Landscape Photography – It's important to enjoy

doubled light on my face hello and welcome fuckingly alertness trips and I'll tell you what getting blessed again by some lovely sunshine sooner as finally started here in the UK absolutely beautiful today is going to be quite a lot of think I've done too bad for bells today relatively small bells and not reaching 500 meter think is the highest point and say I'm looking forward to before a star I just want to say I've recently been looking back with my photography and indeed video and a complete conclusion it I've just been a bit too critical of myself let the conservative photographer cool well what wanted two different images rather than several which I used which isn't a bad thing it's good to be careful and meticulous when choosing your compositions but anyway it's putting more pressure on me to deliver I'm not enjoying the fakes as much so today we're come away with at least five images and a clue I'm gonna tip but that is the girl I've just added more crushing to myself I said I'm gonna produce at least five images right what I'm gonna do I'm gonna talk it through conversations which initially I feel were but then less inside you don't work so you I thought you through it the reason why the dot worked in my opinion there's one enjoy yourself not had too much pressure as well I am becoming too critical of myself this absolute wonderful day it really there's already things appear in the header he's out quite early is that the normal but yeah I'm just gonna carry on in a first fell on the leap back we'll leave the header for the time being nothing really stunning out or just want to get my first it felt which is BA Brett nerd I know today I am and I said for films the arranger and something fantastic little if you're off taking I paid it was twenty five twenty eight pound to download the OS map but basically I would ever think it's never fail me pinpoints to the exact location yeah so we got bath then I'm due Lord seats which can see from here broom fell and then finally grace Don's I found something I'm self here telephoto lens there's a clown a solitary cloud just hovering over I believe is large seat playing around with it played around with it not sure exactly it works or not see what can do in a purse is wonderful here basically birth over looks buttons wigs northwestern region of the latest rates and what over lots of that is the skid or range is absolutely beautiful the light is his it's very harsh i'm not making life easy for myself at all but something is on account mode so back to the first image of the deer and as I said what attracted me to this the composition was a sensory cloud just hanging above a lot seats and it's got some nice shadows create some contrast on the land but it's a bit of fog around interest with the pines the problem I've got here we regard the composition is that there is a batch of pine trees creeping in from the left unsatisfied ruining the balance of the overall rock sea looking to import so I decided to convert this image to black and white because color just too bland as you can see there on the lower left hand side there's the cops of trees creeping in which this is affecting the overall balance of the image quite an interesting cloud or you can say so glad glad glad I shot it nice foreground as well clouds create some those shadows and the pine trees again creates a nice contrast and it's a need to crop in this is the final image which we see they're much better balanced I actually shot this 70 millimeter so why didn't sue min first places beyond me but quite pleased in the end yippee lots see my second destination still rather nice seen something some potential maybe is my telephoto praana of the guy is definitely due to the hash light it's fleeting like that and I've taken advantage of that I framed up here using the pine trees as foreground interest trying to position them so they're nicely balanced in the frame it leads on to some nice layers in the background there's nothing prominent in the background but it's still a nice pleasant image I think and the fleeting light definitely helps bring out this image and it's a newly contrast and also I think helps with this shot is the color poet the light greens my greens dark greens contrasts well with the blue background is some lovely layers going on as well overall fairly pleased when I first open this image I thought does he work with the bottom and left tree is it been balanced but I thought all nervous because I've got the other pine tree leaf furthest right just balance it out so yeah quite pleased it's very similar to an image you'll see later on Kendyl kick it's my new favorite with chocolate as well instant sugar but at instant boost of energy should work virtually no room for fell which is my third destination or the day nothing's up and up is yet for photography wise very wishy-washy the light is quite harsh and blue and to be honest really wide open vistas which is making composition difficult because it's Marta play with and try to try to eliminate as well process no foreground interest which attracts me you know Esther I'm just gonna stay have some food and drink sure I mention the pons of critiquing image I think it's important as photographers to learn through feedback it's not good if we constantly same fabulous image fantastic where it's not fabulous or fantastic image I've seen a lot on social media I know it's subjective and know that but let's be honest we all know where someone doesn't work that way what I do as per my role my job is to offer feedback positive feedback and always end it with it would be better if and that's why I try to adopt when I comment or critique on images he's import to be fair for Iran development as well anyway I'm not an issue here I'm gonna move on to my final destination which is aggressed on and see that what the weather brings it may change it may not stole a guy's a pleasant day once a my final destination which was Graystone's just time to reflect really nothing standing out there was this wide-open Vista class pilot tried to zoom in he's my telephoto isolating the copses of trees again hard work don't quite get close enough plus the contrast wasn't good in it so I know adding back to broom fell battling with the lights very harsh indeed making life very difficult today is definitely a non portfolio photography in fact it's turned out to be quite a difficult there when it comes to shooting landscapes because the light is just complete washing out there's no real detail in the sky which the camera sensor couldn't capture anyway I tried saying a classic looking image here the offense leaned into background roughing amazing but she's a three-stop soft grad still the sky is just ugly but it's definitely a hiking there I've enjoyed it but you know it's not these they just have to admit defeat it's still a wonderful place to be I'm not sure what it is but there's just something about these fence paths that's attracting them it's the quick shot of Kendall kick which gun strips my head but I've second a few shots use my fifty millimeter and help [Applause] pretty pleased with them so the wind is picking up you can probably hear it I wanted to duck down trying to shield myself as much as possible this is gonna be the last shot of this session and of course it's prolly my favorite shots if not the favorite shot we'll see that's how I get on and a comfort of my post-processing mancave so the last couple of images on what turned out to be quite an enjoyable deer how many G's was it more than five anyway I love the pound formation detail in this first shot that again it works with the green blues combined together this shows well same scene portrait orientation try to get as much separation as possible from the edges from the plane so yeah remember the best photograph is a photograph which makes you happy the end of the day that's all that counts now return back to bath and enjoyed the phonon reviews looking arbor bus and play chill down a bit lottery anyway until next time take good case l keep smiling bye bye for now you

