Landscape Photography & A Laugh! Mini Photography Adventure

how cool is this a camping pod. come in ill show you around so would intent it’s absolutely amazing
really cool it’s got heating got electric it’s got USB charger down there
and I’m in Dartmoor with the minutes of no idea where where I need to be where I
was going to come to look in a campsite and I found this would entail it would
in pod so concepts the owners and they’ve actually got mega positive as
well which have got like furniture and everything inside they look amazing so
I’ve taken some photographs for and while I was here as well I’ll put a link
to the location down in the description as well so if you ever end up more
looking for a little they’ve got caravans and all sorts it’s really
really cool so the reason I’m in Dartmoor is it
going to meet a friend a good friend who you may know I’ll reveal that shortly
I’m gonna meet him now I’m gonna do a bit landscape photography and sunset
tonight at sunrise in the morning fingers crossed it should be really good
so we’re gonna get the car packed up head out of this wonderful little cabin
and which I haven’t actually inflated the bed yet bit of a mad rush to get in
and get out that quick so we’re going to get up meet my friend and let’s see well maybe found hater in Dartmoor there
it is in the background that great big lump and I found my friend I said you
might recognize him and here he is Julie embed I’m sure you’ve recognized this
man’s face so we’re gonna head up there he’s gonna show me I have no idea my way
around this area so he’s gonna show me a bit of and Dartmoor and see what it has
to offer it’s not the most explorers or inspiring weather at all today but
nevermind waiting the most of it we got there we’ll have a look and we’ll talk
to some ponies or something yeah yeah it’s the company that counts the night I
said open the code for you anyway lady to top a hater
and Julian is struggling with a high a little bit but the light is absolutely
diabolical so we’re not expecting to get anything here really and we won’t give
it five minutes to see sort of staying in that kind of direction there that
direction that’s the bright that’s the bright that kind of direction this is
gonna be one level of humor in this video so yeah we’re just looking at
these that rock in the foreground and just wait and see if the light comes
through between them just going there ya gotta wonder find something else to go
by now and half before sunset so I don’t know quick f11 photograph bracketed and
then we’ll see if he comes out a craving so it flipped me off we’re location number two I have no idea
where we’re going all I know is it making me walk through
this bush which is like needles why is it called neatly Bush tougher it’s
flipping ripping through my trousers it’s like razor blades where are we
headed now yeah he’s taking me the scenic route deliberately I’m sure it
just to make make me realize what he has to go through when he does easy his
videos oh yeah this is a very worth it’s really painful we got to this little cottage kind of
barn thing red roofs beautiful actually but he promised me bluebells he said
there would be an absolute carpet of blue balls here as well which you can’t
see where they would be popping up for the food floor there but they’re not I
think we’re a bit early so what should we sit and wait for a couple months we
gonna do that okay so we’re gonna wander around look for something there’s a
lovely color and this trees beautiful it’s probably yeah the lights absolute
terrible so we’re not getting any dramatic light I don’t think you are
sorry oh yeah a bit of color in the sky over there I try not to scare it away
but as you can see that nothing to get too excited about so there is a little
cottage but I see little spots so we’re going to look for something for ground
grab this shot and then try and get somewhere that if the Sun does come out
we can sit and wait and hopefully get a bit of colour there I’ll be amazing just leaving that little Hut it’s quite
cool I’ve noticed as bit we notice there’s a bit of color coming in the
background so we’re gonna make a run to Bowman’s nose Bauman’s knows about 45
minutes to think before since that so you’re just saying it’s really nice you
know DIF suppose it’s sharing the same appreciation for being outside and how
you know being out and taking photographs and using using landscape
photography as a way of appreciating your environment just being able to say
all here we got within 20 minutes in Wales quality not quantity that’s the
next head back to the next head up to the next location it all and yeah no
idea hopefully get a bit of colour I’ve see in a second is Bowman’s nose here
uh-huh and what you can see is down the the edge here on the left hand side has
got quite nice right angle don’t you ever get it tonight or not but what I’m
son typically sets over that direction there mm-hmm and what happen is the way
we’re kind of bathed one side of of this tour here and they scored enlight and
what I’m where that makes the real differences at the moment it’s quite a
two dimensional flat grey bit of rock when you get a nice bit of light on the
side it really makes it pop and get a contrast and a 3d nurse so I’ve got the
camera just in front of the rocks which lead off to
the was it again so Bauman’s knows a forgot his name so
bow man in his nose he’s just here and I’m looking at the exact just the
foreground and they do I mean it’s pretty much the only compositional like
the cameras portrait and the light is coming out really really nice of hoping
it’s gonna like this guy off as well it’s really it’s a really lovely evening
it’s gone really my old there’s no wind now so yeah I don’t think we’re going to
get epic amount of color come through there but it will be just just enough I
think to give us a bit of contrast maybe probably not to light up the valley
there or the hills it’s really it’s a beautiful evening the Sun is out look at
that some color can you believe it he perched up there on a rock absolutely
fantastic get some actual colour in the sky I mean
it’s not lighting up that much of the top of the sky but we’ll get some lovely
detail and so it’s almost like a painting there and the on the horizon
close to the horizon anyway so um yeah I’m going back down to landscape and and
it’s gone really really nice I mean it’s the light is not hitting the side of the
nose like we were hoping but that color in the sky there alright beautiful
really really nice so just going to focus on this rock again and do another
I’m on the Fujifilm XH one with the XF 1024 lens make sure to turn the on the
embody stabilizers are off I’ll keep leaving it on it’s really handy flicking
the side of the lens and it turns off in the camera as well luckily so yeah just
going to do a quick bracketed shot and while we’ve got that color so f11 and
the base images 1/6 of a second ISO 200 gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous color I’m
hoping the polarizer which is on there as well which will emphasize that color
a little bit more that was a lovely evening
I enjoyed that we did get some color couldnt really okay I’m gonna get pretty
driven falling over the back we’re just wondering now now Sutton’s pretty much
gone down we did get a bit of color so we run frantically I did actually think
actually I think I’m actually get a few were Panos as well so that should come
out really nice and really really dark foreground not ideal
but the colors of the sky hopefully would be really really nice so yeah
we’re going to head back now grab something to eat
he’s heading home um just chipped a tooth so yeah I’m heading back to me pod new
wooden box and I’m gonna find a pub anyway right we’re gonna get up and do
sunrise in the morning so we’ll see you then maybe we enjoy I hope you’ve
enjoyed the video and I look forward see you in the morning
just watch it the

