Learn From The Best | Advice From 5 Top Professional Photographers.

Now every week, I sit here offering my
advice as a professional photographer, but today is a little bit different
because I’m going to give you the advice from five other top professional
photographers and each one of them has got a great little tip which I’m going
to relay to you. Now each of these photographers have generously shared
their knowledge and experience with our members, revealing everything from their
techniques to hilarious tales of lions in bathrooms or celebrities slamming the
door in their face and I’ve collected some of the best advice these
professionals have shared for you to enjoy in this video. So tip 1
comes from top architectural photographer Sean Conboy, who was a
guest on our show and that was the importance of planning. Now planning as
you’ve heard me say many times before is an important part of the photographic
process, whether you’re shooting portraits or products it’s really
important to get your planning nailed down but for architectural photographer
Sean Conboy, planning is particularly important. It’s an area of photography
that is particularly weather dependent so planning is absolutely vital for
Sean if he’s to make the most of his shooting time. Now Sean, who’s a British
photographer looks at every little detail including where the Sun will be a
particular time, what angle it will be, what time of year is, whether it will hit
or enter a building at certain angle, strike an object a certain way and he
tries to plan ahead as much as possible. Now Sean’s words his quote was… “Be there
in advance, have your shot planned, get everything set and wait for that magic
moment. That right moment is going to get you your picture. It might only be 10%
better than someone else’s picture but it’s still 10% better.” Now that is
a great little quote and a great little bit of advice to take away with you. To
see more of Sean’s work, visit his website which we’re bringing up on
screen now. You can check out some of these great
architectural images. Now tip 2 comes from top celebrity portrait
photographer Tom Oldham. Now Tom said no the technical. Now award-winning portrait
photographer Tom Oldham shared his top 5 portrait photography tips with us,
joining me in the studio during his live interview, but one particular point came
up during the show and this simple piece of advice, which may seem obvious, is the
key to any good shoot. Tom said “Know the technical so you can focus on the
relationship.” And I think that’s a great bit advice because in a field where
building relationships often for a very limited period of time, it’s so important
that you know your kit, you know how it works, you know how to get the best from
it. That’s absolutely essential because that
will allow you to set up very quickly, help ensure that the session runs
smoothly and it means that you’ll be free to focus on getting the best shot
without worrying about your equipment and other specifics. Now you can see more
of Tom Oldham’s fabulous work on his website which is on screen right now so
check out that if you want to see some great celebrity and portrait photography.
Tip 3 comes from fashion photographer Daria Belikova. Her
advice was to stick to your own style. Now since taking her first photograph at
the age of 15, Russian fashion photographer Daria Belikova has had a
dark ethereal style throughout her imagery and it’s this very style that
makes her works so distinguishable. Her tutors at the London College of Fashion
were convinced it was just a phase that she was going through and something that
she would grow out of but Daria has in fact worked very hard to stay true to
herself and to her style and it’s something that she feels every
photographer should also do and her quote was… “With photography, you put a
little a bit of your soul into it.” and I love
that little quote from her because it really is quite deep when you actually
think about it. This sometimes results in some give and take when it comes to
commercial work but that young Daria Belikova, fashion photographer, is not
about to change her look or style for anyone. Now to see more of Daria’s
great work, visit her website which I’ve got up on screen now and you can absorb
some of that really dark mysterious ethereal style photography that she
undertakes. Tip 4 comes from top advertising and product photographer
Jonathan Knowles. Jonathan was another guest on our live
talk shows and he said to consider your portfolio now from the first moment you
land on Jonathan Knowles website it’s very clear that his area of expertise is
in advertising and product photography this is very deliberate the collection
of images that he puts in front of you it tells you exactly what Jonathan
specializes in and by default the kind of work that he wants to do now
Jonathan’s tip was, “Include work in your portfolio for which you’d like to be
commissioned.” – Now that may sound obvious but for example if you’re interested in
product photography but you specialize in liquids, make sure you include a
variety of splash liquid images right up there at the front of your portfolio
because this allows potential clients to see your work what you’re good at and
see your style and the award-winning photographer and creator of the famous
O2 bubble images acknowledged that building this sort of portfolio doesn’t
happen overnight so he advised that it was worth starting
with smaller clients first or even shooting for yourself and then building
it up from there. Now you can also visit Jonathan’s amazing website and see more
of his work right here at Jonathan’s site. Tip 5 from world-renowned
fine art and animal photographer Tim Flach was… “Take the viewer on a journey.”
Now renowned for his artistic studio portraits of animals Tim Flach’s images are
immediately recognizable, his eye catching images whether they’re birds in
the studio or horses in the wild on location have a very distinctive style
that encourages us to reflect on how we connect with the natural world. Now for
Tim, one of the main objectives in his work is to take the viewer on a journey
and to do this he uses very deliberate post-production techniques and lighting
techniques to guide the viewer’s eye and what Tim’s quote was… “I borrow
approaches to image management that have been around for a very long time. These
are only tonal changes I’m making, but to say ‘only tonal changes’ is not giving
them credit.” Now that’s really, really important because what Tim is trying to
explain there is how he guides the viewers eye through an image to take
them on that visual journey. Now you can see more about Tim’s wonderful work on
his website at TimFlach.com or you can come and see Tim and myself in person
with our wonderful annual workshop called ‘A Visual Journey’ which I’m
bringing up on the screen now and you can see more information about that
particular workshop on this particular page here on our Karl Taylor Education
platform. Now those were five top tips from five top professional photographers
but we have lots and lots of different guests on our live talk shows throughout
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  1. Fantastic content and advice! Thanks kindly for taking the time to share this with us.
    However, not sure if it was your chair or the death of a small dog in the background?!?

  2. Putting your soul or (perhaps) it can be re-stated as putting hour true self into your work isn't as easy for many of us as it sounds. I'm working on it though. 👍

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