22 Replies to “Landscape Photography – It's important to enjoy

  1. Wise words 👍 Image number 2 for me……oh sorry, habit 😆 The fence post shots worked well though.

  2. A great hiking day and a chance to find something new. Searching for a "workable" shot encourages you to observe your surroundings in more detail. We can all plonk the tripod in front of the "iconic" shot and snap away. Well, apart from me that is. Love the posts.

  3. Love the final image James and completely agree with your point about the ‘nice shot’ ‘ great shot’ syndrome.

  4. Yeah I’m starting to feel the pressure too. You kind of start to edge the bar up and then you’re spending less time simply enjoying the hike . Top vlog though 😊👍

  5. During these long summer days, achieving a portfolio image can be hard and so just recently I’ve started to enjoy the hikes more than fretting over the “Wow” shot.

    I think it’s so important not to force the photography and just enjoy the surroundings for what it is and you proved that at 12.22 with a belter of a shot in fairly tough conditions.

    Kudos to you mate 👍

  6. Loved the video, and as for those legs. Almost as white as mine. Brilliant, looking forward to the next one.

  7. Enjoyable watch James.You always can find an image.On the bright side James no people or sheep and the Sun is out.

  8. Thumbs up ere' James, always enjoy your videos – great content – wisdom words from yourself – great set of images – good to see the UK is having some lovely weather – many thanks for sharing your work 🙂

  9. 15:49 is a belter. Right up my street. Lovely drama. 11:30 is a nice, simple photograph that works well in B&W. Cheers.

  10. Hi James, great content is in this video! At the beginning, everyone casually takes pictures and introduces the career path. Later, the career is planned in advance, and you expect the result. That's really different. The hike is the real gift, and good photos are the bonus. That's how it should be. Best regards, Dirk from

  11. Loved that 1st image James ,when I saw the 1st version I figured it needed a crop to make it punch …..& hey presto you came up trumps 👍👌

  12. Top notch video James, so much better than an episode of stranger things on netflix lol. I agree with one of the comments below about your knack for storytelling, it’s a joy listening to you paint a picture of the wider canvas. We get to know you as well as the photography aspect. One of my favourite images is the wide landscape you took, although for me the top line of clouds is just a smidgen too dark, but as we know, it’s all subjective and they’ll be others that disagree. Look forward to the next adventure mate, keep up the good work.

  13. Perfectionism is the enemy of joy. There is a difference in having high standards that lead to improvement and being a perfectionist. The difference is subtle and ambiguous at times but chasing perfect shots all the time will lead to loss of joy and burn-out. Glad to see you are focusing more on the enjoyment aspect. We only live once and doing something as a hobby that you don't enjoy every time you go out is unfortunate. I'm 64 now and that is becoming clearer to me with each year that passes. I enjoy the channel James. I hope you continue to enjoy it as well.

  14. Including critique of your images is definitely added value for the viewer James for sure, as we can all learn from it. For me in this film, your shot at 12:20 was my favourite, I think as the light on the foreground really lifts the shot, framed by the light in the clouds. I also liked the lone cloud image though. Enjoyable watch mate

  15. I think those shots of the trio of fence posts were really nice…that 50mm perspective seems to appeal to me a lot these days. That wide shot at 12:30 works really well too. I particularly like the greens in the foreground and the hazy blues in the midground. In the interest of honest feedback i do find the dark cloud at the top right a little too dominating though.
    Nice work James.

  16. Sometimes it really doesn't matter, from a viewer's point of view, about the portfolio worthiness of the images, the story of the day is more important and what I've always loved about your vlogs and it's what has been missing for a while. Your humour and story telling have always been brilliant and keeps me coming back for more, throw a few documentary shots and a couple of really nice art shots (the ones of the fence posts were, for me, superb) and it's James at his very best! I also liked the second shot, the pine trees created a nice cheeky zig-zag leading line into the scene, running into those lovely hazy layers. The mono shot of the cloud over Lord's Seat was cool too.
    I completely agree with what you said about critiques, far too many folk just say wonderful shot and walk away, I guess I'm just as guilty of that too but "wonderful shot" teaches us nothing. I'd much rather see critique and learn from it than be left believing I'm fabulous 😂

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