36 Replies to “Landscape Photography & A Laugh! Mini Photography Adventure

  1. Hi Gareth. How great is this? I'm a huge fan of Julian's channel and photography, so it's great to see two such enthusiastic guys team up. Sat here laughing my head off !! Huge thanks for the info on Langstone Manor – I'm planning some shoots in the West Country in a month or so and it looks perfect for a base for a couple of nights (didn't spot a toilet though…..). Glad you eventually got some light. Really enjoyed this video. Many thanks for sharing. Looking forward to part two. P.S. Nikon is definitely better !!

  2. another great vlog, lots of fun had by the looks of it, even if the light didn’t want to join in and help you out. I’ll watch Julian in a different way going forward, he is serious in his own vlogs and a different character in yours. I look forward to part 2

  3. Nice one. Hounds Tor is a good spot too next time your down. Its an easy walk from Haytor.

  4. Some cracking images Gareth as usual. Iv never seen Julian’s channel but I’m going to give it a watch. Looks like you had a lot of fun, hope the pad was comfy

  5. That rock looked like Casey Jones, well before your time Gareth. Nice pano you ended up with though. Cheers. And good collab.

  6. Good to see you both having some fun. Photography is a time to view the world and enjoy. Even better with a friend. Love the pod.

  7. Hi Gareth, living in Brixham Torbay Dartmoor is a local stomping ground for me too. I am interested to know where about's your 2nd location was. That red roof of that old barn was great. Nice to see Jillian a lot less serious than he is in he is own Vlogs, keep it up Jullian, I like it.

  8. 'I like a good pony' πŸ˜‚ ….you better warn them sheep if he comes to your manor Gareth πŸ˜‚ Excellent vlog mate, great fun and loved the Pano at the end πŸ‘. Looking forward to Pt 2!

  9. Hi Gareth, that was fun to watch ! Hopefully you found a pub and got some rest in your "wooden tent"…(-:

  10. Really nice pics – would like to see your editing process for one of them. I’m still procrastinating over an x-t2 and ariii πŸ˜€

  11. Hi Gareth, lovely video once again. I'm a Fuji XH1 shooter as well but struggle to get sharp detail in my shots. I'm using the latest lightroom, would you have any tips on the raw file conversion? Cheers Rob

  12. Cheers mate, what a cracking video. I thought you put together a really good video and you told the story of our evening really well. πŸ™‚ I can't wait to see the day 2 video! πŸ™‚

  13. Great vlog Gareth. Really enjoyed watching you both have a laugh and of course the images you captured. Looking forward to the next instalment. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Great fun. I've seen those pods before on other's videos. An awesome idea. I haven't seen those here in the States. I'm not familiar with the notation "Astia Soft Profile." What does that refer to? Is it a camera profile built into the Fuji? How did Bowerman's Nose come to be? I suppose it was stacked there by a primitive culture?

  15. Really nice collaboration guys! Liked the images of Bowerman's nose, good stuff Gareth! Sam.

  16. Images came out great despite the lack of light. It put a smile on my face watching you two larking around:)

  17. Brilliant mate, great to see you out together. I particularly liked the shots of Bowerman's Nose, they came out nicely didn't they. The one with Julian in was great, something a bit different. Have you tried to sell him a print? Would look great on his office wall.

  18. You both are absolutely crazy but who cares, your videos and photos are always amazing. Thanks guys

  19. So much energy in this video between you two haha. Another cracking video!
    I was very recently in the Lake district for the first time, I stayed in an Air BnB and on the day I left, the owner showed me a wooden hut at the end of the garden overlooking Derwent water. Very similar to the hut in this video…. I wish I'd have got some footage of it for my channel.
    Anyway…. wonderful images as always!

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