical, and psychological well being.

  2. 20:40. Who the heck is afraid of squats?? The worse thing that could happen is you let go of a fart or rip your pants as long as you keep good form. Good god, do your squats!! Do em high if you need to!! Anyone afraid of squats needs more than this video….they’re gravity assisted for gods sake!!!!

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  6. Mr Willink is an awesome guy!
    Very kind and humble at heart, but you know the guy could eat coffin nails for breakfast washes down with napalm juice and a side of hand grenades if he wanted too, very inspirational I’m so grateful for his work, I hope he helps everyone as much as he’s helping me get my shit together ✌️

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    Awesome speech, and totally motivating.

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  10. I smoked weed for 10 years, slowly becoming more and more dependant. More and more useless, less and less driven. More complacent by each God given day. This shapeshifter in my life made me back off, made me stand down, made me take a knee. I'm grateful to God and to people like Jocko, Joe Rogan, David Goggins, and all of God's angels that came into my life and guided me into the right direction. I'm no longer held back by my weaknesses – I'm no longer held back by my fears. You've only got one shot brothers and sisters. Do something great with it. Push forward with strength and love – embrace suffering. Do this and everything else will fall into place.

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