Leica M9 — street photography in 2020

Hello folks, so here are in Lausanne
today we are recording a new episode about the Leica m9 – a wonderful little
beast. So today I have the Voightlander Nokton classic 40mm f1.4 specifically for Leica, we’re gonna be shooting with this in black and white,
because the colors and the rendition of the colors is way better in black and
white with this lens as many of you already know and we’re going to be going
a little bit through the city and see what we can get, let’s do it. so the Leica m9 came out in 2009 so we’re talking 10 years ago. It stil has a CCD sensor – I did a video on this some time ago I’m gonna link it somewhere around here so leica m9… the one thing I do really like about this camera like I said in the previous
video is the sensor the fact that the sensor is a CCD sensor makes a whole lot
of difference because what you get is photos that look like analog days so
they look very much like the m6 photos it’s pretty much the same thing that’s
what you would get out of this camera. it’s the first camera that was full frame
because the M8 was an APS-H sensor so it was not totally full frame this one is
the first one and in terms of size honestly this little guy here is really
compact compared to let’s say an m240 which is a CMOS sensor the m10 came back
to roughly the same design but you’re once again having a different sensor,
a different type of quality and it’s more of a refined modern camera so
that’s what I like about this little guy you can get it for about 2Gs nowadays
and it really works let’s go okay so here I’m gonna go around a
little bit and I’m gonna be shooting a few people actually going around
and the fact that I’m using a little voigtländer 40mm lens gives me the possibility and the opportunity to not be as noticeable as
you would be let’s say if you’re shooting with a bigger tele lens on your camera so having a smaller one more compact size allows you to just
keep it down and be a little bit more like Henry Cartier Bresson you know, be a
little bit more and unnoticeable and just be able to go around and just shoot
without the problem of having a big DSLR camera in your hand so that’s
one thing I do like about the Leica m9 that, for me, is a big plus. It has a lot of
drawbacks but who cares about that what matters is really the ability
to be unnoticed when you go on the streets and to just have some fun
basically just make sure you shoot in black and white with this lens because
it’s single coated just keep that in mind black and white better contrast
let’s do it so here one trick I can give you about
shooting with a rangefinder camera such as the m9 if you don’t want to miss
your shot and you want to be in focus one thing you can do is pre-focus so for
example let’s say I want to take a photo of this this guy who’s coming right
there what I would do is I would focus on something that you already see
let’s say you have a piece of dirt on the floor or you have a tile or you have
something that’s at the same level as what you actually want to shoot you are
going to focus on that specific point so you’re gonna take your rangefinder get
ready with it so you let’s say you’re gonna go here and when the person goes
on it you take the photo that photo I already know is going to be focused even
though I’m at f2 right now and it’s not gonna be a problem I’m not gonna have to
think a lot about the distances and so forth and I can just get the shot as I
want it when the person comes in now the other thing that is really really
cool is the fact that you have like all the rangefinder cameras you have the
guidelines that show you a little bit more than what you’re gonna be taking
into the shot so you can literally just be waiting that’s another type of street
photography by the way but you can literally be waiting for the person to
get into the frame lines and then when they are in the frame lines you take
your photo you stay in position the person just goes back and it looks like
you didn’t take them in the shot but you actually did so there you go. Oh
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let’s keep going with the video oh yeah so I had BTW, before
forget I just came back from Starbucks here in Switzerland and they asked me
what’s your name and I said Cris and they managed to write Cris with a “K”
like Klaus Santa Klaus. I guess because today is New
Year’s Eve so anyways that was funny okay so a little quick tip before I finish this
video I wanted to tell you that when you use the m9 one thing to be aware of is that
the ISO limit is not above 1600 if you go above 1600 you’re toast. So the thing
you want to do is you want to keep the ISO low you should take a lens that has
a wide aperture such as this guy here that opens at F 1.4 having fast lenses
is better so you’re gonna get a few stops in lights rather than gaining in
ISO because you’re gonna have really bad results with it so that’s just a little
quick tip for you okay one more thing you need to know about the m9 when
you’re shooting on the streets is that it’s a little bit of a slow camera, like
the m8 or… or nothing – like the M8 So why am I saying that this is still a
good camera in 2019 or /2020 because tomorrow’s 2020, is because it
still takes amazing gorgeous shots you still have the Leica feel, you still
have the analog type of feeling when you’re shooting with this camera it’s
still slow to the point where you have to think – think – before you go shoot
that’s something we’re kind of tending to lose a little bit with all the
iPhones and all those great little cameras that we have in our pocket all
the time but it’s very slow sometimes you might miss some shots if you’re too
quick on the shutter so make sure you’re not shooting too quick with this camera
and the results are gonna be gorgeous oh yeah by the way the screen sucks,
don’t forget that. The screen literally sucks! Who cares, because what matters is
the final results the shots you’re gonna get on your computer that you’re going
to be printing hopefully print your shots and that’s what matters
but if you see your shots being horrible on the screen well, just think about
it as a little analog type of camera so if you have a film you don’t
have a screen if you don’t have a screen well so be it
there you go okay cool keep going So this was a great experience with the
Leica M9 – which is here this is Alessio, he’s gonna be helping
me out for vlogging, filming, he’s the guy behind the scenes that allows the camera
to be seen which is great you can go check him out on Instagram I’m gonna be
linking it down below he gets great shots. He’s Mr… he was in the finals.
“semi-finalist” – semi-finals of Mr. (French area of) Switzerland
so go check his Instagram definitely worth it I’m gonna be doing a photo
shoot with him very soon so we’re gonna be using the Godox flash (the AD400 Pro)
and yeah you guys don’t want to miss that I’ll see you in the next video take
care that’s why I’d like to have a
teleprompter, so I know what I’m saying because every time am in front the camera I
forget what I’m saying and it’s f****ing annoying this is gonna go in the
bloopers by the way I don’t care whatever let’s keep going, let’s roll!
Okay good Okay and action almost okay cool and if you would be double coded blooper!!

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  1. Nice video, but street photography is much more than shooting people walking by…. I dont understand why so many of the youtubers posting street photography videos are only about people standing with cell phones or walking through the streets, thats not really street photography. Why not play with the light, geometries, shadows, moments and expressions, we need to educate our sight, and people standing on a corner is not really material for a video….

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