KiiPix: A Polaroid Camera For Your Phone

[MUSIC PLAYING] Giving out instant prints
of your photos is super fun, but taking along a special
camera can be a handful. All right, now look at both
lenses at the same time, and all right. Terrible. Let’s do it again. Get together. All right, we’re
going to try this. I’m going to go ahead and– there. And– [CAMERA CLICK] OK, I got one of myself. How did that happen? Now you can get on-demand
photo prints straight from your phone with KiiPiX. The photo printer makes
fun, instant prints from any of your
smartphone snapshots. Simply unfold KiiPiX,
set your phone on top, and in a snap,
your developing photo is ready to roll out without the
need for batteries, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. The wallet-sized
prints are developed on standard Fuji Instax
film to make restocking your film stock a snap. The charming
portable darkroom is a surprisingly low-tech
solution for modern cameras. Simply fold it up
to store or take wherever you go so that the
next time you snap a picture, you can actually take a photo. KiiPiX is the instant
camera for this generation. Snap up the photo printer
and discover hundreds more curated gifs at And while you’re there, watch
us print out a real-life gif with the KiiPiX. “Jif.” That’s what I said. (ALL)

100 Replies to “KiiPix: A Polaroid Camera For Your Phone

  1. My dumbass bought a $100+ printer that need WiFi to connect and need you to download apps that doesn't work. Where is this thing when I needed them?

  2. Oof. That’s so bulky. Mine slips into my pocket and connects to my phone via Bluetooth. But to each their own ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  3. Vat19 is so helpful for me Vat19 sells super cool things like this is my first time sieng a phone printer

  4. The reviews of this on Amazon don't look so good, mostly people stating how instructions are unclear and find it difficult to take a proper picture since most of the pictures don't come out right because of lighting or phone placement.

  5. I'm pretty sure there is already something like this and it's smaller it's Bluetooth you can print anything on your camera roll

  6. That's pathetic compared to small fujifilm printers. You see, the quality of the photo will depend on lightning because this printer is not even a printer. It's a scanner that might not work with some models of smartphones. I'd rather pay 100$ more just so I can get a better quality photo rather than paying 40$ just for a scanner.

  7. You realize there are Polaroid printers, right? Small compact, and though not really portable, it’s more versatile across more devices. Just print files :/

  8. i mean it’s cool but you can download the pictures and then print them. it’s inexpensive and you have it in reach of you.

  9. Me:Maybe i will buy a polaroid camera
    sees $100
    search for a lower price
    Me: im dead

  10. I want this so I can print kpop polaroid since I got tons in my phone

    But I know my mom will not let me

  11. You know that Motorola created something like that and even smaller,and they created it 2 years ago,sooooo,stop copying

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